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  1. sskrill

    Cold Justice

    The Colorado VFW case - it seems likely that Robbie did it, but there is certainly reasonable doubt. I don't think Sean had anything to do with it, but they took his word as if he was trustworthy. "Sean just corroborated his alibi by telling us he was at work." No Kelly, thats not what corroboration means. Him telling you in 2018 that he was at work in 1991 means absolutely nothing. I'm glad the DA didn't go any further with the case.
  2. sskrill

    General True Crime Shows

    I don't dislike him, I just can't stand the way he talks - it distracts me and takes me out of the episode.
  3. sskrill

    General True Crime Shows

    First Piers Morgan, now Ice-T ... why oh why?
  4. How about dumbest people on the planet? Exceptionally low IQs? This whole story was just absurd. Saw lots of posts from friends on FB about it - thought they were exaggerating the insanty, then I watched it ........
  5. sskrill

    General True Crime Shows

    So this Smiley Face Killer thing ... I'm not saying I don't think these people were murdered but it seems like a stretch to say "a network of serial killers" using this emoji. I mean, these are happening in different states, so how do we think these people are coordinating? Or are we saying there are copy cat killers in each state? Like this Boston kid - they're saying he had GHB in his system - and its believed that he already had it in his system when he left the Garden given the video of him stumbling. But we don't see anyone anywhere near him, and he walks off by himself. So how would someone give him GHB and then somehow catch up to him blocks away without showing up on camera? And if that's the case, wouldn't it have to be someone he was with? Yet none of those people left with him ... "A network of serial killers"....?
  6. sskrill

    S06.E05: After the Casery (Everkin)

    My point was that they DID have that experience. They didn't come into that field with zero knoweldge - they did most of these jobs at Casery. Again, they both had already done most of this stuff on some level at Casery. My general point was that if they took anyone, with top notch educations, and several years experience, they would have to be the laziest morons to not succeed. If you already had several years experience manufacturing and selling widgets, and someone offered you $2m and 2 top level contacts of people who can give you great retail exposure of your widgets, in widget friendly markets, you'd have to go out of your way to fail. The only pass I'll give them is the super short turnaround on the timeline - but that wasn't really where they failed. It was not knowing how to assemble an easel, not creating masculine cases like Marcus suggested multiple times, and those types of things.
  7. sskrill

    S06.E05: After the Casery (Everkin)

    I like Charlotte and Skylar but, really, which of us couldn't suceed under these conditions?
  8. sskrill

    S06.E01: NYC Bagel Deli

    I can understand Corey's resistance to using that name - having 2 deceased kids with that name has to be hard on them. I don't blame Marcus for wanting a name change, but maybe consider something besides those 2? There are thousands of options. That warehouse where Marcus said he handled internet returns looked like one of those Blue Jean stores he invested in. I'm pretty sure that was the counter at her store. Any else think so?
  9. sskrill

    S06.E04: Ben's Garden

    I really liked Ben. He seemed to understand he struggled with certain behaviors and was trying to learn how to recognize them. I always feel for people like that - they have this special talent, but it comes with the price of a disability - and some don't seem to find a way to navigate their personal situations, but Ben seemed like he could make progress on his own. Marcus and those damn sweaters.
  10. sskrill

    General True Crime Shows

    Does Oxygen not know how women feel about him?? I agree - as much as I can't stand the narration of Deadly Women, I would watch that on a loop rather than PM. What little I saw he was being aggressive and asking the "hard questions" of the killer. Does he not know that approach doesn't work on psycho/sociopaths? Anyone who approaches them in that manner becomes a play thing to them.
  11. sskrill

    General True Crime Shows

    Why is my favorite genre being ruined by Piers Morgan?
  12. sskrill

    Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

    I'm only halfway into the first episode and I'm about done. This is Love It or List It without the pretense of selling the home. The short version with both shows: you are greedy and materialistic people who own way too much shit. She doesn't have the time to manage the kids but somehow has the time to fill the house up with useless "must have" items.
  13. sskrill

    General True Crime Shows

    And now its doing it during Evil Lives Here. But also only during the caption screens.
  14. sskrill

    General True Crime Shows

    I was thinking last night that maybe he was someone well known or prominent, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Still seems odd - we've seen plenty of shows where they throw around names of people who are ultimately found to be innocent. Although, nothing about this story leads me to believe he didn't do it. I'm guessing there's a wide swath of carnage in this guys past. Glad its not just me having trouble with the sound, but weird that its different providers....?
  15. sskrill

    General True Crime Shows

    No, Cox cable. At first I thought it was a cable issue but it only happens during the caption screens. But it never sounds like it's intentional. This Cold Valley thing - why are they bending over backwards to say only "this person"? I don't think I've seen a show where they protect a suspect like that.