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    Doom Patrol

    Was a good episode.. I did walk away intrigued with the doctor who's still there.. What are his powers?? How did negative man know him...

    For The People

    Well Allison got to speak more... And pairing Sandra with Ted seems like ita made her much more bearable... Oliver is a bit of a sadsack so its hard to root for him.. Tho I did laff at the dream he had... But ima need more Leonard and Kate.. Even of the show doesn't put em back together as a couple or whatever the banter those two had was fun

    S01.E15: I'll Tell You A Story

    Made zero sense to me... Also did she and Dorian break up.. If not is she leaving just when hes coming back... Confusing... I too have enjoyed him more recently.. Honestly I enjoy him more away from hope than I do with her I'm all for that he has felt somewhat under used this season... What do you think could be in store for him?? His talk with hope was well done.. But the show has to figure out some way for his feelings to change or something Cuz as he's written I don't see him trying anything with hope because of Landon I was so happy for that.. Josie has had that pity party going on all season and it needed to be said

    S02.E10: The Red Angel

    Enjoyed the episode.. And I'll always enjoy sonja sohn.. Good choice to play Michaels mother... If there was ever a time for a two parter this woukda been it

    S01.E15: I'll Tell You A Story

    Man the show saved itself in that last scene with Hope and Raf.. Cuz I was wondering when they were gonna check on him... I liked the big bro reveal and the story was pretty cool... Man MG is gonna have a panic attack next week...

    The Perfectionists

    Lotta white dudes in Oregon.. Apparently its Rosewood all over again...

    S01.E14: Let's Just Finish the Dance

    I like all these kids as friends so far.. The only "spark" all season I saw for hope was her early stuff with Raf.. And maybe Josie/Penelope... But that one is so twisty and toxic I'm not sure I should be rooting for it.. But as just friendly hormonal supernatural teens I like most of the interactions.. I could go for some Raf/Lizzie time or some Kaleb/Josie... Or more MG/Landon.. Hell even Kaleb/Landon

    The Good Fight

    I think the encounter was to show that her change in attitude was now making her noticeable and thus worthy of being part of the PR campaign...


    I'd say 90% him and 10% his wife.. She's a fully functional adult.. She has at least an idea of what their financial situation is... If a woman in my family decided she needed a job no amount of "manly pride" posturing is stopping her from getting one... Deac's attitude is outdated and counterproductive but his wife just going with it doesn't help much either
  10. UNOSEZ

    For The People

    Black People... Were People not a carton of cigarettes...
  11. UNOSEZ

    S01.E14: Let's Just Finish the Dance

    So Penelope just decided to J Edgar Hover her school and napalm it on the way out... Brutal... Mg's mom did seem pretty chill and knowledgeable about the supernatural world so I'm only kinda surprised.. I'm more concerned with if triad is like a super bad entity or like a real dark gray kinda outfit.. Yes Lizzie is self-centered... But I don't have much patience for ppl who act like doormats but grumble and simmer when you step on em... The gorgon was cool... Roman wasn't super annoying.. And seemed like a 93 year old vamp.. And finally... Sentient jar of artisinal mayonnaise... Lmao
  12. UNOSEZ

    The Good Fight

    Man I missed this show.. Good first episode.. I was dying when Diane was having that convo with the bruise on her husband's back that looked like pres trump... Sticky situation with the founder of the firm.. But that's the type of thing that's really happening... I like Maria.. But had any other partner seen her with her feet up she would got checked with the quickness
  13. UNOSEZ


    Its not great.. Kinda simple... And the little sister is so awful it seems unbelievable... But Tone and Nina are great together.. And the parents... Especially the dad are fun so even tho I hate laugh tracks I always watch...
  14. UNOSEZ


    Yeah the show has never really been that kind or caring about or to Maia.. Then again they weren't all that kind to Clara and simon's " friend" from the beginning of the series either... Also do y'all think the show noticed that it made the majority of the major down-worlders people of color and the opposite true of the shadowhunters.??
  15. UNOSEZ

    For The People

    Yeah she didn't even get to be sandra's friend / landlord