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  1. In my head I'm skipping right to the "hand off" with the blubbering mother and grandmother (swollen and puffy not including their own facial enhancements with Brooke watching Hope lovingly take Phoebeth into her arms. Passing out free halos for the party.
  2. I'm watching Who's Line is it Anyway from 2002. Wayne Shady was so handsome and adorable, really a stunning face. So talented and clever. B&B is not his thing.
  3. Were the writers actually using their noggins by putting Dr. Wayne on Catalina Island with the big casino? Is that where he gambled his money?
  4. Taylor lost all of her subtlety and allure. I've been watching soaps for so long and I still get excited when I see two vets with loads of history be true to their characters and just fall right into it. I guess the writers aren't feeling it. (If anyone watched GH with Leslie and Monica, or here with Brooke and Stephanie), go for it, we'll eat it up as long as you are true. As said above, yeah, too much camp. All that screeching Taylor did deserved a big face slap, but I don't think that's today's style anymore. I want a new Ridge too. I see Shrek.
  5. Was happy to see Judge Lando back. The parking lot surveillance was good comic relief. Exterior work makes everything so "real", lol. Funny that they've made this Faux Ridge a punk bully. It really does seem like to me that they don't know what kind of storyline to give Brooke because why should she give a shit about Bill getting shared custody of the kid. They are reaching. What they need to do is amp up Bill being the father of Hope and Brooke trying to stop real blood shed. Too much Pam lately, so I FF.
  6. I don't remember Ronnnnn Ridge throwing punches or being a violent brute. Was this written in for Shrek Ridge? One time I remember when either Rick or Ridge were flung over a wall in a fight. Can't remember which one was flung.
  7. TessHarding2

    S04.E05: Episode 5

    For Season 5, I would like Demelza to tilt her head slightly to the left or right when she leans in for a kiss instead of the pursed lips kiss she does every time. They are so sensuous together, but to me their kissing is uptight.
  8. ^^ I haven't seen enough of Steffy but her stance appears a bit different. Here come the huge, huge handbags. For those watching for a long time, hasn't much of Brooke been about pleasing and pleasuring her man? (or someone else's if necessary)
  9. Maybe Steffy will sing Ode To Billy Joe this week.
  10. Now that's a coupling I would ship. The bearded baby is hilarious. I do love a chill tv baby.
  11. I'm really going to miss Judge Lando. I give it to Don Diamont for his method acting with all these kids. He's completely emotional when it comes to children. If I hadn't known he has six kids I would have guessed it. B&B can be exceptionally fakey when it comes to real emotions, so I'm happy to watch it. Can't Judge Lando throw Sally against a headboard and then go back to his chambers? Please?
  12. Oh I agree. Yes I do. I never watched Dr. Quinn, and he looked a little too Michael Landon-y for my taste but this I like. He could do Silver Fox Prada ads. B&B who never hires anyone new for more than a month, get this man as recurring. He deserves the pay that the interns get for crying out loud. I read his IMDB. He made a movie with so many celeb offspring it's funny - Cheryl Ladd's daughter, Cuba G ooding's son, John Travolta's sister, Jason Connery, Barry Van Dyke, Heather Graham's sister, Gene Simmons' daughter, Robbie Rist - OLIVER from The Brady Bunch (remember that annoying kid)? Nia Peeples daughter.
  13. THAT'S JOE LANDO?? Shit. Thank you, I never ever would have known that. Kept that good head of hair, looking good. I can't think of another soap where trying to get someone to marry them is equivalent to lock down but then just months later the marriage is often called invalid. My favorite thing on B&B is the pulling off the engagement ring and placing down with a closeup of the ring. That signifies the relationship is OVAH from that moment on.
  14. Steffy said the same damn thing a few weeks ago when she showed up at the office as Disney's Mulan. Enough I Am Woman, step aside blondie. It's funny how nobody even cares that's she's a self proclaimed super woman. The dialogue is truly atrocious. She has no consistency. It's all Jekyll and Hyde. Who the hell says I'm sorry I'm living the life you were supposed to live? And then say it the same way, every few days, maybe five times per month? Maybe you watched AMC with very young Erica Kane. I thought she was a terrible, terrible actress but Erica was so entertaining and could stand with any of the actors and make a great scene. Lucci fleshed out a great soap character so I'd give her an Icon award rather than something you'd give Susan Flannery or Erika Slezak.