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  1. White Sheep

    S06.E10: START

    Tatiana was killed in the middle of the day. On the steps of a important government building in the heart of DC. She was wearing a disguise and carrying that KGB gas gun. And was killed in front of one Gorby top guys. I mean she on diplomatic passport. She should be well know to the FBI. But no one talks about it during the rest of show. It should be HUGE news at the FBI. Why isnt it talked about after it happens?
  2. White Sheep


    Why it take a month for Nyssa and the blonde black zero bad guy to get back to the fortress? Looks like the first time they got there since they lost Seg. Where were they at for that month?
  3. White Sheep

    S06.E09: Jennings, Elizabeth

    Was Stan visit to the ravel agency. A dangle. An operation to see if Phillip would start taking money. After a while you turn it into fbi money that you give him. Now Phillip is working for the fbi. Simple and effective operation.
  4. White Sheep


    In real life. Was the DEA agent partner killed in a drug hit by accident?
  5. White Sheep

    S06.E09: Jennings, Elizabeth

    We would think it was a kgb plot to make America look bad
  6. White Sheep

    S06.E09: Jennings, Elizabeth

    How far can you get in 1987 with with 15,000 American dollars and undisclosed sum of Canadian money (top bill a 5 Canadian note)? I saw 1 stack of 100 and 1 stack of 50 dollars bills that she pulled from the fuse box hiding place. With the entire KGB /FBI/CIA organization after you? Do do you think they have any more cash laying around?
  7. White Sheep

    S06.E09: Jennings, Elizabeth

    EVERYONE hates a traitor. No one lives the kgb alive after doing stuff like that. Actually many fractions is worst. With no control at the top. It’s everyone man for himself. E&P are dead men walking. Just ask the future head of the KGB. V Putin. Right now a LT. Colonel in east Germany.
  8. White Sheep

    S06.E09: Jennings, Elizabeth

    Same here. I thought for sure as soon as the hands went under the table. I was sure when they come back out. It was bang bang lights out for someone.
  9. White Sheep

    S06.E09: Jennings, Elizabeth

    Same here.
  10. White Sheep

    S06.E09: Jennings, Elizabeth

    Henry may not even make it to his next birthday. Henry the odd man out for sure. I hope he likes South America.
  11. White Sheep

    S06.E09: Jennings, Elizabeth

    Was Oleg trying to trick Stan into doing the dead drop to get dirt on him? Or was he that desperate he had to ask Stan? Where are the Phillips going to go to hide? KGB will move heaven and earth to find them. There ONLY hope to stay alive is to go to the FBI.
  12. White Sheep

    S09.E04: Danger Island: A Warrior in Costume

    Why was a Cecil shooting up with amphetamines after sex with Lana and before he has sex with her again?
  13. White Sheep


    What you think of Nyssa new hair dye job so she hide more easy?
  14. White Sheep

    S06.E07: Harvest

    He was telling Satn by as a friend. He was also telling Stan BOTH of his business was failing. Everyone on this show needs more friends. Is it standard operating procedure to hack off a dead agent hands or heads or was that Phillip idea? E looked ready to move out until Phillip went for the fire ax.
  15. White Sheep

    S06.E05: The Great Patriotic War

    That olive oil coating the stomach. Does not work at all. Plus who can drink a shot glass of olive oil all at once.