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  1. Jeopardy15

    S05.E10: My Fault Is Past

    Bye Kai! He really doesn’t know Jamal to ask him to choose between him and his family. I hope Kingsley’s is gone because I was tired of that storyline. I guess he need to blame someone and the absent father is as good as anyone. I don’t feel sorry for Tracy, she grew up with privilege and made the choice to use drugs. That led to her losing her child and her failing health. What the heck is wrong with Andre? Another romance for Hakeem. Great. Not!
  2. Why are they making this all about Laurel and her family??? Ugh! I did love the scene when Annalise read Xavier for filth. Bravo! Gabriel is foine! Get some Makayla. Agent Tolesco is just mean. Why tell Gabriel’s mom anything? That’s just going to hurt her (the mom) and won’t get her job back.
  3. Jeopardy15

    S05.E13: Son of a Pitch

    Dre is treating Junior just like Pops treated him growing up (and still treats him). Dre learned how to be a father from his father (or lack of a father). Not that it justifies his relationship with Junior. Just some perspective.
  4. Jeopardy15

    S04.E10: Super Queen Grand Finale

    The tie was definitely a cop out, but Trinity and Monet did great in the lip sync. Monet was better in the video. Trinity looked fabulous in the final run way. But none of that matters because Manila should have won it all.
  5. Jeopardy15

    S11.E13: Tempers in Tokyo

    This right here. I understand that she is going through a rough time with Greg, but that’s doesn’t excuse her behavior. Nene has always been a beeyotch to the women, no matter what’s going on in her life.
  6. So this is set up for Latrice’s pity win. As much as I like Latrice, she doesn’t deserve to stay. Manila was the one to beat.
  7. Jeopardy15

    S05.E11: Be the Martyr

    Can we just get rid of Laurel and let Annalise adopt Christopher? All of her whining about losing “the wuv of her life”. Ugh! Really? I wonder if the end game is to bring down Annalise? She never actually killed anyone or was even involved in killing anyone in all these seasons.
  8. Jeopardy15

    S05.E11: Waltz in A Minor

    Is this a “Cousin Oliver” situation? Is she a permanent cast member now? Did they need another kid? Why???????????
  9. Jeopardy15

    S04.E06: LaLaPaRUza

    So this was just to bring Latrice back, right?
  10. Jeopardy15

    S05.E09: Had It From My Father

    Tom Hanks’ son plays Blake, not Kingsley.
  11. My brain cannot process what I just saw. Miller’s death was brutal. Poor Nate. Gabriel is Sam’s kid!!! I just can’t.
  12. Jeopardy15

    S05.E05: The Depth Of Grief

    I’m so glad the Cookie’s ignorance didn’t persuade Kia to leave Jamal. That proposal was EVERYTHING!???
  13. Jeopardy15

    S03. E04. Justice for Cable

    He bank owner was arrested for aiding terrorists. A fact that was brought out as a result of the trial.
  14. Jeopardy15

    S03. E02. Jury Duty

    She said the best day of her life was when he was caught because she felt safe again, but it was also the worst day because it was the realization the her sister was really gone.
  15. Jeopardy15

    S05.E02: Pay For Their Presumptions

    I am not thrilled with the way this season is going. I was hoping that we were done with the Giselle character and the fight for Empire, but unfortunately no. She steals the Lyons’ only artist!!! And Treasure is just another Tiana who only got her confidence after Cookie read her. Ungrateful heifer. The slimy tech dude can go too. I hate to speak ill of the Lyons, but I hope Hakeem it the one in the casket. I can’t stand his whiny behind. He is nothing like his big brothers. I don’t know if I’ll make it through this season. Ugh!