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  1. Destiny74

    38:E01 It Smells Like Success

    Ron Burgundy ...love it! I was just going to call him Kool-Aid. Oh, and he's a jerk, btw. God forbid someone help someone on their tribe be physically better so that person doesn't a) drown or b) screw up a challenge by flailing in the water instead of actually swimming. Ron Burgundy is an ass and is so desperately trying to throw anyone under the bus to save people from eyeing him. I guess that's a strategy. I had to have hummed Karma Chameleon about 10 times during that hour. I like Wendy. She's upbeat and I hope she stays for a while but I don't envision her being around long...the cool kids already have their slaughter lambs ready to go.
  2. Destiny74

    The Wendy Williams Show

    I'll believe it when I see it. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. We've been fooled about 4 times now. I'll watch her first day. And then show up here pissed off that she doesn't address anything except her shoulder and Graves. I'd fall down if she actually talks about the rumors any further than saying that the Hunters are just fine, thank you.
  3. Destiny74

    Kids Baking Championship

    I don't know why Madison didn't chop up a mango and put it in her monkey bread. I know she doesn't like the flavor, and that's fine, but she also knew the judges NEEDED to taste the mango. She didn't have to eat the monkey bread, just bake it. But using unsweetened chocolate was unforgivable. Sorry. I learned early in life that ALL unsweet chocolate needs some help (when I swiped a piece from my mom, she let me eat it, I was IMMEDIATELY sorry I ever did that. 😆 Paige has got to leave her oven alone. It's starting to grate on my nerves. I have no idea how many times she actually checked her bread but the AMOUNT of time she left the oven open killed me. She just let all the heat out of the oven! Has no one ever explained this to her at home? If you want to really check something, take it out, close the oven door and you can take a bit more time without letting all the heat escape. I loved Davis's monkey. Valerie has issues. I would bet dollars to donuts that she couldn't create a better monkey with pencil and paper, not to mention Davis's was in chocolate.
  4. Destiny74

    The Wendy Williams Show

    I was thinking that they must have an agreement. His public persona can be all crazy and loud but when he's at home, and not on Instagram, he's more mature and fatherly. Because, I couldn't handle having twin girls and a 40 something year old pre-teen too.
  5. Destiny74

    S05.E12: We Know Everything

    I don't even know you and I love you for this post...LOVE YOU!
  6. Destiny74

    Kids Baking Championship

    Just started watching this episode and I have to shamefully admit... My inner 10 year old did not hear anise when Meadow was talking fast during her dish explaining. Tee hee hee...I am a child.🤪
  7. Destiny74

    The Wendy Williams Show

    I enjoyed Sherry. She was fun and cheerful. I enjoyed the fashion breakdown of the Grammys but I'm getting annoyed easily by Bevy. She just grates on my nerves. And how did no one mention the sleeves on Janae Monet's dress? Terrible, heavy sleeves. Without the sleeves I can appreciate her dress as edgier fashion. I honestly have no idea what to think about Wendy now. Is she coming back? Can she even come back from all this? I think the only way she can is to be completely honest when, and if, she shows up again. Without the total "T" I will not be able to take her seriously...then again, I watch to snark more than anything now days. I wonder if Kevin is crapping himself now that the cash cow is on the fence? I mean, he's got no job without the show, and worse yet, no power. 😒 Probably not. He's probably been socking away cash for years now and he'll always have power over Wendy, unless she woman's up and leaves him.
  8. Destiny74

    S02.E13: teMpted

    That's what I was saying too. He's sleeping during the night to connect with her, she should just sleep during the day.
  9. Destiny74

    S16.E09: Music City USA

    I hate to be "that person" but that song always reminds me of Steel Magnolia's.
  10. Destiny74

    The Wendy Williams Show

    I thought Kevin Jr. was at Northwestern in Illinois? Where is that boy going to school? Maybe that picture is "time off for good behavior" from rehab? It has been specualted that she went to get off something or other? I dunno. But, I am getting sick of her time off. I wonder if the Bosses who run her show are getting fed up too? That statement of support from them was released quite a while ago. Hot mess...
  11. Destiny74

    S08.E01: Cake Week

    Just watched this season last weekend. Ryan used edible spray paint in a can, I was commenting on the air brush machine. Similar but different, I guess. 😁
  12. Destiny74

    The Wendy Williams Show

    I'm not sure I believe that article. It states that Wendy was out with her friend? Wendy has no friends. FAKE NEWS!!!!! 🤣
  13. Destiny74

    S10.E16: USA vs. the World

    I hate Cane Lane. It make me anxious just watching it.
  14. Destiny74

    Kids Baking Championship

    Bummed about Misha. I kept telling the TV to put those dang macarons in the oven! Duff expressed exactly how I feel almost every week... "I would sooooo win the Kids Baking Championship". I love his sense of humor! Of course these kids don't bake as well adults and I know my commentary needs to soften a bit because they are kids and are just starting their baking journey. However, when your cookie calls for whites to be at stiff peaks, there is a reason for it. If your egg "whites" aren't fluffing up, you really need to start again. I was annoyed at Karthic and Jenna both because they kept on with ingredients that we're never going to work. Underbaking is an issue. These shows want the contestants to use good time management and it is a good skill to master but I think bad usage of time is less an issue these kids than continuing a recipe when you've failed the first step. In general they can take their sweet time making macarons but if they don't whip the whites the right way, they'll never make a decent macaron. Hence, I feel Jenna should've gone home. Not to mention she's been in the bottom before. Madison is adorable. Enough said.
  15. Destiny74

    S10.E11: Episode 11

    "Pink Tax" - ugh! Do you know why pretty colored things cost more than boring black or unadorned things? Because women (some) will spend more money for pretty. Hey, if you want to pay $1 more for a pink razor, or hammer, or whatever, fine. Have at it. It is your choice. But I get aggravated when people whine about it. If people wouldn't pay more for flashy or pretty things, eventually, they wouldn't cost more. Like I said, if it's worth the extra cash, and you have the extra cash, buy the "fancy" item, but quit bitchin' about paying more. I buy "women's" razors that are more expensive than men's but I do it because I finally found a razor I like and I don't blame the manufacturer for my choice. The dress lady actually made me a little rage-y. Wearing a $150 dress will make me a better Mom? Beacuse it reminds me to play with my kids? Why? I play just fine with my kids in my $20 jeans and tee shirts. And I still don't understand how the woman's sad childhood parlays into these dresses. Was she saying if her mom had these dresses she wouldn't have picked up drugs? The dress would've reminded her to play with her kids instead of drugs? (I am assuming drugs when she said addiction but I guess that could mean booze, sex, etc.). I liked the kitty cubes. Totally would buy some if I had a cat. The makeup bag...I liked the lady and I am happy for her and her success. She needs to stay out of Target and Walmart at her price point. She should stick with high end department stores and Ulta and those type places.