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  1. Koalagirl

    Nate And Jeremiah By Design

    Me too. I wonder why they opened the new season with a repeat.
  2. Koalagirl

    Jazz and the Jennings Family in the Media

    On the subject of SAT’s I have a great-nephew in South Florida what just told me that Jazz sat two seats behind him when he took his SATs. He wasn’t feeling great that day so he sort of forgot about it until I mentioned something to his mom about a restaurant Jazz’ family went to and that jogged his memory. He said as he left the test room he held the door open for whomever was behind him on the way out and it turned out to be Jazz. She thanked him and he said he thought that was nice because not everyone bothers to do that. Teenage boys!!
  3. Koalagirl

    Temptation Island (2019)

    Of course the show is edited to make the relationships more juicy. There’s a podcast by Kate Casey who does reality tv podcasts and she interviewed Johnny. He came off very normal. He said he and Kady had lots of deep conversations and bonded over the fact he recently opened up his own chiropractic office and she was looking to expand her career so he was helping with marketing ideas. He said the whole idea of making long term plans with someone you’ve only known for three weeks usually doesn’t work once you’re out of the bubble.
  4. Koalagirl

    S11.E04: Trump: The Rusical

    Michelle Visage’s poorly disguised annoyance with Joel McHale makes me wonder if she resented any non flattering comments he may have made about her on The Soup.
  5. Koalagirl

    Masterchef Junior (US)

    Kyle from Scarsdale lives in a $4 million mansion in Scarsdale NY. I know I shouldn’t hold this against the kid but the parents seem like assholes according to this: https://nypost.com/2015/03/24/investor-sues-travel-agency-over-vacation-home-once-owned-by-mexican-president/
  6. Interesting. Jamie can really talk, can't she. The host didn't even have to ask a question and off she went!!!
  7. Koalagirl

    House Hunters International

    http://www.prisontalk.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-118877.html https://cosmofunnel.com/poems/mom-31944
  8. Koalagirl

    House Hunters International

    About 12 years ago they were shot and killed during a robbery. It may have been mentioned at the very end but I googled his name and found something about it online. I forgot his name now otherwise I would have attacked the link.
  9. Koalagirl


    I agree with you. I don’t mind the kids being there for the whole presentation but at some point they should have had the boy stop talking and leave it to the adults.
  10. Koalagirl

    S17.E03: Auditions (3)

    I was a little ashamed of myself for hoping the Lemongello kid would get cut only because he came in expecting to sail right through. All of his name dropping ticked me right off. But I got over it pretty quickly.
  11. Koalagirl

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    That big lump has been there for the past couple of years. I think there may be another smaller one on top of his head that shows through his hair but it’s hard to tell - might just be a weird bald spot.
  12. Koalagirl

    Temptation Island (2019)

    Not sure what answer you're looking for other than the fact he was still in a relationship when he began dating her. Is there another definition of cheating? Once the show is over she will disappear. Reality Steve invited her to be on his podcast every week. After Temptation Island is over he'll have her back one more time most likely to talk about things they couldn't talk about while the show was still airing so as not to spoil anything for the viewers. He'll be having the other contestant couples on as well, either together or singly.
  13. Not sure if I can bring this up here but I wonder what's going to happen to Lori Loughlin's career with Hallmark after the college admissions scandal. She has several Garage Sale Mystery movies in production right now, not to mention When Calls the Heart.
  14. Koalagirl

    S08.E11: My Little Secret

    Shockingly this is the 8th season!!! Which makes their statistics even worse.
  15. On the other hand, being "trapped" in the car meant he couldn't disappear into another room for two hours and might force a conversation as to what his issue is.