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  1. Sarah 103

    Frozen 2 (2019)

    I was going to write something similar. I had never heard the term "cheapquels" before. The only ones I watched were the ones for Aladdin and I enjoyed those. I skipped the rest. I did enjoy the animated series for Timon and Pumba, Aladdin, and Hercules.
  2. Sarah 103

    Whose Line Is It Anyway?

    That is a great game. There are are so many wonderful games that they should bring back or do more often for the current version of the show. You would think with the popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe they would do the game "Superheroes" every once in a while.
  3. Sarah 103

    S09.E15: Blues

    That's what I thought. My guess is that Henry may regret not having dated seriously and being alone at his age. Henry also knows that Frank is modeling the same behavior. I think Henry may be worried and does not want Danny to make the same mistakes. I also agree with everyone who said it's too soon and that it is wrong to put pressure on someone who is still grieving to date. My point is that I understand why Henry did it, but I think it was the wrong thing to do. I liked the scene at the end where Anthony tells Eddie she doesn't have to be like him. She should develop her own style and figure out what works best for her. I thought that was great advice. I loved Jamie getting so excited about broken windows policing working. He is Frank's mini-me in so many ways.
  4. Sarah 103

    S03. E14. Leave It All Behind

    I know this probably won't happen, but I would love to see a Bull and Blue Bloods crossover episode. Erin needs TAC's help with a super important and difficult case, or TAC is using Danny or Jamie (recently promtoed sergeant) as an expert witness and we get to see Chunk or Benny do witness prep.
  5. Sarah 103

    S02.E15: A Math Emergency and Perky Palms

    That's a good point. I hadn't even thought of that but you are totally correct on that point, especially in a small town in Texas.
  6. Sarah 103

    S09.E14: My Brother's Keeper

    To me "This is Reagan World" is another way of saying "it's TV, just roll with it" and in this case I am more than willing to do so. There are other times when I am not.
  7. Sarah 103

    S02.E15: A Math Emergency and Perky Palms

    Althought this does beg the question, in that time and place, how did George know? Where/when did he develop gaydar? No, that it didn't occur to me but now that you mention it, that reaction line would have been fantastic.
  8. Sarah 103

    The Bullpen: Past Seasons Discussion

    I geeked out so much over that one for the guest stars. I recogized two of the kids almost instantly. It's also a good solid episode. I am going to try to explain the layout of the office. Miles has an office on a different floor and we see it a few times. I don't think we ever see Jim's office during the series. Frank's office is off on a corner off the main room, sort of next to Murphy, but with junior staffer's desks in between. We see Corky's office once or twice but I am not sure where it is. I can't help with the layout of Murphy's house.
  9. Sarah 103

    S02.E15: A Math Emergency and Perky Palms

    I imagine very few people in a small town in Texas during the 1990s had gaydar.
  10. Sarah 103

    Love for Frank - I Know What Must Happen

    I read "I could see them as a couple if Frank retired and he and Kelly traveled the world" and mentally added solve mysteries/fight crime. This is a spin-off show I could totally see CBS doing. I don't know if it would be good, but it's something I could see CBS trying. If this season is the end, I can see the finale being Jamie and Eddie's wedding. If it goes another season, maybe Nicki's wedding. Danny's boys are still too young to get married. Almost no one gets married while still in college, and Jack is still high school. In terms of a finale, I think a funeral (Henry's or Frank's) is far more likely than a wedding.
  11. Sarah 103

    S09.E13: Ripple Effect

    My guess is that Frank, and later Erin and Danny (after they had kids) made it clear you can spend Friday night and Saturday with your friends but Sunday is family time. Also, I can hear one of parents saying "you can talk to your friends after dinner" or "you'll see them at school on Monday."
  12. Sarah 103

    S09.E14: My Brother's Keeper

    My guess is that it doesn't go to the superior officers because each superior office is likely to support the officer under their command. Instead it goes to some tribunal like body that is supposed to be impartial. Also, enjoyed your reference almost as much I enoyed @ Miss Lucas's reference. I agree with you. Honestly, I want more short scenes of Baker, Sid, and Garrett in a room together. They have a great dynamic. Overall I really enjoyed this episode. None of the storylines felt rushed for time, which hasn't happened in awhile. I have been waiting for a Jamie/Danny story like this since the promotion and I was not dissapointed. I loved the way they handled it. It's kind of sweet that as much as they fight and disagree with each other, they both respect and admire each other.
  13. Sarah 103

    S09.E13: Ripple Effect

    I have no idea about the medical stuff I'm going to trust your expert opinion on that. Here's what I meant with one of my other points: Let's say there's a family member who drinks, and one who does not. The family member who drinks may be at a greater risk for liver cancer, but the family member who doesn't will not have a greater risk for liver cancer just because they have a family member who drinks. However, if there is a family member who smokes, the family member who does not smoke will have a greater risk for lung cancer. Second-smoke is real and poses an actual physical health risk to those around the smoker. I am not aware of any sort of direct equivilant for drinking.
  14. Sarah 103

    S09.E13: Ripple Effect

    First of all, I was responding to @Katy M. I'm guessing the context of the warning was the tpyical (if somewhat stereotypical and outdated) lecture that fathers, grandfathers, and older brothers often give. "If you hurt her, if you make her really unhappy in any way, you're going to have to deal with us." Here's an example pretty much spoofing the speech. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=176QIaC18Kk Why is it a big deal if someone who is over 21 has a drink with dinner? Since the Sunday dinners tend to be pretty long, she's probably well under the legal limit before she drives home. Drinking is legal, smoking pot is still illegal in New York so there's that. Second hand smoke from cigarettes is deadly and has a negative impact on those around you, while there is not a direct equivalent for drinking. As long as someone doesn't drink and drive, drinking alcohol will not have the same kind of long term health effect on others as second hand smoke. I don't get it. Characters can't drink on TV? Is the issue they are driving home after they drink? Is there some joke/sarcasm I'm missing?
  15. Sarah 103

    S09.E13: Ripple Effect

    I loved Eddie's wedding dress. This is where having four storylines hurts the show, because I would have loved to see more of the case Eddie and Jamie were working on. It felt like too much happened off screen because the show didn't have the time to cover it. I thought he meant that all of the brothers (and possibly Henry and Frank) talked to him at once, so they were all in a room together. I'm guessing Joe and Danny, probably Danny did most of the talking for the brothers and Jamie stood there and said "Yeah"/agreed with what Danny said. During the dinner scene instead of talking about their bucket list, it would have been fun to hear them talk about the medium and find out who believes in that sort of thing and why and throw in some surprises. For example, I think the audience would be surprised to find that Jamie, if he doesn't believe is at least open to the possibility and that while Frank does not believe, Henry does. Henry and Jamie rarely take the some position on an issue. Nicky doesn't believe, but Sean isn't sure yet.