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  1. Pondlass1

    S07.E08: Maja's Story

    I only watched the first bit - but we saw her get into a small green car and drive all over town to get her junk food fix. But the rental car - which looked to be the same size more or less - she got stuck and fell? I guess the camera team filming the fun & games are not allowed to intervene or help?
  2. Pondlass1

    S09.E02: Eat Your Heart Out

    They're always filmed either at restaurants or some kind of get together with plates and plates and plates of food. And none of them eat a thing. As a woman ages, I think being a little plump helps with wrinkles and that crepe-like skin texture on arms and legs.
  3. Pondlass1

    John Winchester: Daddy Dearest

    So do I. And bloody brilliant actors in the roles too. I honestly don't mind that John was a bastard. It made for good television and a change from the usual fare. I didn't ever want explanations or apologies. Life isn't that way. Writing was good, we saw the arguments and we witnessed the sacrifices. The family dynamic was screwed to hell but still fascinating (to me, anyway). And we learned why Dean was the way he was. But now John's been whitewashed along with the rest of them. I'm assuming they'll have him skipping through the tulips like a floaty ghost in the final episode.
  4. Pondlass1

    John Winchester: Daddy Dearest

    If there's a spin-off I'd gobble up, it would be the tragic journey of John and his sons after Mary's death. John's descent into alcohol soaked revenge, Dean growing up fast and becoming father and protector overnight. Dad learning about monsters and monster lore. Dean in training to fight, shoot, stab, cook, steal, all the while being a dad to a brother (and to his own dad). If only they could find the right actors and, more importantly, the right writers. But alas it's just a pipe dream
  5. Pondlass1

    Ratings And Scheduling: I Can't Do This Alone

    Fingers crossed for future ratings. The long hiatus and warmer weather usually means lower ratings. I've become used to watching whole seasons of shows on Netflix when I want. It's hard to go back to once a week with 20 mins of ads. Hope we don't see any 3's or - heaven forbid - 2's.
  6. Pondlass1

    Small Talk: The Impala

    I guess the American crew filming in Vancouver and our own Texan boys are now well versed in centigrade temps and kilometres and gas by the litre. Not to mention Canada's colourful money.
  7. Pondlass1

    Small Talk: The Impala

    I can’t relate to Fahrenheit temps. 😳 But winter is too long in Ontario and sometimes I wish we’d emigrated to Australia ☀️
  8. Snot fair really. For every stride Jared takes I’d have to take three. I’m short (and sweet) 🤣
  9. Pondlass1

    S01.E08: This Young Woman Fought Like Hell

    Nature versus nurture is interesting. John was trained by his father to be a scammer but he had to be that way inclined in terms of personality traits and character. Zero empathy, zero guilt, etc. Not having a conscience is scary and a danger to those around you. However his sister didn’t turn out that way and she too was exposed to the father’s cons on a daily basis. And then there’s Debra who unfortunately inherited a great big wallop of her mother’s ‘love and forgiveness’ DNA. It would have been interesting to have some knowledge of the early marriages and why they broke up. I would have thought she’d be a man’s dream wife. Wealthy, attractive and – most of all – naive in the extreme when it came to trusting her partner. Thankfully her daughters apparently did not inherit the mother’s gullible and trusting ways. Monsters walk among us. And the meek probably will not inherit the earth.
  10. The bit that's always got me perplexed is years ago when Cas couldn't tell Sam was soulless. He was as confused as everyone else until he rummaged around in Sam's stomach. Meanwhile the Alpha Vampire, the 'Truth God' woman, the Fairies, (and others, I think) could tell right away just by looking at Sam. As angels deal in souls and heaven and stuff, how come Cas was clueless? There's a zillion other WTF's too I guess? It's more apparent when you binge (as I did at that time) because an episode that was aired years ago, is only last week and very fresh in the mind when one binges. The WTFs stick out like a sore thumb. LOL
  11. Pondlass1

    S01.E03: Remember It Was Me

    Is it Fentanyl he's supposed to be addicted to? How is he able to even function? I watch Intervention and that's one of the worst drugs to be hooked on in terms of day to day functioning, let alone managing all the cons and lies.
  12. Pondlass1

    S02.E13: Finale

    I really enjoyed the first CBB - not this season, tho. How could I cheer for any of them? The only HG I 'reasonably' liked was Tom. The rest were mostly loud, exhausting or bitchy and I'm convinced one HG was only there for the free food and accommodation.
  13. Maybe I follow the wrong folk on twitter, but I find that out there beyond the couple of dozen of posters here at PrevTV that the fan favourite is definitely weighted towards Jared with Misha a close second. They are the more sympathetic characters. Even the 'squee' groups that consider themselves 'friends' of the show appear to favour Sam (IMO) or demand the brothers remain joined at the hip. The majority of viewers do not want 'tragedy' . It's the reason much of today's so-called 'drama' TV is the same syrupy rubbish (IMO). They've even woobified Negan apparently. However, I do believe that it is Jensen that the LA casting directors have their eyes on. He's been approached several times but can never get out of his contract. He's the better actor with a wider range (IMO). But I'm sensing the thrill of portraying the complex and complicated Dean Winchester is slowly fading for Jensen (my opinion). He cannot get his teeth into anything with these writers.
  14. Pondlass1

    S14 E13: Lebanon - Episode 300

    Someone mentioned warding wouldn't be any good against humans. But if memory serves me, during the BMoL season where Sam is being tortured in the basement Dean is stopped from entering to save Sam by a BMoL sigil painted on the basement doors. I think I was posting at IMDb at the time because I remember a whole discussion why they wouldn't use the sigil to stop humans entering the bunker (or even anywhere else). It seemed such a handy dandy thing, (but probably a writers' nightmare I guess). But Baby being stolen so easily was just a plot ploy that really went nowhere. Still, I supposed Dean felt Baby was safe on the streets of Lebanon. But I lock my car ALWAYS even if I'm just returning the trolley at the supermarket. I'm almost sad that JDM was available for this episode. I would've so enjoyed a story about the boys and their hometown - maybe something along the lines of It's a Wonderful Life.
  15. Pondlass1

    S14 E13: Lebanon - Episode 300

    I'm having so much trouble with this new setup. A thin column of text with a couple of words per line. I cannot 'like' or 'quote' anything either for some damn reason. But I really liked and agree with your post *Bergamot. You always put into words what I'm thinking. Especially this in a nutshell... "the story of the Winchesters was never the stirring story of two starry-eyed boys who grew up to be big victorious heroes and become THE GUYS WHO SAVE THE WORLD. It is not about that kind of triumph -- it is about a tragedy." It is about a tragedy indeed, and that's what sucked me in right at the start and made Supernatural different from all other fodder on TV. Now it's lightweight and manipulative and mostly doesn't make sense.