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  1. RedbirdNelly

    S15.E14: I Want a New Drug

    * I liked Bailey this episode. She didn't do that much but she had some cute scenes where she was a real, sharp-witted person and not a bumbling person. The scene with her and Maggie was cute, and the scene with her and Ben at the end seemed real. * I appear to be a party of one on this but I was touched by the "please decide to live" scene and Betty waking up. That likely is due to me being the parent of 2 teens who thankfully now are ok but you can't help but worry about what might happen should they try drugs. So, I teared up. I will be just fine if Betty leaves the show though. So flat. * agree with everyone that I was surprised Jackson's solution was to give the guy a bunch of camping equipment that he is somehow supposed to carry around--the same stuff Jackson was using a vehicle to haul. I know he no longer has the money to buy a building and open a shelter but he's not poor and I kind of expected him to get the guy a hotel room for a few nights at least or find some solution of using some part of the hospital we'd never scene as a transition shelter, leading to a story arc about the new hospital transition shelter (like the Denny clinic). * it always bugs me that they have this clinic that opens to the ER bay area but apparently does not connect to the hospital. People have to run from clinic, outside and into the ER. No internal hallway apparently. Just weird. * the marathon surgery seemed silly to me. Are we to believe Meredith went over 27 hours without using the bathroom? or that she's wearing a diaper? ick. I found it odd when they burst into applause when she passed the current record. The surgery wasn't over. Applause before it's done seemed weird--how would it feel to pass the record and the patient die 15 minutes later? Applause after it was done made more sense. * glasses/contacts and Asian guy storylines are just bad. I'm not buying chemistry at all. If they had slow walked some of this--shown friendship develop etc maybe I would get it. * I expected something more from Alex and Jo besides a simple ok, you were left; I love you; awesome. Just a storyline going to no where. I also find it odd that 2 times Alex mentions how great things are for him (he doesn't need awards or records, etc) because he's chief. Maybe the show will make it permanent but for the character in that moment---he's about half way through a 6 month gig. How much satisfaction to you get from "I'm chief for 6 months"? Are we really supposed to believe he's that non-competitive, non-interested in his own career? For Alex, 6 months of chief are the equivalent of getting a Harper Avery? Just weird to me.
  2. RedbirdNelly

    S06.E04: Season 6, Episode 4

    I loved Gwen's return--it was really nice and for a second I forgot who helped her or that others didn't know that Sybil helped. It was very nice to remember how nice Sybil was and how fun they were together. and nice that once again Thomas gets caught.
  3. RedbirdNelly

    All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    I would have been ok with them trying them as a couple, but I did enjoy the Carter/Deb friendship--such as when she had her baby and he was there to support her. I do wish they'd done a better job coming up with solid storylines for her. She could have been more of a main player--she was strong and stuck up for herself.
  4. RedbirdNelly

    All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    I agree with the above. Carter/Jing-Mei were great together. They could have made a good couple, though I also like when there are long term friendships that stay as friendships. It did seem like they never figured out what to do with her character and there was untapped potential.
  5. RedbirdNelly

    S06.E03: Season 6, Episode 3

    I had a similar reaction. I did not know he was returning, and it made me very happy. It also was just nice to have a happy scene--the wedding plus Tom--nothing bad happened.
  6. RedbirdNelly

    Huge Ponytails of Background Actresses

    I had not thought about it before but I will now be on ponytail alert. I have noticed YaYa's and pondered the unrealness of it.
  7. RedbirdNelly

    S15.E13: I Walk the Line

    I know but in describing his situation and why he's the stable family unit, how that unit has been functioning (Owen plus Amelia) is going to come up. It would be in Leo's case file.
  8. RedbirdNelly

    S15.E13: I Walk the Line

    I did, too, and I'm not a Jo fan. I enjoyed some of the humor in this episode--such as the Jo scene. Jackson asking Owen if that was good or bad bagpipe music was cute to me--I guess because it felt like a joke people really make. And Alex not being able to understand their accents was predictable but still made me chuckle. Amelia is once again (surprisingly) acting like a grown up. It was silly for Owen to lash out at her for mentioning she was an addict. Let's suppose he actually could fight to keep Leo--is it reasonable to think this bit of info on Amelia wouldn't show up? It was nice for them to show Amelia talking some sense to Owen rather than just being on his side. Grandparents were obviously moving too quick but like others have said, his reaction was stupid. Talk calmly; call the social worker. I liked Maggie getting called Magpie because, yea, that feels like a realistic nickname for her.
  9. RedbirdNelly

    Characters We Hate

    Jo--never a Jo fan though every once in a while they write her as an interesting, full character. Most of the time it is just stuff about living in a car Minnick of course Penny of course April esp early on when she was written as so stupid; she got better later on; I prefer characters that appear to actually be people you can imagine surviving medical school Stefanie--they wrote her all over the place. I might have liked her with consistent writing. Maggie--I only like her when they write her as a competent doctor. Focusing on her personal life is always bad and I hate it when she comes across as having the maturity of a 12 year old Owen--I liked him when he was with Christina at first; once Teddy showed up, it seemed like he fit better with her and I've not been a fan ever since
  10. RedbirdNelly

    S04.E14: Can't Unring That Bell

    Poor Conner. it looks like they are giving him another girlfriend with mental problems and this one is obsessed with him. The storyline would redeem itself just a bit if it turns out she actually did none of these things, he's read her wrong, etc. But her as psycho obsessed going to extreme lengths to keep him linked to her is over the top and annoying. I'm not an Ava fan but I'd prefer just normal storylines about normal-ish people who sometimes make mistakes, etc. Not psycho obsessed people. Will jumping to conclusions when Nat hugged the dad was silly. It even looked like a very "supportive not romantic' type hug. chill out a minute. this show has much better characters around the edges--Dr. Latham and Sam the neuro guy are much more fun to see than the main characters. Please show, rework your show to be more of an ER-type ensemble with strong personalities popping up on different cases in interesting ways.
  11. RedbirdNelly

    S04.E14: Can't Unring That Bell

    I was also confused. I've not seen that scenario from years of watching ER. I did have an ER flashback when drug addicted doctor ran off with a pic line in--was it Susan who got in trouble for putting in a line for a heroin addict? someone did Well, they did not take me up on my offer from last season: turn this into a Psych Dr solving mysteries show. It would be hilarious and actually more realistic than this show has become.
  12. RedbirdNelly

    S04.E14: Can't Unring That Bell

    the line of dialogue that popped into my head when Jay talked to his brother was "well that didn't take long." I honestly wish that's what Will had said in response.
  13. RedbirdNelly

    S15.E12: Girlfriend in a Coma

    one positive note: it's been awhile since we've seen Deluca's sister. May that trend continue.
  14. RedbirdNelly

    S04.E13: Ghosts In The Attic

    Thanks for the update.
  15. RedbirdNelly

    S03.E11: Songbird Road, Part One

    I caught up this weekend and was not able to read all the posts so apologies in advance to the extent I repeat others. * I don't think Jack knew it was an accident. I think he thought it was intentional and that is why he took such a stern approach. I could be wrong, but the moment that suggest that to me is when he goes to see Nicky, tells Nicky don't write me at my house, Nicky responds "you drove all the way here to tell me that" and Jack says "that's how much I mean it." I just don't think he would have such a reaction if he thought it was a terrible accident. Also as part of the 'previous" scenes they showed Nicky fake shooting at civilians--I think to suggest Jack's mindset/likely way to interpret what happened. * I always love when the Big 3 get together and interact. Loved the Sundance part. * I didn't mind Kate being rude insisting they stay. They'd driven a long way; there is some deep family stuff going on; and I think it was realistic she would dig in and not just stumble out. *I'm not sure whether Jack's family thought Nicky was dead. There is no reason Nicky (who chased down Jack's work and home addresses) could not have contacted them. I may be forgetting some scenes that indicate they thought he was dead because they were relying on Jack for all info, but to me, it makes more sense that they knew he was alive--he just wasn't coming home and he wasn't in one piece so Jack failed to save him. * I loved the scene of Jack turning right and Kevin at the same spot turning left. I know it's hokey for so much of their lives to conveniently match up, but it's just a nice touch for this show.