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  1. The other thing is, supposedly this doc underplayed the role of Sunny. Once he came on board, it was a more paranoid place. That's when they started monitoring what the employees were doing, including logging keystrokes. Oh and of course it didn't even mention that there's a feature film being developed with Jennifer Lawrence likely playing Holmes. Holy cow, they're going to glam up her image to have probably the biggest female movie star play her.
  2. I listened to the Slate Cultural podcast which discussed this movie. Some of the people had read the book and seen the 20/20 show and listened to the podcast. Criticisms of this movie included: 1. The filmmaker seemed to operate from the thesis that Holmes wanted to help people but things went off the rails. That is clearly erroneous, she just wanted to be a billionaire, didn't really believe in the hype herself other than as a means to get rich. 2. Film didn't go into the affected voice at all, which is so obvious. Apparently other sources delve into it more. 3. Film soft-pedaled or briefly mentioned the one guy who committed suicide but other material covered it more in detail and depicted it as a significant occurrence. 4. Film didn't show enough of her early life or background before she got to Stanford and dropped out, how she may have come to have this drive to get rich/be some big inventor or however you want to characterize this ambition. 5. Didn't explain why the Edison device couldn't really work or the basic concept itself. Could have elaborated it more. One guy posited that these wise old men who served on her board were associated with the conservative/liberatarian Hoover Institution, which advocates non-governmental solutions. So it's not surprising that these Republicans gravitated to Holmes' promise to fix or reform a big aspect of health care, usurping governmental role by a private company. Maybe that's why they countenanced her skirting regulations and legal hoops when evidence materialized that they were engaging in legally dubious practices.
  3. scrb

    You're The Worst

    Jimmy being worried about money seems weird. Doesn't he own that home free and clear from previous book? So for years, he was writing this book which also netted him a $700k check and also a movie is being developed. He didn't get to write the screenplay but he'll still get money from the movie and they mentioned that he has a deal to deliver two more books? How much income was he counting on from Gretchen's job? Seems if money becomes a concern and both of them start worrying or maybe arguing about it, seems like kind of out of left field. Money is a source of conflict in a lot of relationships but they've never shown it being a thing between these two.
  4. scrb

    S33.E07: This Means War

    Two good challenges again. Yeah really stupid votes. Nobody should have any illusions that it’s the UK vs. everyone else. Jenna denied Amanda a chance to advance. Big whoop, Amanda and Josh aren’t real contenders in this game. Denying competitors instead of strategizing to win for yourself is a loser’s mentality. That’s one reason she’s never won money. Wes didn’t fool anyone with his vote so he should have voted for what he wanted. The only thing saving Cara is that she has a UK partner, probably the best athlete, and Paulie protecting her. But her partner will vote for Paulie over any UK member. Josh trying to do it too fast probably wore himself out. Also didn’t take time to think when they had a big lead. He tried to stay up by wedging his legs apart to the sides of the ramp but that was only going to go so far. I thought his height would help them but the the mismatch between his height and Amanda’s height probably mad it hard to keep the bar level. Ultimately both of them would have to stay up with their upper body strength and kind of pushing on the sides with their feet to have friction. Anyways, even if they survived, they would be one of the first teams targeted by the UK teams. Josh isn’t a very good athlete and he’s also emotionally weird.
  5. What fool would be engaged to her? She's facing 20 years of prison and years or legal bills.
  6. I think it's probably more typical for people born into wealth than one might suspect. It's just that he chooses to be on TV. He may not have a huge trust fund or stand to inherit tens of millions but he didn't have to work. So he chose to play the role of the fool for our entertainment.
  7. Well since Thomas is off the show, probably permanently, Shep can take over that role.
  8. Crazy — self-deluded — or liar? Did she just lose her company? Guess if she evades prosecution she gets away. Surprising that investors didn’t pursue her more. Narrator said they exhausted the $900 million they’d raised, of which $300 million was to settle lawsuits. So the rest was spent but they can’t go after her personal assets?
  9. scrb

    S04.E01 Chucky Rhoades's Greatest Game

    Bobby and Axe are like banker bros. They have a couple of strong female characters but this is mostly a guys show.
  10. scrb

    S04.E01 Chucky Rhoades's Greatest Game

    Yeah I wonder how the show runners look at this. Do they think Axe or Stephen Cohen whom the character is based on has special insights? Or that Taylor is a genius who will be consistently able to beat the market while studies have consistently shown that actively-managed investing can't sustain better than market returns? In fact, you'd think Taylor's fact-based world view would also be aware of these studies. They've certainly shown Axe cheating, using inside information, sabotage, etc. They're surely aware that Cohen was prosecuted successfully for insider trading and other violations. Yet they seem to hand wave the crimes or cheating that is depicted on the show. Dollar Bill goes around with bagfuls of money to buy inside information but Dollar Bill is a colorful character! And Axe is cool, because he has working class background and Axe and Wags both are so hip to popular culture as well as more obscure things like Ortolan rituals. So what if he's a cheat? He hasn't killed or resorted to violence. Yet.
  11. scrb

    Better Things

    She would have said "primate" instead of "monkey"? Very impressive vocabulary level.
  12. scrb

    S04.E01 Chucky Rhoades's Greatest Game

    Axe fired Rudi for posting a selfie with Maffei. Then Wendy piled on. I thought her coaching was suppose to be all nurturing. She's an employee, not a partner in Axe Capital, so her being a drill sergeant for the us vs. them mindset that Axe is stirring up is weird. She came across better because she wasn't a diehard company man like Wags has been, showed some measure of independence.
  13. scrb


    Some interesting strands but they’re com8ng up with it late in the season. We’re they going to use as cliffhangers? The earlier episodes featuring very minor characters seem to be one offs and we haven’t seen Ally since the first few eps. Did they have problems getting Connie Britton and other actors to be available for the full season? Did they cut down Nelson’s scenes until the last 2 episodes as punishment? It’s difficult to look at the show the same way after the news on how it came to be canceled.
  14. scrb

    City On A Hill

    Just saw a promo, June 16, 2019 premiere.
  15. scrb

    S04.E01 Chucky Rhoades's Greatest Game

    Guessing most of the season will be about Axe defeating Grigor and Chuck becoming attorney general. Then they will clash again. Usually shows run out of steam and the cast may look for other projects after about 5-6 seasons. But Showtime will keep shows on indefinitely, well past their sell-by date -- Homeland, Shameless. So as long as the main cast members, especially the two male leads are on board, they could do another 3-4 seasons, during which time maybe there will be the final confrontation between Rhodes and Axelrod.