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  1. MisterBluxom

    Aftermath in the Media

    Excellent post, HLWG!
  2. MisterBluxom

    Aftermath in the Media

    I think you might enjoy reading Mike Rinder's blog. I also think you would fit right in and that many of the people there would enjoy hearing from you. www.mikerindersblog.org If I got the link wrong, just Google for "Mike Rinder's Blog".
  3. You would certainly think it is a crime. Most every person in their right mind would think it was a crime. But, the truth is they may be able to get away with it by calling it part of their religious practice. They could call it something else ... maybe Corrective Applied Therapy ... or some such horseshit. Then, they could claim it was a religious practice and the victims agreed to it.
  4. IMO, one possible explanation for why so many people buy this book - aside from the relentless pressure by the cult members - is that people are loathe to admit they can't make any sense out of it and so they pretend to understand it and tell others how wonderful it is. Meanwhile, it really is a bunch of gobbledy-gook and no one really understands it and the myth continues to be propogated. But with any luck, this monstrous evil should collapse sooner than later. I've heard it said by people in the know that this Scam had to purchase all this real estate in order to keep their Tax Exempt Status. But now they have a huge problem. They can't afford to pay the property tax on all these empty buildings. They have no money coming in. But they still must find a way to pay the property tax. This could well be a recipe for their demise. I certainly hope so.
  5. So many things - so very difficult to understand. Whatever this thing may be - a cult, a scam, a business, a corporation, a church, a religion, an evil empire, a suicidal trap, a path to impoverishment and misery. So many possible definitions - all of which I have seen supported by fervent believers. It becomes very difficult to claim that any of these labels are wrong. However, the one label that seems to persist beyond most other is "evil". An "evil organization that harms large numbers of people and has little or no compassion for anyone who wants out of this madness. I am truly sorry that I ever had anything to do with these monsters and I believe they now all do belong in prison. Not only for mental abuse of their members but for their physical abuse in causing them to hand over most all their money and to go into terrible crushing debt that they can never hope to repay in order to pre-pay for the most ridiculous "courses" that are fundamentally worthless and even dangerous and harmful. This is one organization to which people should "Just say No", turn around, and flee. Flee like a fart into the wind. There is no good that can come from any association with these Brain Washing Bandits - except for the people who wind up with all of your life savings in their hands. Everyone else associated with this dreadful monstrosity comes out losing most everything they ever had and valued. Be warned! This cult is a certain road to ruination. Stay away! Stay away! Stay away!
  6. I believe it is true that "Few are chosen" because very few have the hundreds of thousands of dollars these bandits want to suck out of all their victims. It simply is not worth the time or trouble to them to deal with people who don't have the minimum amount of money to satisfy the insatiable greed lust these people have. I just watched a recent epsisode of Australia 60 Minutes where the police busted a large scam operating in The Phillipines and targeting Australian retirees. Retirees are a good target for these people because many are elderly and lack the fortitude to resist these criminals. Any time someone calls you and you get the feeling they are trying to take your money, do yourself a favor and hang up the phone and report the call to your local police. The other thing that makes retirees attractive to these monsters is that many have enough money in the bank so that they can transfer a large sum of money almost immediately. It is just not worth their time to talk to people unless they have a reasonable expectation the victims will be able to send them a very large chunk of money - often within the hour. The criminal law system that assigns penalties to criminals has been out of date for a very long time. Someone who attempts to murder an innocent victim may wind up in prison for about 10 years. But the only penalties the modern Criminal Justice System hands out is a scale that includes a number of years in prison. So, someone who destroys an innocent person's life by stealing all their retirement money had done something to them that is almost as bad as attempted murder. But they only get a handful of years in prison because it is a non-violent crime. It is long past time these penalties were reviewed. I feel strongly that different kinds of penalties of different severities are deserved by these scum bags who ruin peoples lives. After all, a great many of them only get tiny penalties if they even get apprehended in the first place. I would guess that only a very small percentage ever get caught. To avoid getting punished, so many of them can just pick and choose the country in which they live and the country in which their victims live. The penalties depending on those two decisions can make a huge difference in the size of the penalty. I shudder to think of how many can escape punishment completely with a sizeable bribe to the police or others in the country in which they commit the crime. It's just absurd.
  7. MisterBluxom

    S03.E11: Church and State

    You want to know what cult she was involved in? You just Google her name followed by the word "cult". I don't think it's appropriate to post the name of that cult here because it wasn't revealed on the show so she must have objected to having it made known and I think we should respect her wishes. Attorney? I thought he was a Professor of Law. I found him very disappointing as well.
  8. MisterBluxom

    S03.E11: Church and State

    Cults with millions to billions of followers? Gosh! I never even imagined there were such things. So I Googled "rank largest cults" and found some fascinating reading. I had never even heard of the one cult at the top of their list. http://listverse.com/2007/09/15/top-10-cults/ Scamology is Number Six on the list.
  9. I thought your comments were very insightful. Well done!
  10. Sounds like a real paradise right here on earth. I have visted LV a few times and never been disappointed. It was always fun, fun, fun. I would love to live there.
  11. I suppose that most anyone who found themselves surrounded by adoring admirers who were willing to do anything - absolutely anything - their hearts desired would have a hard time turning away from that kind of experience. I would guess some auditor would ask them a few questions and get them to reveal many of their hearts' most secret desires - perhaps sexual desires. Then, they would arrange for the exact kind of person the actor desires to perform all the things they desired. Very difficult to turn that down - especially if it's all free. Don't you think? Have you ever read about all the so-called "perks" and other things they've provided Tom Cruise and John Travolta? Just amazing stuff is all given to celebs for free in return for them "plugging" this scam. Very difficult to turn down such treatment. The truly amazing thing IMO, is how people ever find the courage to admit they were duped and now feel like a fool for going along with this Brain Washing Bullshit and now wish to apologize to all those people who were enslaved into this scam as a result of their recommendations. Seems to me that takes a whole lot more courage than there is courage - meaning, it must be almost impossible for anyone to stand up and admit they were fooled and did great harm to many people and now they are sorry and wish to make things right. That takes unbelievable courage. The people who have done this - like Leah Remini and Mike Rinder are truly great people for having that courage. I believe that one day after Scamatology is long gone and forgotten, the courage of Remini and Rinder will live on in the hearts and minds of Humankind. So much of this is exposed in a few films - like "Going Clear - Scientology and the Prison of Belief" https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4257858 If you have never seen this film, it's a wonderful place to start in order to understand the duplicity of this monstrosity and it's also a wonderful, enjoyable film I sincerely hope you may find the time to see it. If you do, I'd love to hear your opinions about it. If you don't feel like posting your opinions in public, would you please consider sending me a Private Message?
  12. The founder of this cult long ago realized that one of the best ways to attract new victims was to treat celebrities like living Gods and encourage them to come out in public and talk about how great it is to join.
  13. My guess is that after two people get involved in a dirty messy situation as a result of TS (The Scam), they may both take some time to think about it and realize it was not really the other person's fault. They were both duped (although in different ways and to different degrees) by This Scam and the rational thing to do would be to direct their anger to TS (The Scam) and not to each other. I've heard of several cases where people became good friends after they suffered at each others' hands because they realized the fault was not the other persons but was caused by TS. If and when they realize they both have a lot in common which is why why they were both duped in the first place, then they can join forces and start to work together to defeat this evil. I have enormous respect for Mike. He would never have risen to the heights he did had he not been extremely competent and capable.
  14. There are hundreds - if not thousands - of senior citizens who are members of their stupidly named "Sea Org". Most of these people were born into this thing and have no education, no money, no place to live, no jobs, no job skills, no training, no Medical Insurance, no Pension and on and on. As they age, they become a huge liability to Scamatology. What will TS (The Scam) do with them when they inevitably need medical intervention? I envision a return of Nazi style Death Camps. You laugh? You think it's funny? Do you expect Scamatology to spend any of their precious billions caring for these people who have reached end of life? No way. In the eyes of The Scam, they are now liabilities and as such worthless. I'm guessing the opinion of The Scam is they should be just tossed onto some garbage heap because - after all - they will be reborn into new bodies and rejoin The Scam and so the faster they die, the better. There is a monumental disaster looming as thousands of Seniors will die in the most miserable and lurid conditions ever seen on this planet. Just wait and see.
  15. I don't disagree with much of what you have said. I'd just like to add that Mike Rinder has to be an extremely courageous soul to stand up and speak out against this monstrous evil. He knows - better than most everyone - the consequences of speaking up against them. It takes courage beyond the definition of "courage" for him to do this. I think he is a great man. I also think we all should speak up against them. The more people who do become their "Enemies" (at least in their eyes), the more resources they must expend to try and fight us. Ultimately, this is a fight they make more difficult for themselves every time they do one of these unspeakably evil things. BTW, instead of "Enemy of Scamatology", I think he should be considered a "Friend to Humanity".