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  1. Magnumfangirl

    The Cool Kids

    Last night's episode was so stupid and gross. Why do they write Margaret to be a skank and Hank to be an asshole? Vicki and David are naturally funny, why can't their characters be written more likeable?
  2. Me too. They wasted Joan Collins just to tell us for the thousandth time how awesome Danny is. I'm not a Danny hater, but I don't see anything "awesome" about him either.
  3. Magnumfangirl

    S09.E17: Two-Faced

    Tom Selleck has already confirmed that there will be a wedding this season. That will probably be in the season finale. I'm hoping they come to their senses about working at the same precinct.
  4. Magnumfangirl

    S16. E16. Bears and Cubs

    I doubt that's the last of Ducky. Surely, we'll get one more Ducky story before the season finale. Abby got more fanfare than that and Pauley was feuding with everybody. The episode was boring, but Palmer has to have an episode at least once per season. On a side note, David McCallum looked really good in this one. He looked closer to Mark Harmon's age than 85! If a character from a long running show ever deserved a prequel, it's Ducky.
  5. Magnumfangirl

    S12.E17: The Conference Valuation

    Show is limping to the finish line. Leonard figuring out his mother was the only funny part.
  6. YES!! I don't know what the point of the deaf guy was either. It just seemed like really random filler. If they want to showcase the actor, why not have him be a witness to a crime and Five-0 has some trouble with communicating with him. It's a cop show, so write the guy into a cop story. Duh.
  7. Magnumfangirl

    S02.E16: A Loaf of Bread and a Grand Old Flag

    That's what made it funny for me.
  8. Magnumfangirl

    S12.E16: The D & D Vortex

    Yep, and there was a Stand by Me poster in the background of Wil's living room. 😉 Best episode of the season. It felt like old school BBT, when the show was about 4 sci-fi nerds being sci-fi nerds. It's come full circle for Sheldon who has now puked on the Shat and "possseses the DNA of Leonard Nimoy." 😁
  9. The real reason Tani wears the waxed jeans and Steve wears the same fugly pants is because the show's wardrobe department sucks. Five-0 are the worst dressed people on TV.
  10. Magnumfangirl

    S09.E15: Blues

    I don't know either. This is another case of the show having too many stories that they can't resolve in 42 minutes.
  11. Magnumfangirl

    S16. E13. She

    Yes, all the angst over Ziva left no time to really "solve" the crime. Apparently she did and Tony and the daughter are left twisting in the wind while she sneaks around trying to solve crimes. And she's not even doing a very good job of that. She had no suspects and none of her notes helped the team solve it. WTF?? Why did she need to rent a shed in somebody's backyard to write a bunch of journals? Couldn't she do that home? Gibbs' daughter issues have gotten stale. MH has never been a great actor, but he's not even trying anymore. All in all, a lame story to tell us Ziva is still alive, but at least I didn't go to sleep for this one.
  12. Magnumfangirl

    Blue Bloods and drinking.

    LOL! So true. Just another thing Matt Weiner "borrowed" from Bewitched for Mad Men.
  13. Magnumfangirl

    Blue Bloods and drinking.

    It gets repetitive when binge watching, but I don't think there's any ulterior motives or "statements". Pouring, swirling, sniffing, and sipping gives actors something to do in a scene besides talk. It creates a little action where there otherwise wouldn't be any and TV productions have been using it as a crutch since smoking was banned from TV. The boozing on Blue Bloods is nothing compared to the boozing on Dallas back in the 1980s.
  14. Magnumfangirl

    S02.E14: David, Goliath and a Yoo-Hoo from the Back

    I thought the same or that Connie embellished the story.
  15. Magnumfangirl

    Love for Frank - I Know What Must Happen

    Great idea! I was fine with Monica and Chandler ending up together, but I agree with you about Tom and Courtney's chemistry. They were very believable and she needs to do a guest role on Blue Bloods.