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    S01.E16: Greenlight

    I confess, I was wondering if it was some setup as to the burglary and the son stabbed his dad in the back. I would think they would have called for back up as they saw the door open or noticed how long it was taking Nolan and Andersen to come back? I would be surprised if they recast the Capt. and I did like her though. For a guy who fired that man shots, I wonder how far the other two were from Nolan's truck cause it seemed like it took forever. I don't think it was a good idea to tell the cops that there are fakes out there pretending to be IA but I would not be happy if I was the cops pulling over Mario and finding out that it was faked.
  2. Waterston Fan


    Thank you.
  3. Waterston Fan


    Didn't care for this episode and I did think it was funny when Dana said the judge John Hanckocked' the warrant. I thought the reason to kidnap Elizabeth and commit murder was stupid but then, people do stupid things for stupid reasons. Does this mean Kristen is leaving? I thought OA should have just shot him as well and kudos to the security guard for slowing the gunman down. EDIT: New episode Tuesday?
  4. Waterston Fan

    Leave It To Beaver

    A few questions... What did Eddie mean when he would tell Beaver to, 'dry up?' Why did Eddie call Wally, 'Sam'?
  5. Waterston Fan

    S01.E15: Manhunt

    Didn't care for this episode and thought it was stupid that Nolan goes by himself. The story about Beth, what if it was that Graham really liked her but just didn't want to be in a relationship with her at the time? I like to think the convict was just getting under West's skin but you never know. My mom accidentally deleted the episode so I had to watch it on the computer, Is there a new episode next week? (Maybe I should start watching shows online from now on).
  6. Waterston Fan

    S7 E16: Fault in Him

    Matt's reaction can be one or all of three things: Kyle came pretty late, Matt just didn't want to talk to a guy who is dating one of his co workers which Kyle mentioned or Matt just wasn't ready to talk. I think maybe it was all three. Would Matt have reacted that way if Sylvie was not dating Kyle?
  7. Waterston Fan

    S7 E16: Fault in Him

    Is there a new episode next week, didn't see the previews? I felt bad for Brett but she and Kyle should have realized there would be an issue before Matt almost got shot to death. I was expecting Matt to go tell off Brett but I wonder if Matt will ever find out that Brett got dumped. Matt should have let the cops have it and I really like to think they aren't this stupid but Matt should have said something to them. I expect Grissom to be the bad guy again, some way, some how. That was so cool with what Otis did but I admit, I don't know how you could put the puck in those holes from that far. EDIT: About Matt, what if he really just didn't want to talk and it had nothing to do with the Chaplin?
  8. Waterston Fan

    S01.E14: Plain Clothes Day

    Kind of a slow episode but I did wonder if maybe West's dad made West do the evidence stuff he was doing. I do have a hard time believing the woman didn't even have a picture of her late husband still in the house. I thought maybe West will get in trouble for giving her the watch at least. I liked Bradford and Chen part a bit more.
  9. Waterston Fan


    Didn't really care for this episode really. It just seemed like too much sniping about men and women. I thought Nick Frost would have asked for a lawyer after the second or third question. The club they went to, I could have sworn I saw some women running out as well but they were staffers. This episode could have been better though. I do not like to wish anyone harm but the female CEO was a real bitch.
  10. Waterston Fan

    S7: E15 - What I Saw

    I actually fast forwarded through most of the episode as I just didn't care for it. Why would those guys want Cruz at their place as a new person? You aren't going to just start talking to a guy who is new and might go back to his house. Lame episode. Keith is a stalker I think.
  11. Waterston Fan

    S01.E13: Caught Stealing

    This was an okay episode but I admit, I don't get why the cops didn't wonder about the guys leaving the place just as they were about to raid it. I would think they would have called off the raid if someone saw them but I don't know about that part. Thought it was okay but I admit, I would think most cases the police shouldn't take things for free. The crooked undercover would not have been able to run out of that ambulance if they had put IVs in him.
  12. Waterston Fan


    Didn't care for this episode really and just because the suspect got some money doesn't mean he killed Jason. I liked how OA talked to Maggie and just listened.
  13. Waterston Fan

    S01.E12: Heartbreak

    Sgt. Grey seemed to be the type to rub things in people's noses like he did about the event and in front of Nolan.
  14. Waterston Fan

    S7 E13: It Wasn't About Hockey

    Didn't like this episode at all. Too many ridiculous things concerning the bus accident that most of you have commented on.
  15. Waterston Fan

    S01.E12: Heartbreak

    Sgt. Grey is a jerk and I admit, if I saw my husband do that, I would have yelled at him. There was no need to do that and I bet they didn't even know he was there until they saw him walking towards him. Who still thought West being gay was still going to happen, I admit, I thought it was possible. It was still wrong to go through the lawyer's phone but if he's telling the truth then he could have just told her at the beginning that he is seeing his stepmom even though I realize somethings are just not your business. I thought some of the stuff was a bit silly too and West should have called for help and not go in the room but then we wouldn't have Chen being choked and then apprehending the killer.