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  1. Kiddvideo

    Pet Peeves: The Holy Trinity and Beyond

    Most of the bathrooms had two sinks, though. Score! Don’t have to hear that complaint every fricking time. It’s one of those homes that would be fantastic with updating (ca-ching.) The episode would drive me up the wall, though. I hate when people make fun of the decor and don’t look at the space.
  2. Kiddvideo

    Life In Pieces

    Thanks for the update on season 4. I haven’t seen that it’s been renewed or canceled for 5, but given how quickly they’ll have to burn off episodes I’m guessing it’s going away. I don’t really care for how the characters developed (Joanie and John especially), and they’re in that one note personality phase already. Will give this season a try but don’t have high expectations.
  3. Kiddvideo


    Pilot was awful I thought. Corrupt cops are always lol. Lying to your fiancée about family estrangement, lol. 16 year old runaway/dropout with a drug dealing boyfriend, stop, I’m gonna break a rib. I felt I could see them counting a three beat pause for laughter that never came. Won’t be watching again.
  4. Kiddvideo

    Four Weddings

    The Seattle brides were on this morning. I always liked Mallory’s wedding on her family’s lake front property (mostly because I want one, but they seemed like nice people.) Something I hadn’t caught before were the brides discussing her not having an alter, and one bride said she liked knowing which way was front. Did she think the chairs would be facing backwards?
  5. Kiddvideo

    S06.11: The Wedding Singer

    I really liked how they weaved footage from the tv show in with scenes from the movie as if they were filmed as one story. Don’t think I’d seen a show do something like this before, and I liked how well the quality and feel matched. Nicely done. I’m glad the teen engagement story is over. Never felt it worked or that it would happen especially after Schooled was announced.
  6. Kiddvideo

    Four Weddings

    I hear ya! No shade from me especially when I see some of these weddings happened in 2011. COME ON. A quick Google search (ie, I don’t have info to explain or defend methodology) says the average US marriage lasts 8 years. Some of these people have to be on marriage #2 (at least!) since these were filmed.
  7. Kiddvideo

    Four Weddings

    Oh lord. It was definitely the second one in the reception hall. That she had two meat entrees makes it so much worse. Thank you for pointing it out! If only the production company would do follow-ups. How long did some of these FOUR FANTASTIC MARRIAGES last?
  8. Kiddvideo

    Four Weddings

    I never watched the new format. Doesn’t sound like I missed much. For the old shows, since they’re only an hour, I laugh the hardest at the pettiest brides. Blan, Dracula Marie, even that cheating bitch Glass Slipper Danielle. All are comedy gold, Jerry. Yesterday there was a “Top 10” marathon but they never explained which Top 10 they were showing (10 highest individual scores? Top 10 viewer choices? I dunno.) Regardless, after enjoying 6 hours of repeats, I had to change the channel when the woman with multiple shades of purple hair but 3 almost identical ball gowns came on. She was the one who bitched repeatedly about having to choose between meat options at the buffet cooked by the brides’ families. The dinner was a home cooked gift provided by people who loved them. There were a ton of sides — no one went hungry — they just asked you choose an entree (which is what you normally get when it’s plated.) I won’t watch that episode again.
  9. Kiddvideo

    S06.E05: Mister Knifey-Hands

    I don’t always remember to watch, which makes me sad for when I liked it. Erica’s awful, middle-aged roommate and the constant on-screen singing were the beginning. We get it already: Hayley wants to sing professionally and the show wrote it into the storyline. Barry, JTown’s oldest high school senior, is engaged to one of the other college dropouts. Adam has a rando girlfriend who makes no sense for him other than as a foil for his multiple Ro-buts. I’m sorry but Bev clearly failed as a mother. Her kids aren’t even decent people (in the show, lol. I’m not confusing the characters with the people.) At this point, make the kids guest stars. They run in, beg for money since they don’t have jobs, and storm out when denied. Bring back Vic. Hire Nitro as a delivery person. (Show me your boobs.) Wacky hijinks down at the discount furniture store ensue. And —this can never be said often or forcefully enough — more PopPop.
  10. Kiddvideo

    S06.E05: Mister Knifey-Hands

    Did Erica hide their relationship for 3 months because she was embarrassed by Jeff? I remember he was into her and everyone knew it, but she only fell for him later when it was too late because by then he’d lost hope and was with Young Bev. Then we spent part of a season watching Erica pining for Jeff until her broke it off with Young Bev to be with her. I don’t remember her hiding it because she was embarrassed. (She and Young Bev overlapped a bit, I thought.)
  11. Kiddvideo

    S10.E05: Good Grief

    Dang it. I never liked DeDe, but I was hoping it was Pam. Claire and Mitchell, Crazy 2.0.
  12. Kiddvideo

    The Guest Book

    I found it offensive and desperate. Part of my job is to review digital avertising for adult content — porn doesn’t bother at all — but watching her bounce up and down on him was UGH. Sorry, Greg, I’m out.
  13. Kiddvideo

    Four Weddings

    I still have the app I can fast forward through without having to invest much of my life on people who think their opinions and only their opinions are the end-all-be-all of taste and sophistication. Dug and Heidi tied with Rachel for 3rd (ie, last..)
  14. Kiddvideo

    Four Weddings

    Kara and Emily are at polar ends. Kara is a crude hillbilly, even if she is a Jersey girl. Emily is a prig. Of the brides I dislike on a personal level I think Emily is the one I find most distasteful because I don't have the emotional payoff of watching her be universally mocked. At least BLAN bride and that cheating bitch Danielle from "and a Slipper" got their comeuppance, so I look forward to watching those episodes. Emily "snagged" the young Hipster Minister from a Hipster Church, making her The Pastor's Wife (which rightfully has a highly visible leadership role), but she seems to be one those Christians who keeps score and pulls rank and never ever lets you forget that she is The Pastor's Wife. That written, Emily's dress shimmered. It had gold details throughout the bodice and with her red hair/pale skin, I thought it was stunning -- one of those instances where that dress truly was perfect for that person.