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  1. Hellohappylife

    S02E12. Visits and Violations

    It’s pretty funny how Lizzie feels Goodwill clothes are beneath her, yet she has spent most of her life wearing used clothes,bras,underwear passed back and forth that other inmates have worn 😂😂 You think she would atleast appreciate finally having her own damn bra & underwear that hasn’t had another girls lady parts touch! I know I would.
  2. Hellohappylife

    S02E12. Visits and Violations

    I’m not sure why his race matters? Parole is usually taken very seriously & super strict. He already said he was late once before in meeting his P.O & now he’s late yet again. Plus he was driving when he is not allowed to be,and even lied about driving because we heard the PO say “You know you’re not suppose to be driving” “you weren’t driving? But we saw you drive in” I’m not sure why he’s not allowed to drive but I am going to assume that since he’s been in and out of jail since he was 13 he never got a license. If that’s the case then his PO would fersure know about it But I could be wrong.
  3. Hellohappylife

    S02E12. Visits and Violations

    Omg Caitlin leave this loser ALREADY!!! He doesn’t give a fuck at all the pain you are feeling. No man should ever speak to you that way in private or public,especially picking up your mother’s ashes. Lizzie “I used scott for his money, I was a gold digger” Girl you’re digging the wrong mine, there is no gold there!!! Omg Marcelino Britney being pregnant doesn’t “solidify” your relationship. It’s just what happens when you don’t use any birth control methods. Does michael’s mother realize how much of a fool she looks like? How is she so shocked that he’s back in jail? She hasn’t had him in her home since he was 13. She should have told Sarah about the cheating once she found out. I don’t give a shit if she didn’t want to be in “her sons buisness” I agree with her to a certain point,young’s guys can be players like that & have many women, but when there is a child involved that way of thinking gets thrown out the window. Maybe if she would have been in her son’s “buisness” more he wouldnt be the loser he is today. Sarah- for the love of god, Stop telling that sweet little baby that “daddy is at work” You need to tell her “daddy is in jail,because that’s what happens when you don’t follow the rules/laws”
  4. Hellohappylife


    I’m pretty sure I had this same shirt.... back in Pre-School (1997)
  5. Hellohappylife

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    Jane Tracey just said she donated 2 Dooney & Bourke bags because “ I’m such a good person I donated 2 bags to those in need” but I now want them for myself” No Jane you are not a good person. Good people don’t announce to others on Live tv of the good deed they’ve done by making a donation. Plus I’m not sure how Handbags would be any kind of help to someone in need. Unless it was a Bag with value like Louis Vuitton, Chanel etc The Truly good people are the ones who remain anonymous that you see on the News every Christmas donating large sums of money to family’s in need.
  6. Hellohappylife

    S02.E11: She Has To Go

    I can’t even snark on Caitlin after tonight’s episode. I wanted to climb thru the tv & give her a hug. My mom passed away when I was 21 in her sleep at only 43 years old from a brain aneurysm. Monday will mark 5 years since her death. I hope caitlin seeks some kind of therapy,having your parent die like that can really fuck You up. Lizzie/ Scott- Just another episode of scott show casing to the world what a fool he is. I live a few minutes away from them & I really wish they would name the dentist that did that work so I can stay far away from his office. Britney/Marcelino - Such a horrible idea to invite ex’s to parties that include alcohol,there is bound to be some drama once the alcohol kicks in. Marcelino- did he have an ex that left him for a girl or something? Because he sure likes to make hateful comments every chance he gets about how 2 women can’t be sexually satisfied. I seriously don’t know how Michael’s mom lives with herself and can sit hanging out with Sarah & grandchild, knowing her son is cheating. I find it amusing that Clint’s facial wrinkles keep getting more and more progressive each episode. I almost feel off my chair laughing at his line “Everyone makes mistakes,that’s why pencils have erasers”
  7. Hellohappylife

    Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours To Hell And Back

    I’m not the type of girl that gets overly offended by stupid immature jokes/comments that guys make towards women rights, or their idiotic opinions on women in the work place. I easily just ignore those people. Even if they are just joking, there is a hugeeeee difference between immature jokes & jokes that reach a sexual level No woman or Man should ever feel uncomfortable and have to put up with that in the workplace. One of these days they’re gonna have some angry husband or father to deal with. .
  8. Hellohappylife

    S02.E10: Wife On The Run

    Pretty much every Jerry Springer episode. Ever.
  9. Hellohappylife

    S07:E06 Lacey's Story

    I usually don’t like to tell someone to get “Get over it” or minimize their emotional pain. Everyone has the right to feel how they Feel,we all deal with things in our own ways. I also don’t think they should blame their childhood for being the reason they are 600+ pounds. Maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention,but what was so tragic about her early life?! during the back story part of the episode she said her parents were always working & not being home was the main reason? Did she expect them to forget all of their responsibilities & stay home everyday or what? Not once did she mention, any sexual/ abuse,physical abuse. All I got from her story was that she was lonely & bored growing up and used food as a way to cope.
  10. Hellohappylife

    S02.E10: Wife On The Run

    Lizzie/Scott- I only feel bad for Scott’s son, & all of the banks Scott is basically stealing from. you know that kid has to feel annoyed with the burden of knowing his dad will live with him forever once every credit card from every bank in the country is maxed out. They will never see any payments. Sarah/Michael- The desperation vibe she was giving off during that scene outside with Michael,almost felt like she was reading a script “how can you treat the mother of your child this way? How can you treat your wife this way?” Girl stop asking him,he doesn’t give a shit. Having his child & being married clearly doesn’t effect him. No one in a happy marriage with a real man even has to use those words. A REAL man would never make you question it,he shows his love for you/children with his actions. Michael’s actions show that he’s a loser. Caitlin/Matt- Needs to realize already that he’s a loser & doesn’t ever plan on changing or being productive. If a 28 year old dude is perfectly happy with you both living rent free with his mother forever should make you run away. Britney/marcelino- I’m now fully convinced that she is only attracted to Women most importantly the ex girlfriend,she absolutely lights up when she’s with her, but yet she never does with the boyfriend. He is her meal ticket. Clint/Tracie- Dude just please, listen to the lawyer. I know it’s almost impossible for you to want to divorce your Godess,but atleast make one smart decision & save some embarrassment for the viewers. Cut all legal ties to save yourself from her debts. If she gets her shit together one day & comes back Then marry her again. But for now protect yourself.
  11. Hellohappylife

    S02.E09: The $800K Hustle

    I laughed at that part aswell,sure it’s pretty for like 10 mins but then I’m over it. I think I’ll stick to my yearly trips to Hawaii with my husband.
  12. Hellohappylife

    S02.E09: The $800K Hustle

    Caitlin -telling Matt that he could have just replaced those clothes with new ones with the many paychecks he would have earned is the smartest thing she has said all season. Like many of you still trying to figure out why she can’t get a job? Lizzie -made me Laugh before they entered the church she told Jaz & Adam to watch how they speak inside the church ... meanwhile she has her boobs out. Meghan- Didn’t feel sad for her when she was left alone crying,because I know that’s what to expect from a loser like Michael. I don’t like to judge based on looks but I’m sorry he just has “player” written all over him. Seriously why didn’t she ask to go?? Isn’t Meghan atleast a little curious as to why this “perfect” Michael keeps turning his phone off? Or why perfect Michael hasn’t called or mentioned his daughter or checked on her since he decided to leave for over 24 hours? For a guy that claims to want a bond with his daughter so bad he has a shitty way of showing it. Clint- still a man baby not much to say. Britney- Still doesn’t realize how sneaky it was to bring over an Ex. But Marcelino or whatever isn’t perfect either.
  13. Hellohappylife

    S02.E08: She Said Yes?

    Okay I say this as a Married 26 year old, I cannot for the life of me understand the attraction these girls have towards Michael? The guy has Nothing! No car, no job,no house,no education. He’s not even attractive. I’m seriously struggling wondering what is so great about this guy. Same goes for Matt. and to get pregnant by him again??? He wasn’t there for the first one, you think he’s gonna be there for this one? And was he about to give Meghan the ring Sarah picked out for herself? Yes Michael,Meghan will totally love it. All girlfriends dream of the day the guy proposes with the wife’s ring. Sarah’s friend is the only sane one in that mess, too bad Sarah can’t have the same common sense. Caitlin- If the guys mother keeps telling you her son is a piece of shit,then sweetheart listen to her! She is the best source of information you could hear from. Matt’s friends seemed completely normal at first telling,Matt to get his shit together and then few mins later tell him to dump the chick because she wants to control his life to get a job & stay out of jail. Are they low key trying to have him leave Caitlin so she doesn’t end up hurt because they know he’s a loser going nowhere in life? Britney- I thought she was the only logical one of the bunch,but now I’m getting a sneaky con vibe. She totally knows what she’s doing is wrong. She didn’t seem sad at all to her sons emotional reaction at the end of the visit. I’m sorry but Her tattoo’s really ruin the look of those beautiful wedding dresses. The producers have to be telling the employees as this point to asks these questions, no way would a hair Solon or wedding shop allow their employees to ever get into discussions or give their opinion with customer’s personal lives on the level these employees do. It’s not professional at all. Scott/Lizzie- Anyone else get the vibe that Lizzie gets some kind of sick pleasure in how she treats Scott? Clint- I only feel sad for the father at this point that he has deal with spineless man baby for a son
  14. Hellohappylife

    Live PD

    I wish they didn’t spend so much time in Williamson,TX on tonight’s show. I can’t stand Lt. Grayson Kennedy. Something About his approach bothers me,he seems to always have an attitude & automatically thinks everyone he encounters is a criminal. He Reminds me of that kid in school that was teased & no on cared about, and now uses his badge as a way to feel powerful. The Salina department can go away as well. None of those officers never seem know what’s going on & for some reason every scene they call like 25 officers for backup, even over simple traffics. Meanwhile other departments go alone.
  15. Hellohappylife

    S07.E04: Justin's Story

    Loved Justin! He reminded me so much of my Husband that is the same age as Justin. I was rooting for him the whole time,even more so because he’s so young & close to my age (26) it was so nice to watch someone who was so well spoken,clean, and over all just a positive soul. Sure it can be fun to snark on the people,but it’s even better when we someone actually wants to make the change & actually does it and doesn’t waste Dr.Now’s time. I hope the best for him to continue losing weight. To start his dream job. hope he finds a good group of friends & even a wife/husband one day.