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  1. Pondlass1

    Supernatural Ending

    Despite my frustration and criticism, I loved this show. I don’t think any fictional character will climb into my heart again. I truly loved you Dean Winchester. Please may your story end with the respect and honour you deserve. You are not 90% crap. You are a hero and a warrior and you saved people.
  2. Pondlass1

    S14.E16: Don't Go in the Woods

    Evil Jack is the theme for next season? Hope he gets a better deal than Dean Michael. Hope he kills all teenagers. (I don’t live in the States, is wandering about in creepy dark woods and visiting desolate smelly toilets at dead of night a regular thing?)
  3. Pondlass1

    S14.E15: Peace of Mind

    I thought it lightweight and silly considering what has gone down with Dean.
  4. Pondlass1

    S09.E06: Fifty Shades Of Shade

    Puppy-gate is boring now. We need a new drama.
  5. I totally agree with these statements. In an attempt to constantly raise the bar in terms Bigger & Badder adversaries it's all become ridiculous and frustrating. And it's not as if the Winchesters are being presented as smart guys who 'saved the world y'all'. Their actions last night were beyond stupid. Chop the head off. Don't stand around chatting about chickens and boiled eggs. And the vet scene was absurd. After this frustratingly stupid episode, I watched the movie Life on Netflix. And once again was subjected to the rampant stupidity of today's writers. Good acting, amazing computer graphics - but in order for the plot to move forward every astronaut apparently possessed the brains of a turnip. Earth was doomed. I pray (and I'm not even religious) that the finale season 15 will revert back to the way it began - saving people and hunting things. As a long time fan who's stuck with it through thick and thin (lots of thin) I deserve a decent final season dammit!!!
  6. Pondlass1

    S14.E14: Ouroboros

    But with what? They haven't got much to work with. The trials & tribulations of Luci/Nick has been done to death. And "I's a Winchester y'all" Jack will be allowed to be about as evil as the beige outfits he wears. Everything's fizzled out and canon trampled on. What a GIGANTIC missed opportunity. Dean/Michael could've actually earned the show an Emmy nomination if they'd ran with it for a season.
  7. Pondlass1

    S14.E14: Ouroboros

    I think the big bad is supposed to be Jack? I don’t know if the actor is up to it.
  8. Pondlass1

    S14.E14: Ouroboros

    Just watched it again. I feel like rioting in the streets 😡😡😡
  9. Pondlass1

    S14.E14: Ouroboros

    Well at least the insipid Maggie and annoying hunters cluttering up the bunker are dead. Thanks Michael 👏🏻
  10. Pondlass1

    S14.E14: Ouroboros

    So episodes are back to everyone being stupid again. 🙄 Still, we had a good run for 3 episodes.... Bye Michael. You never really had a chance to shine, not with with these writers.
  11. Pondlass1

    S07.E10: Destinee's Story

    Where I live you're stopped almost immediately for not wearing seat belts. How did she manage to drive one-handed with her boobs up in her face for 4 hours? It looked so uncomfortable. And the scanty outfits! Thank goodness she doesn't live in the icy north. She seemed like the type of person who wanted everything on display. The episode was as dull and formulaic as the others have been this season. I guess it's wrong of me to want more fireworks and craziness, but I can't help it. And none of the obese have been particularly likeable. I don't find myself rooting for them. I guess as this is a show about gastric bypass surgery and not gender surgery that is what they focused on. But her gender identity didn't seem to bother her or cause depression or anxiety or anything. Everyone in her family apparently accepted her. She had friends. Even her weight didn't seem a big deal either. She hadn't tried dieting or anything. I think, as others have said, that she wanted to be on TV. Unfortunately she lacked a personality. Probably a nice person in RL and I wish her well.
  12. Pondlass1

    S09.E04: Bahama Drama

    Someone should tell Production that if they're going to manufacture drama they need to come up with something more entertaining than puppygate and text printouts. Everyone is talking in riddles (and trying for Emmys). Only Camille asked the obvious question. The darting stink eyes at the dinner table was pretty funny, tho. Great camera work, guys. But find a more interesting tagline. (I guess they can't run with Dorit and PK's messy finances ?)
  13. I get such a kick out of how genuinely excited he is.
  14. Pondlass1

    S07.E09: Tiffany's Story

    A drug addict on the show Intervention said she wouldn't ever stop taking drugs even though they were killing her because sober life was too difficult to contemplate. It's the same with the morbidly obese. Food or drugs take away reality - which always bites - and it's so much easier to just stick another donut in your mouth and forget the outside world and all its troubles. They all need therapy more than anything. They are stuck in childhood and unable to face stress or hardship. Unlike the rest of us who must deal every day without a crutch. No one said life was going to be easy.