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  1. Waterston Fan

    S7: E15 - What I Saw

    I actually fast forwarded through most of the episode as I just didn't care for it. Why would those guys want Cruz at their place as a new person? You aren't going to just start talking to a guy who is new and might go back to his house. Lame episode. Keith is a stalker I think.
  2. Waterston Fan

    S01.E13: Caught Stealing

    This was an okay episode but I admit, I don't get why the cops didn't wonder about the guys leaving the place just as they were about to raid it. I would think they would have called off the raid if someone saw them but I don't know about that part. Thought it was okay but I admit, I would think most cases the police shouldn't take things for free. The crooked undercover would not have been able to run out of that ambulance if they had put IVs in him.
  3. Waterston Fan


    Didn't care for this episode really and just because the suspect got some money doesn't mean he killed Jason. I liked how OA talked to Maggie and just listened.
  4. Waterston Fan

    S01.E12: Heartbreak

    Sgt. Grey seemed to be the type to rub things in people's noses like he did about the event and in front of Nolan.
  5. Waterston Fan

    S7 E13: It Wasn't About Hockey

    Didn't like this episode at all. Too many ridiculous things concerning the bus accident that most of you have commented on.
  6. Waterston Fan

    S01.E12: Heartbreak

    Sgt. Grey is a jerk and I admit, if I saw my husband do that, I would have yelled at him. There was no need to do that and I bet they didn't even know he was there until they saw him walking towards him. Who still thought West being gay was still going to happen, I admit, I thought it was possible. It was still wrong to go through the lawyer's phone but if he's telling the truth then he could have just told her at the beginning that he is seeing his stepmom even though I realize somethings are just not your business. I thought some of the stuff was a bit silly too and West should have called for help and not go in the room but then we wouldn't have Chen being choked and then apprehending the killer.
  7. Waterston Fan


    Didn't really care for this episode and it was interesting what Jubal did at the end. I don't get the cop who got shot, he couldn't even seem to shoot straight but maybe I'm being unfair? Yes, he could have had more blood than it was shown. I didn't think them bringing the dad would work either as I would not have wanted to talk to my father if he did what he did.
  8. Waterston Fan

    S7 E13: The Plunge

    Meh episode. The guy in the car, he looks like he could be in his 20's, not a teenager. I agree with some of you, Herrman is troubled and they were more worried about the plunge? What's to say the doctor even filed the report? Just a coincidence since he was harassing her but he seemed more like an upcoming stalker type. I liked the shark outfit Foster had on. I know its a show but if someone is going to take you somewhere, how often do you not push harder or say I'm not going unless you tell me kind of thing.
  9. Waterston Fan


    Is this show getting pushed back a week because of the President's address? EDIT: I know another show that comes on later is being pushed back too.
  10. Waterston Fan


    Is this episode going to get pre empted? I think President Trump is doing the State of the Union speech.
  11. Waterston Fan

    S01.E11: Redwood

    This episode was okay. I'm glad it's not West is gay as to the issue but I would think West could have texted his mom before he got to the station unless she doesn't like texting. So, do you think West and Lopez should have stayed where they were? I liked how Bradford was caring for Chen but I thought he could have stayed with her while she waited but then we wouldn't know about West's issue. I wondered if taking the lady out of the car after she got shot made her pass on faster or if it would not matter.
  12. Waterston Fan

    S7 E12: Make This Right

    Didn't care for the Otis and Mouch plot but I admit, maybe Otis needs to quit joking too much, I think. I think Stella fibbed about making that dent to hang with Foster and Sylvia. That's the only thing I can think of. That doctor is a stalker already. Guess that cop didn't have dash cam in his car but should have admitted it right away.
  13. Waterston Fan


    This episode was okay but no way they would let a civilian go undercover. I would think that elder siblings are usually a pain in the ass and overly protective.
  14. Waterston Fan

    S01.E10: Flesh and Blood

    I thought it was okay but I just loved it when Bradford got skunked. :) I liked the actor who played the son and I hope he comes back. Maybe they haven't done more on West's mom yet.
  15. Waterston Fan

    S7: E11 - You Choose

    This episode was a bit slow but I think Foster should have checked into the issue instead of just placing blame like that. I'm surprised the father allowed Riley to talk to Kelly and I admit, I would be shocked if this story was over. It took Ritter too long to mention peanut butter that would help. I do agree though, why would you have people snacking during a dog competition?