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  1. ellenr33

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    God I haven’t laughed so hard than when Tristan intoduced himself to Alana. You could tell that how non excited he was to be paired up with her. Is it horrible that I hope June loses custody because I want that girl to have a shot in life. Learn some healthy life skills. I want her to be put in an environment where there’s healthy food and someone can teach her some good life skills. God maybe her sister Anna?
  2. ellenr33

    Leaving Neverland

    I think James seemed more broken because his abuse happened more often. I think Wade's went on longer in his life but from the sounds of it. It wasn't as frequent. James seems like it was happening all the time. I'm not saying that Wade's is any more justifiable. I still think that even if it happens once its still just as bad,
  3. ellenr33

    Leaving Neverland

    I could barely get through part 2. These poor guys! I don’t care if he “didn’t get to be a kid himself” that doesn’t mean it’s okay for him to molest these kids. He groomed these kids and had plenty of money to do it. I’m glad these guys decided to do this so hopefully the public can quit idolizing this monster.
  4. How do you not realize the difference in a video of a stripper and a video of you ATV'ing?
  5. My guilty pleasure song is a song from I believe a Disney Channel Movie by Hayden Panittiere called My Hero Is You!'
  6. ellenr33

    S01.E05: Juniors Choice

    Miles Brown has dance experience too. I believe he was on America's Got Talent years ago also.
  7. ellenr33

    S01.E04: Halloween Night

    I actually feel bad for Honey Boo Boo. Because for a while in her life she was all the hype. It's a hard concept to grasp that your being exploited. I hate for this girl that the trainwreck of her family was on TV. And I hate that she grew up not learning any healthy eating habits. I really hoped that she would stay on the show for a while because I want this poor girl to lose some weight. She's going into some rough years being the fat kid!
  8. What happened to this family? This used to be my go to happy show. Will used to be a likable kid. I think they needed to have a talk to them before they went into these houses about what behaviors were expected before they went inside. Kids have to know that you mean what you say and if you say that somethings going to happen if they disobey there has to be some follow through. I think they give there children a lot of empty threats and don't follow through with discipline. I think that Bill and Jen went through a lot of rejection and teasing growing up (especially Bill) I wonder if they think that if they try to not give Will and Zoey there way that they won't "like them" and if they think that if they discipline them on camera then people won't like them. I just hope they get there behavior under control before its too late. I will say that there is a lot of love in that house! I truly believe that if Jen and Bill ever got a divorce that Love is dead!
  9. ellenr33

    S11.E03: He Peed! He Peed!

    I just love how happy they are. I think there is so much love in this house!
  10. ellenr33

    Toddlers & Tiaras

    I found out recently that one of the girls from a toddlers and tiaras episode went on to star in Parks and Rec as Ron Swanson's daughter (I knew she looked familiar).
  11. ellenr33

    Toddlers & Tiaras

    Sad update for Mia (the one with the crazy russian mom) https://www.facebook.com/Miracles4Mia/
  12. My "Oh Hell No," moment might actually also be an unpopular opinion... Little Women when Jo doesn't choose Laurie and he then goes for Amy. Pisses me off everytime!
  13. ellenr33

    S05.E15: The Big Day

    My favorite character in this show is Nick (April and Butch's son). For two people who were such a hot mess they created the sweetest little boy! I teared up when he cried because Catelynn looked so beautiful!
  14. I've never seen any of the Pirates of The Caribbean movies.
  15. I'm really loving little Jacob Tremblay and I thought he was robbed for an Oscar Nomination. I hope this little boy makes it. I think he is adorable!