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  1. TaylorBruh25

    S03.E03: Chapter Thirty-Eight: As Above, So Below

    Wow, so I’ve missed the first couple episode discussions. But, man people really aren’t feeling this season? I mean yeah season 2 started off stronger but this is still good imo for the most part. Definitely better writing than how Season 2 closed. So, to name my cons with what’s going so far, I’ll start with characters and their purposes. Killing the characters with barley any development serves almost no purpose. Dilton dying was lackluster because we’d expect him to, it’s just like Midge last season. Ben I thought we were saving for something bigger down the line, I mean he was so mysterious and now he’s really... not. Ethel dying could’ve meant something but it doesn’t do anything when you’re too afraid to kill characters because of fan risks. It’s a big problem with television especially around the teen drama field. What would I suggest? Riverdale would’ve definitely set the TV world on fire if Cheryl would’ve been killed off in the premiere. I’m sorry but she serves no exact purpose in this series anymore other than to act like she owns her girlfriend (which relationship barely has development of its own) and shoot arrows which is more ridiculous than Jughead becoming King Serpent at 16. She’s realky there because the creators of this show and network adore the actress and she’s the snarky character that they can flip on a dime pretty much this generations Damon Salvatore. I would’ve felt much bigger impact had say Cheryl, then Sweet Pea bit it playing the game. Then I’d feel way more urgency that this board game is “pure evil”. One of the bigger flaws this season is also comepletely dropping Hiram and his Legion of Doom to the background. Yes, I know everyone’s not a big fan of the storyline, but we’ve built him up to control the town? Why does he or why is he going to need the other parents help stopping this game? Consistency has been in these first 3 episodes but none of it has really followed up from Season 2 Completely, like where’s Chic? Hal? The Mob? Is the Farm different from the cult game? Also on a shallow note, Lili Reinharts acting this season is just bad, her delivery in almost every line is that ridilcous smartass 12 year old delivery she did in her scenes with chic last season and I can’t take it because I can never tell if her lines are serious or she’s being over the top. Anyway, why I like this season: 1. Cole Sprouse, besides having the cringiest dialogue this season (that General army like meeting at the pool party? That was awful) he’s really toned down the shouting lines and acting like the biggest dog in the yard. They’ve also toned the Serpent stuff though but it suits Jughead and him spearheading the G&G stuff really feels S1 Jughead stuff. 2. The parents, I really liked the Fred, FP, Keller mission to free Archie and how Hiram finally has deal with the parental figures as enemies in Riverdale. Hiram vs Veronica is already getting boring but there’s still room to make it interesting and I think Hiram is still a good enough villain to last. 3. Josie, while she still doesn’t quite have a storyline, she’s killing everything she’s doing, and that’s a plus. 4. I like the Griffins & Gargoyles concept, the show still has plenty of time to botch it, but if it’s a separate entity from The farm, and connects to that, the prison, and the bigger foe down the line, I have high hopes. I really think it’s nothing supernatural, so it’ll be funny when Jughead or Archie swing on that thing dressed up and knock him out. 5. Last but most, Archie. He’s disconnected from the G&G plot for now, but that’s great because I find the juvie plot so much more interesting. He had one of if not THE dumbest moment in the show taking that deal, but these last two episodes have been so much more fun. I’m completely invested in the Warden think him as a star is going to be and there’s obviously more to the story than just fight club and I can’t wait to see it. I’m also extremely hyped for the eventual outcome of this storyline which is pretty much for Archie to have his 1 on 1 showdown with Hiram. That flashback of him last episode pretty much confirmed it. Archie is the lead, so his story feeling like it has the ground to it and being conssistent really helps me see the show more well rounded like it did at the start and finish of last season. Riverdale keeps me interested, so I’ll keep coming back. Oh, two more things. FP and Alice are okay but it still weirds me out to se e them in bed 1 minute and then Jughead and Betty in the same situation next scene. Like, no. Also, Kevin/Moose sucks. Seriously you couldn’t give them better than a generic closet case storyline? WHY IS PENNY PEABODY STILL BREATHING?
  2. TaylorBruh25

    S02.E22: Chapter Thirty-Five: Brave New World

    Works for me, most relatable, and had the only arc that felt any type of complete this season. Archie: Small town athlete, who isn’t afraid of confrontation and getting his hands dirty watches his father get shot, to which the PTSD drives him to another powerful father figure that seems near invincible and clings to be like him because he feels weak, and wants to change that to protect those he loves. Young manipulated teenager eventually loses himself in the dangers of thinking he’s invincible himself (Dark Circle/Cassidy not being able to hurt him) he becomes different more and more until he sees certain powerful role model IS manipulating, uncaring, and overall nothing like he thought, because he’s a naive teenager. Eventually turns on said role model, knows that he has to take a stand against him and tells him he hasn’t won, so the bad guy doesn’t think he has the power over an entire town, yes this move costs him, but it will probably unite everyone he knows against Hiram. Jughead: loner/outcasts who’s 100 lbs wet, and was shown not to be a fighter or interested in criminal activity, because his father is in jail, has the opposite of a normal effect and makes him go full gangster to where he’s laying his life on the line for people he’s known 3 months. He’s now making un thought decisions and jumping in everyone’s stuff(like S1 Archie) and in the end is somehow running this apparently decades long gang even though he’s 15 and has been in for 3 months. Makes sense. Betty: The innocent girl next door who was afraid of confrontation, and was a little bubbly and emotionally abused at home is now 1 step away from murderer because her “brother” is now found and can somehow weirdly help with what we’re calling her BDSM sexuality? Oh and she’s BatGirl. Sure. Veronica: Rich girl from NY who’s trying to start a new, and does, now has her Father back and is...trying to run the company with him? So much so that she involuntarily agrees to be party to her families criminal intentions? She’s also a master negotiator beating her father in his plans and 1 upping him not once, but twice. She also apparently did drugs in NY. Point being Archie was the only story to have a point get across it. Which even in fantasy comic books series you have to do. Lead character makes sense.
  3. TaylorBruh25

    S02.E22: Chapter Thirty-Five: Brave New World

    I definitely would’ve favored Hiram first, convincing Hermoine for 5 or so Episodes, then Veronica the rest of the season. Save Archie/Hiram for S3 and at one point have them actually run Riverdale as a powerful unit, I’m all for the leads going bad when it’s well developed, which they completely blew with Veronica this season.
  4. TaylorBruh25

    S05.E07: God's Gonna Trouble the Water 2018.06.06

    Oh yeah & I just remembered when Tyler crossed over he tried to kill Hope.
  5. TaylorBruh25

    S05.E07: God's Gonna Trouble the Water 2018.06.06

    Enjoyed Klaus being a father Enjoyed Klaus’ forward thinking with Elijah’s memories, what he did to Antoinette was rough, BUT, she did send Elijah to “help” Roman even though she damn well knew what Greta was doing. Which thus indirectly let Hayley die. Really enjoyed Marcel stepping up again. Danielle really showed more chops this episode, making me buy into the spinoff a little more. LOL moment of the episode, when they were talking about Hayley’s friends I thought “hey they could call Tyler Lockwood?” Then I remembered they killed him in the most unmemorable way, and got a little upset Caroline didn’t use him or Stefan as examples in her letter of her own loss, but you know screw Parallels. Vincent was finally on the right track this episode. Keelin return was sweet. The two best scenes of the night were EASILY Klaus’ eulogy for Hayley and him showing up for Hope. Also, screw New Orleans and all the Supernatural politicking. Real tired of Nazi Vamps, unless they do something interesting with them soon. I’m a little confused I pretty much follow all the show’s dialogue, I thought the power in the siblings IS the Hollow. Now it’s some Apocalyptic prophecy?
  6. TaylorBruh25

    S05.E06: What, Will, I, Have, Left

    Think Elijah snapped her neck
  7. TaylorBruh25

    S05.E06: What, Will, I, Have, Left

    Now, Im not of those people who are flipping because since Hayley has been part of the TO/TVD verse for 5 years she deserves some kind of safety net from death in the show’s final season. But damn that was a brutal way to go, being tortured, supernaturally violated, and then dying not knowing your daughter is completely safe. (Unless in that moment she thought Roman was on their side now?) regardless, damn. As others said, Vincent and Freya were cool. Yusuf is awesome but damn Vincent has grained my nerves. Look, man the Mikaelsons are obviously not innocent but Hope is a legit teenager, your obvious ill-will is annoying, and hypocritical, since he approves of Freya who sentenced Davina to death. Let’s also not forget you sentenced the city to a Super-Marcel years back, dumbass. Klaroline stuff was alright, handled much more subtlety than it was back in the day when it was just as insufferable as it’s vocal fan base. Remember when they had that petition to cancel this series before it started? Wonder how they think now. Don’t know what’s to come, really hope Klaus and Marcel go full evil as they can and rip whatever is left of the Nazi faction into pieces with their bare hands in Russo’s while passing the karaoke mic back n forth. Oh yeah, still salty we haven’t heard how Klaus or Rebekah feel about Stefan’s death, especially with Caroline and the SALVATORE SCHOOL around. Like they’ve brought him up in a flashback and Klaus doesn’t even mention how he had approved of Stefan and Rebekah. I know Plec hates the character but Jesus.
  8. TaylorBruh25

    S05.E06: What, Will, I, Have, Left

    Yeah, I’m all for choosing those who want to be family over Blood relatives who treat you like dirt, but if he still acts like he wasn’t on the wrong side of what happened after he finds out, ima be pissed as well.
  9. TaylorBruh25

    S02.E11: Bryce and Chloe

    FI-NAL-LY. That big fight scene, I’ve been waiting for someone to take it to Bryce and his boys. Cheered when Tony and Zach came in banging. I’ve been on Clays side most of the series but dude lay off the “this all for Hannah” stuff. Jessica and Chloe were both victims too. Glad the show tries to say “look we have one jock who’s on Clays side so not all high school male athletes are rapists” even though that’s easily countered because this kid obviously knows that Bryce is guilty, and has known. I guess we had Jeff, but you know they killed him off. This show is back to what S1 levels of good were, but doesn’t help those first 4 episodes that dragged.
  10. TaylorBruh25

    S02.E06: The Smile At The End Of The Dock

    Jaw dropping is a description for this episode. Clay, bro, don’t be that guy. Do not be that guy going forward.
  11. TaylorBruh25

    S02.E22: Chapter Thirty-Five: Brave New World

    Yeah, few shows do it these days. Refreshing if I say so myself.
  12. TaylorBruh25

    S02.E22: Chapter Thirty-Five: Brave New World

    Alright, alright, alright, I... LOVED most of this episode. Ive already said how I liked that Riverdale has been bigger and badder in Season 2. But tonight felt VERY Season 1. It was a little refreshing. To expand on that, most of the episode taking place in the high school was apart of it, Archie and Jughead feeling like brothers again, was a big part of it. Also, it pretty much followed the same format of last seasons finale, introduce a bunch of new plots, while touching on a few wrapped up ones. Everyone knew Jughead wasn’t dead, and idk I just felt like his sacrifice it was.. for nothing? The Serpents are really still there, the Ghoulies are too, Hiram’s still in control? I guess you could say this pushed Archie over the edge with Hiram? Which drove him to that point (I’ll get to that) but it just felt like a useless twist to make us tune in. Real pissed we didn’t see the Rumble. You’ve been building to this all last episode and it’s offscreen?! Gtfo. Archie. My MVP. I feel his story is the only story to make a lick of sense throughout the season so happy to see they didn’t completely botch it in the end. I mean, it does baffle me how many were confused on the story they were telling with him this season. It was obvious he felt powerless and didn’t see that power in anyone but Hiram, to which he took advantage of, I mean I would’ve dragged the Wrestling/ physical/mental strength between them out more than one episode before Archie turned but I guess Riverdale don’t work like that? Archie saving the Serpents was full circle instead of Red(or Dark), alright bad joke. But, he was fun joining Jug this episode I think him nodding to Jughead after he won the election was the best. His threat of Hiram makes sense. I see some trying to apply real world logic to a comic book show, trust me, it never works, see Cheryl as Red Arrow last week. Archie threatenend Hiram because he couldn’t nail him for hiring Tall Boy, he did it to shake Hiram , not stop him. You can’t let someone like Hiram have free reign, so he put some pressure on, and let him know he’s protecting Riverdale. Plus threatening him with the blood oath knife was pretty badass. Hiram getting him arrested is to I assume have Archie confess to his friends that he knew Andre had killed both Papa Poutine and the hillbilly. Since Jughead has this moral gangster code and Veronica and Betty (to his knowledge) aren’t on board with murder it should shake the dynamic up, and it’s only his first move, why not take Out the guy who’s trying to be Red headed Batman of Riverdale? I imagine it’s now the entire core four vs Hiram for most of next season, plus his Legion Of Doom. Oh yeah, Jughead is King Serpent! Cause we all didn’t see that coming! I loved most of Jughead with Archie this episode, gangster Jug just isn’t fun anymore. I miss dectective Jug. I am curious to see how he handles the Ghoulies next season though. Veronica was the second best tonight! Dealing with Hiram was good, I mean business wise, she lost their deal. But, morally she won and I respect it. She never really went full dark to me, but, I guess it’s fine. Betty Cooper just, really didn’t do anything for me this episode, besides that scene with Fred I didnt find anything intriguing, her scene with Hal could’ve been really nuanced and had meaning or growth but she just went the denial root and did the “you have no power” thing but I guess it’s cause we’re not done with Hal? Also was mad Archie didn’t have a conversation with Hal bout his father. Hopefully we get that in S3, lmao what if they’re cellmates? Damn it now I’m setting expectations. I enjoy Betty most of the time, but her Darkness being her main storyline just didn’t come all the way around for me. Maybe it was because her scenes were more with Jug and Bughead has just worn on me now with the whole “youre a gang leader, I’m psycho, but we’re not evil!” Story. Although by Jugs words the end may be soon for them. Betty Vs Chic and stuff just didn’t come around to the finale and I feel like Betty’s story just didn’t have a proper conclusion going into next season. Way past of the point of caring about Moose, that’s all I’ll say. Are Reggie and Josie a thing? The Northsiders in Serpent jackets were kinda cool. Oh, and that last scene, I was 100% they were doing a school shooting/massacre thing, Archie looking on at the bleachers, the anthem started I thought forsure Riverdale was about to get too real. Idk if I thought it would’ve been too much, I mean were definitely in the politics water with this show so that would’ve been a next step, but Archie in cuffs was enough for me. I enjoyed this season, this episode, but let’s hope for a more balanced, more structured and well-paced Riverdale in Season 3. Cheryl is the Damon Salvatore of Riverdale so I’d expect no less.
  13. TaylorBruh25

    All Seasons Talk: We Built This City

    Aye, friend, I’ve been looking for 5 years as well. I wish someone knew.
  14. TaylorBruh25

    S02.E21: Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgment Night

    Man I’ll probably post my full thoughts In The morning since I’m turning on The Originals and got work. But, I’ll just say 5 quick things: 1. Cheryl, that was tight. 2. I liked the twist on why the Coopers are no longer Blossoms, baisically twisting the big S1 twist. 3. When Archie wrestled the Black Hood I got on my feet like I was watching an actual fight. 4. Jughead I like you bro but you’re dumber than even Archie now. No debate. 5. This was literally every plot this season, which is a good AND bad thing, will definitely expand on more tomorrow. Hope eveyone enjoyed this episode, I’d still say 2x04 or 2x07 is the best of the season but this was definitely top 5. Can’t wait to read everyone’s thoughts.
  15. TaylorBruh25

    S02.E19: Chapter Thirty-Two: Prisoners

    I like the fist to faces mentality the show has, because.. well that’s how teenage boys are (most of the time) they think they’re the most invincible (Archie) and smartest (Jughead) guys in the room. I mean it’s not just really the males either, Veronica has thrown a few this season unless I’m wrong, and Cheryl ad Toni were originally going to fight before they became rushed lovers. I do love Veronica mob bossing it up though, especially on Nick St Claire.