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  1. arjumand

    S02.E03: Trouble the Water

    That was AWESOME! I loved watching Frank taking down those arrogant assholes. Personally, I'm over Russo and Madani. I was over them in season 1. So now I think I'll be skipping those scenes, hope I don't get too lost.
  2. arjumand

    S02.E10: The Passenger

    I wondered about this too, until it hit me: the Charlotte we see in Episode 1 is already Dolores in disguise, and she's just pretending to be surprised, because all the other Delos people were acting surprised. I think.
  3. arjumand

    S02.E10: The Passenger

    Dammit, really? Fuck it. I try to avoid watching BTS things cos I find they ruin the illusion for me, except tellingly enough, the Ghost Nation one, which was as awesome as the episode itself. This is shit. I loved Akecheta, and the whole of the Ghost Nation, especially the guy who I've been calling my tv boyfriend, Wanahton (see below). He's played by the super hot Martin Sensmeier, who was also in the remake of the Magnificent Seven. I loved that he got what he wanted, along with Akecheta (look, Ake was the bomb, ok? But he was too tragic and magnificent to be lusted over, at least for me), but dammit, my man! You essentially entered the Matrix, and I'm not even sure if Dolores deleted it or not. And now I learn that deleted or not, all those characters are done, and we're left with Annoying Murderous Barbie, Annoying Corporate lady, and Cut-rate Hemsworth? Ok, fine, Bernard is still there, but I can't go through another season of "Is this now?", combined with, I guess, 5 timelines this time. I was on the point of giving up the show when "Kiksuya" pulled me back in, and I enjoyed the season finale (in between bouts of I'M SO CONFUSED! WHAT IS HAPPENING?), but they're not giving me much incentive to come back for season three.
  4. arjumand

    Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Oh, she'd better. Because I just read about this shit, and if it lasts longer than an episode, I'm done. I'm out. The goatee looked ridiculous in that future episode (I don't know what looked dumber, the old man makeup or the goatee), and it'll look even more ridiculous on present day Oliver. Fuck that shit. I don't know why this is making me so angry, but it really is. Hey, can the crossover be with the Brooklyn Nine Nine guys, and they can do the ceremonial shaving? Because that would be awesome.
  5. arjumand

    S06.E23: Life Sentence

    Has anyone answered Jessie Murray with "Oh thank god! I mean . . . you go, girl!" Though I doubt that she wasn't just obeying the dictates of whoever failed to direct this episode. All of this. All of it. We've seen that ending fight at least twice, if not three times. "Oh, but this time it was totally different! It was raining, you guys!" James Bamford, village idiot. See, at some point someone (either MG or Bamford himself) watched John Wick and said "If Chad Stahelski (and David Leitch) can do it, so can Bamford!" How about no, asshole. How about the fact that these guys have thirty years of experience being in movies, and did some second unit directing etc before Arrow was even a twinkle in MG's eye. How about the fact that in the first John Wick, at least, we managed to experience actual emotions which are so heart-rending, there are scenes I still can't rewatch, and I've seen the movie 5 times (not counting the number of times I've watched the nightclub scene on youtube). So they cut 7 minutes of actual emotion between people who we care about, and then they give us Glorified Extra whining about the fact that she "doesn't wanna die, waahh!" I thought she was going to lose it, run for it and kill them all - because otherwise her interjection was POINTLESS. What the actual fuck. Oh wait, the reason was to give Annoying Puppy a reason to call his daughter. And then I really thought he was going to die. Exactly. It made so much sense, and mirrored the ENDLESS HANDSHAKES OF GOODBYE Oliver was giving. WE GET IT, WRITERS. WE GET IT. There wasn't much to get, but we got it. It got so bad that at some point, when Oliver was talking to Felicity, I wondered if he was going to shake her hand too. And then I had to hold back a laugh.
  6. arjumand

    S06.E23: Life Sentence

    When Sara came walking down that corridor, all I could think of was: HEY GUYS, SHE'S A TIME TRAVELLER, RIGHT? I mean, you have a time traveller on the table in the third act, so you use the time traveller in the . . . . oh, what am I saying. These people care about narrative structure as much as they care about the law - whether it's criminal law or the laws of physics. I mean, when one of the noobs said "You can't arrest him, he was exonerated", and FBI lady said "It's federal", I actually burst out laughing. I mean, sure, ok. Just make up the laws as you go along, lady. And whenever someone calls you on it, just say "It's federal." I have nothing else to say about this episode. Except that this was bullshit.
  7. arjumand

    S06.E22: The Ties That Bind

    Yeah, I don't know about this episode. I really had nothing to say, maybe because (at least the one I watched) they forgot to pay the sound guy again, and so I have to rewatch with headphones. I don't care about the newbies at all, and they were all over this episode. And not only was the conflict between Oliver and Felicity contrived, but also the temporary solution to their problem - Curtis rigged the place to blow? Suuuuuuure he did. And how did Oliver know that one of the explosions was so perfectly placed as to send Diaz flying but not injure them? Whatever. Having said that, that final scene, when Felicity gave him the detonator, was the only bit I really liked, and that's because it reminded me of an iconic scene in one of my favourite movies of all time: And then we had to see Oliver grovel at the feet of the smuggest tv FBI agent of all time. Having just rewatched some episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine (which contains, IMO, the best romantic relationship on tv right now), I kept expecting her to say, "2000 push-ups!" I just feel tired - this season has tired me out. I can't even enjoy loving Olicity goodness, because I'm always waiting for the cockbIocking which MG seems to believe is essential for every tv relationship. I can't believe I used to complain about Prometheus and his whole schtick of "my meta power is that I can mine an entire island in an hour!" I'm sorry, Prometheus! Come baaaack!
  8. arjumand

    S02.E03: Virtù e Fortuna

    I like this idea - at first I thought it might even explain why Dolores killed the Ghost Nation host in the first episode. Then I remembered that she also killed the entire army she ostensibly went to recruit. Ugh, Dolores. Thinking about that - the hell? Why would she do that? I thought she needed an army or whatnot. I honestly don't know what Dolores is about anymore, except revenge. Yeah, it would be great if Ghost Nation were the truly sentient hosts in the park, responding to the revelation of the truth with "Yes. We know. (Eye roll)". It would also justify the fact that they ignored Maeve's commands, which worked on all the other hosts. I'm finding all these 'peripheral' storylines more interesting than the one we're supposed to be interested in, Dolores and her band of not so merry men.
  9. arjumand

    S06.E20: Shifting Allegiances

    Yes. Exactly. I can't be arsed to watch the episode, but I watched relevant parts on youtube, specifically the fight and the conversation with Anatoly. I'm not an Anatoly fan, so I have nothing to say about that, really, but the fight was . . . not good. Either Oliver was holding back, or it was scripted like that. Remember the hallway scene in Season 1? Season 1 Oliver took down 20 guys in the same time it took him to immobilise Diaz. Season 1 Oliver would have gone for the neck snap, not the empty ultimatum. I love this gif, and in my case, I need to express how much I hate these writers. They're writing Diggle like a childish, whiny asshole (But he said I could be the Green Arrow now! It's not fair!), writing NTA as the most horrible unsympathetic jerks, and simultaneously making it clear that we're supposed to like them, and writing our protagonist superhero as a loser. Ugh. This is reaching Detective Tiny Hands nooner levels of yuck.
  10. arjumand

    S05.E18: Gray Star Mutual

    "Witness me, blood bag!" I love Jake, especially when he's quoting movies! I enjoyed this, but I'm not the pickiest when it comes to B99 - I've enjoyed and rewatched everything except the stupid trial of stupid prison which pissed me off so much last season. I liked Pimento here - he's such a mess, and it's hilarious when we find out that he's only been an insurance investigator for two weeks. And just when we think it's Pimento's crazy that makes him suspect Boyle for the arson, his boss says that the turpentine was all the evidence they needed to accuse Boyle! I mean, seriously? Wow.
  11. arjumand

    S06.E19: The Dragon

    What the fuck did I just watch, and why? I mean, at first, I amused myself with yelling "NO ONE CARES, CURTIS! NOT A FUCK WAS GIVEN THAT DAY, CURTIS!" every time he mentioned Rene. Then it slowly dawned on me (in all fairness, I was playing Candy Crush Soda at the time, and I'm having a really bad year, healthwise) that this was going to be a . . . shudder . . . Diaz-centric episode. Then I fast forwarded through most of it. And at the end, I'm rewarded by having Oliver, aka the fricking Green fricking Arrow, appear for a few seconds, having been replaced by a pod person. As I'm really a nice person at heart, I'm not going to insert the Donald Sutherland point and scream from the 1978 Body Snatchers movie. But I really, really want to. I mean, seriously, who was that guy? The only good thing about Oliver going back to his Season 1 persona was going to be his intensity, bad-ass fighting and imagining all the bed-breaking sex he and Felicity would be having . . . I mean, what? Who said that? Oh, Arrow. What the fuck has happened to this show?
  12. “Do you know what it means to “clap back”, Raymond? Be ? cause ? I ? do. ? “ Poor Kevin.
  13. arjumand

    S06.E12: All For Nothing

    I know, right? I mean, he's replacing his daughter with a sociopathic murderer, just because they look and sound the same. Come on, dude. Though I'm starting to worry that the showrunners think this can actually happen, that BS (heh. Never stops being funny) can be redeemed. I've been going through the thread since the episode, liking various posts, not feeling any particular urge to post myself. This episode was the very definition of meh. Yes, someone died. I didn't care? I mean, we were told all along that he couldn't die. But he can if fake Laurel screams long enough? I guess? I know I've wished for death during some of KC's scenes in the past - does that count? Whatever. And regarding the whole NTA thing - are we the exception? Does the majority of the show's audience love these guys and want more of them? Because otherwise I don't understand why the writers are doubling down on these people being utterly obnoxious in their every appearance. I mean, I love Oliver's tactic of just ignoring all their dumb comments, I'm just wary of interpreting it as a tactic, rather than 'Rene/Curtis/Dinah lands a zinger that no-one on OTA can answer'. That's the same reason I'm scared of letting myself enjoy the Olicity - I've been burnt before by this show. The minute I relax and let myself enjoy stuff, it gets snatched away from me. Oh, and another thing - why did Vince have to phone Dinah just outside the evil lair? Couldn't he, like, put a few miles between himself and the supervillains before he started ostentatiously smashing phones and so on? And what kind of awesome vigilante meta lets himself be blindsided by an ageing Russian mobster? Ugh, this show.
  14. arjumand

    Clock Tower Theater: Fanfic, Fan Music Videos and Art

    I would definitely want to know (because then I wouldn't bother reading it, heh) - and as I read most of my fic on AO3 nowadays, I'd be pretty pissed off if the main character died and there wasn't 'main character death' as one of the tags. In my own stuff I always include the tags, even though I usually select the 'choose not to use archive warnings' option - but then I warn in the tags. I warned for minor character death, I warned for cancer, and I warned for rape/noncon. I'm not in it to blindside people with stuff they might be triggered by.
  15. Scully: "You guys didn't hear that, did you?" Terry: "I'm still hearing it! I'm never gonna stop hearing it!" And I love all the great use of music in the episode, starting with the Ode to Joy during all of Jake's Die Hard 'tributes'. Though I must say my new favourite quote is in The Favor: "Hi there. I'd like to humiliate some hussies, and I'm in a hurry." Who would have thought something Hitchcock says would be my new favorite quote?