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  1. Deskisamess

    S02.E11: Lasting Impressions

    “I fee like I’ve been standing my whole life, and I just sat down!” One of the funniest lines I’ve heard on a show in a long time. My husband and couldn’t stop laughing...
  2. Deskisamess

    S17.E01: Premiere

    The twins...eghads, they were awful. Shawn is in a Walmart Pharmacy breast cancer commercial, I assume because of her bald head. Why use someone who doesn't have a bald head due to cancer or medical reason? It seems insulting. My sister has just grown her hair back after yearlong treatments. This first episode was ok, but I didn't agree with Frankie staying over the rich gal. I'd have loved to see more drama and comments from her. Frankie will be gone next. Her mistake of making the torso too short was entirely avoidable. If a person is 6 feet tall, you can't assume their torso will be the same as someone who is 5' 8". Seriously...snark about using an iPhone for pictures? Is she totally unaware of the technology? Current models of most phones, android and iOS, have amazing lenses and capabilities. My recording was messed up due to heavy rain that night, so I missed a lot of Christian's comments. The little bit I saw I honestly wasn't crazy about. It seemed to me he just repeating catch phrases and parting comments he had memorized. The clown girl...what the heck? So many of the contestants over the years seem like badly drawn characters. Like they think they need to create a weird quirky persona to get anywhere in the fashion industry. She seriously looks like someone who should be in the circus. She isn't being herself, she is trying to create herself. Kovid is too much, I don't care much for him either.
  3. Deskisamess

    Return to Bravo: Anticipation and Fears

    BRAVO was running the first season of PR today, so I left it on and watched. I'd forgotten how much it had changed over the seasons, for one thing, the models being part of the competition also. I'm looking forward to the new show/hosts. I'll miss Tim, but not Heidi. I have mixed feelings about Nina...I'd prefer Zac, but do like the idea of at least one familiar face on the panel. Christian is a little young for the mentor roll. Chris March would have been fun. Off topic...remember the twins? The bald one is in a drug store/breast cancer commercial. I know it's her...
  4. Deskisamess

    The Kitchen

    The most recent show was terrible. Very little cooking. Watching two guests make stuff out of pillsbury dough is a waste of time. The Kitchen is a lot of things, but it's no longer a cooking show.
  5. Deskisamess

    S12.E14: The Meteorite Manifestation

    A few years back I worked part-time in a hair salon, doing receptionist work. One of the reps came every two weeks, and checked stock and got an order together. Sometimes he would use the salon phone at the back to call a rush order in. So he came in one morning, and proceeded to tell us all about how his stomach and bowels had been upset earlier that day, and how many times he had to rush to the bathroom. All this while walking around handling stock, and then using the phone. I grabbed the alcohol spray they used and pretty much followed him around, while he was oblivious to how gross he was being talking about it AND spreading his germs all over the place. How can anyone not get how wrong that is? A customer called once to see if it was ok to keep her appointment even though she and her family had all been down with the flu. Her stylist was 7 months pregnant at the time, so I told her no, that would not be ok. I asked if she wanted the pregnant stylist to get sick, and she said "I didn't think about that." Clueless.
  6. Deskisamess

    S02.E06: A Happy Refrain

    Am I the only one who thought Isaac was way too young for the doctor? It was a little skeezy to me. She looks great, but is almost 58 in real life. Overall we liked the episode, but it was very similar to Data dating on TNG. I liked the Magnum PI mustache on Bortus. Norm McDonald's voice is bad enough, I don't care to see him as well.
  7. Deskisamess

    S02.E05: All the World Is Birthday Cake

    You can't compare the two. While what was done to Japanese Americans during WW2 was nothing like what the Nazi's did. The purpose and motivations were totally different. I'm not defending the internment camps, but it isn't right to compare them to mass genocide. Many in government at the time were vocal in speaking out against them, including FDR's own wife. The US also formally apologized and made monetary compensation to those interned. (Years later of course)
  8. Deskisamess

    S02.E05: All the World Is Birthday Cake

    I've not read all of the comments, so excuse any repeat thoughts. I thought this episode had holes you could fly a space shuttle through. The biggest one imo was the ending. We are to believe that the people born under that star sign have been locked up since birth, with no education, and dismal care. But the camps are all closed with the appearance of the star. How would that play out in reality planet wide? The idea that you'd just fly in an land on a planet because they sent out a message is preposterous. No study of the planet or the "people", no knowledge of customs or laws? What intelligent species would do that? So this planet has no crime or people acting violent? And the Federation/Union does nothing when two of their own are tossed into prison? "Too bad, we lose more crewmen that way...". Seriously? Wouldn't different planets have different constellations? We loved the first season of this show. That feeling is fading fast ...it's been too dark, and lacking the humor and satire SM is usually so good at. He is taking himself too seriously imo. Episodes 3, 4, and 5 have been too menacing and dark.
  9. Deskisamess

    S08.E00: Christmas Special 2018

    Read the book or watch the movie called Oranges and Sunshine. It's a true story, about that program. The movie is very well done.
  10. Deskisamess

    S09.E07: Vegan Week

    I have a 5 year old granddaughter with a severe egg allergy, so our family has been looking into vegan options when they are here. We've learned that products and recipes marked vegan are always egg free, therefore safe. Aquafaba thickened a bit with cornstarch with a little maple syrup makes a decent fake egg wash for breads and pies. There are good recipes online for vegan macarons as well. I'm going to try meringue cookies as well.
  11. Deskisamess

    S09.E04: Dessert Week

    The chocolate sphere thing would be a cool gender reveal for expectant parents. When our neice did her baby's gender reveal, she and her husband didn't even know the outcome. She had a friend who knew the ultrasound result, (they both work as ultrasound techs at a hospital) bake and decorate the cake they used. Until they plunged their hands into the cake, they didn't know yet that they were having a boy.
  12. Deskisamess

    Season Five Episode Talk

    My husband calls Giada "tits and teeth." We can't stand her, and I won't watch anything she is in. Nancy Fuller is just not pleasant to listen to. She comes off as a character with a role to play, and it's not believable.
  13. Deskisamess

    The Kitchen

    Sunny has a twin, she's currently screaming and yelling over on Nailed It, on Netflix.
  14. Deskisamess

    The Cool Kids

    As new sitcoms go, this one had some chuckles. I saw Vicki a few years ago when she was on tour with her one woman show, in her Mama character. She's a hoot, and the rest of the cast is funny as well. I guess I'm "of an age" where the grey haired stuff is funny. I'd like to see Bob Newhart here...I'd read about Tim Conway, that is so sad. We still like to watch YouTube videos of him on the Carol Burnett show. Dick VanDyke would be fun as well. He is much older than these folks, but still working.
  15. Deskisamess

    The Kitchen

    Yep, Skully must be Achmed's brother. I didn't watch the show today very closely. I'm not a fan of "scary" Halloween gross type foods, and the show seems to do less and less actual cooking. What does candy vomit have to do with Halloween? Vomit isn't scary, it's just gross.