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  1. Windows Defender antivirus:: Norton or any other antivirus:
  2. artisto


    Loews has butterfly bushes in the spring. They are in bloom Buy them & take 'em home..I have** Perfect ** I've since removed them however
  3. artisto


    Me too..definite native american flavor Saw that it was PLW... and I passed
  4. No judgement here You made your choice He's making his Respect
  5. Yes And... The "Closed Captions" option is always available.
  6. artisto


    HEY QVC: The rest of the world's workplaces are standing more..sitting less...: https://www.k-state.edu/kines/labs/Sit Less at work.pdf
  7. artisto


    Perhaps the "Q" should pick a new logo from this list:
  8. artisto

    Home Shopping Network

    Nicky Butler is no longer with HSN: https://homeshoppingista.wordpress.com/2019/02/
  9. artisto


    Haven't seen Courtney Cason on Beauty IQ... Haven't seen her on any Q channel in a while. I like her...however, the Q logic when using hosts is baffling.
  10. You could start with 5LB free weights and start with bicep curls...also: https://www.self.com/gallery/dumbbell-arm-exercises-triceps
  11. I like this dress.
  12. This girl has got "IT" plain & simple. Exotic looking and quite beautiful.
  13. artisto


    Cool!! I bought this thing yesterday: A298556 Pop Sonic Ultrasonic Anti-Aging Exfoliation Fac Item Price: $69.00 It will be used primarily for the real estate on my nose.
  14. The woman on the left... The suit reminds me of the 1970s.. And....with not much detective work: https://www.redplumevintage.com/products/vintage-1970s-plaid-wool-pant-suit-navy-blue-and-white-m