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  1. Meh. I was hoping Alicia would be the leader of the group. I do like Morgan though. My faves still are Alicia and Strand.
  2. Beatrice

    S04.E06: A Timeline and Place

    Penny 23 > Penny 40 More Julia please.
  3. Beatrice

    S04.E05: Escape from the Happy Place

    I never really warmed up to Elliot or Quentin but kudos to the show if they follow through. I usually always like the side characters that never get the spotlight anyway. lol
  4. Beatrice

    S06.E15: Good Men

    Time slot has a lot to do with it. I'm sleeping by 10. I watch on iTunes. Obviously in the minority here, but I watch mainly for Hailey and some for Kevin. The other characters I can take or leave. I'll like any interaction either of those two have with each other or other characters. I don't find Hailey to be off putting. She's a straight shooter. If you want to know the truth she will tell you. I like that. I'm amused at the difference in the way she treats Adam and Jay. But then, those two characters are very different.
  5. Beatrice

    S04.E04: Marry Fuck Kill

    I dig Julia and Penny.
  6. Beatrice

    S06.E14: Ties That Bind

    Can't believe I'm going to say this but thank you show. Upton and Burgess didn't have any catty girl fight about a guy. How surprised am I. I actually really love them as partners. I would like more of them together.
  7. Beatrice

    MacGyver (2016)

    Please Jesus. She is being wasted on Gifted.
  8. Beatrice

    S04.E02: Lost, Found, Fucked

    I did not cry every time Fogg and Julia talked. I did not. Oh Dean Fogg.
  9. Beatrice

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the Media

    Hmm. Love Coulson but I am glad he's back in some form? I don't know.
  10. Beatrice

    S04.E01: A Flock of Lost Birds

    I continue to love all incarnations of Julia. Alice can stay locked up. Glad no Quentin. Happy to see Marina.
  11. Beatrice

    S6 E12 Outrage

    Meh. There's a lot of problems with this show but I still enjoy it. I like the characters, the story lines are my issue. I know I'm alone but I'm here for some Jay and Hailey.
  12. Beatrice


    Watched this for Anna Torv. Oh how I miss Fringe. Ended up liking the show, looking forward to next season.
  13. Beatrice

    S06.E11: Trust

    Honestly...the only thing I got from this episode is that they used the phrase "get this prick" three times, three different people.
  14. Beatrice

    Bull in the Media

    She says in her op ed that she talked to him in his or her trailer and asked him to help her change the cultural of the set and that she was uncomfortable. He then proceeded to ice her out and make sarcastic comments. So it seems she did the right thing telling him is "humor" wasn't appreciated and he the continued to act out. Humor is not an excuse for harassment. Especially when one was told it was not welcome.
  15. Beatrice

    Bull in the Media

    They canceled Roseanne for the tweet and that was the number one show on that network. There's actually tapes of him sexually harassing Eliza. Interesting message if he's not fired considering the network president was fired for similar actions.