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  1. cpcathy

    Unpopular Opinions

    I really liked Pennies from Heaven and I thought he was really good in it. I thought most people either dislike that movie or have forgotten about it.
  2. cpcathy

    SNL Cast Discussion

    Bill Hader got divorced? He quit Now I know why he was alone at the Emmys, and I didn’t see his wedding ring. This is the same man who wore his ring as a spinster in Documentary Now.
  3. I just can't think which Liberty Mutual ad is worse, the guy with the bulbous calves, the dude who jumps over the railing, or the woman who thinks she's a news reporter. I can tell she's just waiting for her cue to turn around, it's bad back acting!
  4. cpcathy

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Wow, what a nutty story!
  5. cpcathy

    Leaving Neverland

    After the show I went back to watch Wade's SYTYCD choreography. He was brilliant. I hope he gets back to it in a big way.
  6. cpcathy


    What a great episode. Pete did a great acting job, and Mulaney was excellent. Really happy with the ending, Pete mentioned it would wrap up the series strangely well and it hit all the right notes.
  7. cpcathy

    Better Things

    Did Alex Desert get a line in this episode? I saw him and recognized him from Becker but didn't hear him speak.
  8. cpcathy

    Documentary Now!

    Yes, this episode was back to form. Great performance from Cate, and Fred was back! I think you need his absurdity, I just laugh when he shows up. The ending was ridiculously great! I also thought Izabella's piece with the bucket and what it was supposed to represent was on pointe.
  9. cpcathy


    It's been cancelled? Wow, HBO has an issue with these low-key comedies, they don't seem to make it past two or three seasons. But we got, what, 7 seasons of Entourage?? I still miss Togetherness and Bored to Death.
  10. cpcathy

    S07.E10: Destinee's Story

    We should have a "What is your eating habit?" thread, subtitled "Grapes, Crackers and Yogurt." I had to check out after the meltdown over the apartment. Do I have low standards, or did that apartment look fine? the carpet was even cleaned or at least vacuumed (heavy vacuum marks).
  11. cpcathy

    S07.E10: Climate Quick Change

    I am so over this season, I kept wiggling and wiggling last night, wanting to go up to bed, just eliminate someone already! How can they possibly pick a winner if they gives tongue baths to four of the contestants? Are we going to have FOUR winners? Anthony Ryan's was one of the ugliest things I have ever seen. Blue and gold were my high school colors, so I thought it looked like a drum majorette Star Trek stewardess.
  12. I watched both the other What's my Name sketches as well, and I did like the newest one the best. Hader was on pointe and I enjoyed Mulaney's reactions.
  13. cpcathy

    Leaving Neverland

    Wow, excellent point. I don't see much difference between Michael and OJ, beside the obvious murder thing. Michael's desperation was showing at that awards show, just like when each trial came up, suddenly he was calling Wade and Jimmy up and wanted to know how stuff was going with them. On another note, I also thought Jimmy seemed very fragile. Wade seems better off, he seems able to compartmentalize what occurs in his life, like his father's suicide. He has a kind of "let's move on" mentality, it seems. And just on a superficial note, his choreography for "So You Think You Can Dance" was always some of the best in that show's history.
  14. cpcathy


    I recognized her only after she had been in a couple of scenes. It was my interpretation that Pete didn't get fired on purpose, he just couldn't help himself with the material, it was in his nature to be a little bit raw, and that came out in the standup material.
  15. cpcathy

    Leaving Neverland

    I'm curious as to what part two will give us. I believe the two men 100%. The entire ordeal is terribly sad, but it seems it had to be said to start a larger conversation. And, as usual, I'm so grateful I don't have children. It seems they are either abused or they become the abuser.