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  1. One thing I’ve noticed about her is that she comes out marching, usually with a scowl on her face. The others walk out, dance out, SMILING, and are usually interacting with each other. But she walks out ready to do battle! She doesn’t need the money and life is short. Go do something you enjoy. PLEASE!!!!
  2. jalady

    "The View": Week Of 1/21/2019

    All the live long day! When I started working as a federal prosecutor they emphasized that in closing you had to be clear that we don't get to pick our witnesses at "the witness store". Otherwise they'd all be priests, nuns and choirboys (priests maybe not so much anymore ☹️). But the point is, guess who criminals hang out with? Other criminals!!!! We don't pick our witnesses, the defendants do. And that is exactly the point Sunny should have made about Michael Cohen. He's not suddenly a good person, but he knows where the bodies are buried . . .
  3. Meghan McCan't: Disappointing Pundint Daughter of John McCain.
  4. jalady

    "The View": Week Of 1/14/2019

    Thanks to all of you who deciphered what Whoopi meant when she was saying "meridian". We have tons of bike lanes in the D.C. Metropolitan area (which, full disclosure, I'm not thrilled about) but I had NO idea what she was talking about. Meridians, LOL!! And they should be removable 😂😂😂
  5. With this episode I can see how adult Sheldon came to be. Thank goodness for the nurse who shut his annoying ass down. But I did like his temporary concern about his roommate.
  6. jalady

    "The View": Week of 1/7/19

    We didn’t work closely because she started a few years after me, so she was junior to me. And she ended up in the sex crimes section, and I didn’t have the stomach for that. But we definitely interacted as we were both Black women from The Bronx. Holla! LOL. Thanks for the good wishes everyone! I’m okay for a while, but I have an employee currently seeking other employment because of this idiocy and it really makes me mad.
  7. jalady

    "The View": Week of 1/7/19

    Sunny was absolutely telling the truth about living paycheck to paycheck as a federal prosecutor! I know; I worked with her. Paying rent in the DC area and student loans and a car payment was damn near impossible. Luckily, 28 years later, I have some savings. Because I am one of the furloughed employees who won’t get paid tomorrow 😠.
  8. jalady

    "The View": Week of 1/7/19

    OMG NutMeg, take a Xanax!!! (RHoNY reference). She is over the top with the screeching and interruptions today. And, ironically, her talking points aren’t as ridiculous as they usually are. But that voice!
  9. jalady

    S01E05: Connecting Flights

    They need to find some real Jamaicans to play these parts. Both Thomas and the guy whose son was in jail have accents that suck!!! My born in NYC brother has a more authentic accent just from being around family and friends ?
  10. jalady

    S11.E04: Three Shirts to the Wind

    Sadly, I don’t think those were “behind-the-desk” pants. There seems to be a new trend for women to wear sweatpants with a stripe on the side as regular pants, with heels. I’ve seen Sunny and Meghan do it on The View. Happily, I haven’t seen it in real life yet. But my first thought when seeing the outfit was “Not you too, Murphy!”
  11. jalady

    Married To Medicine

    ^^^ ZDub for the win (as usual)!!!
  12. jalady

    Married To Medicine

    No, she didn't spell her name that way. That's just how Hideous Heavenly insisted on pronouncing it.
  13. jalady

    "The View": Week Of 10/1/2018

    Other than Abby on yesterday’s show, the only people I’ve heard espousing the theory that Kavanaugh’s been called a “gang rapist” is Joe freakin Scarborough, when he’s defending him, and LG. But they never say who’s allegedly been saying that either! So good for Joy for asking for receipts. And then hearing *crickets* And Sunny, you know better. Supreme Court Justices don’t assess witness credibility; they’re deciding cases based on paper. Don’t confuse the non-lawyers out there while making your very valid point. A proven liar does not belong on the Supreme Court!
  14. jalady

    "The View": Week Of 9/24/2018

    Agreed. I found it chilling today when she discussed the US going the way of South African apartheid. I’ve definitely felt the fear/rage of the white soon-to-be minority, but I never thought about that as the logical conclusion of that mind set. Frightening . . .
  15. jalady

    "The View": Week Of 9/24/2018

    Also Abby, please stop asking why Senator Feinstein didn't contact the FBI sooner and implying that she leaked the letter. She has said - on multiple occasions - the victim requested anonymity. You can't out a sexual assault victim. Point blank period!!! And she said on the record yesterday that neither she, nor her staff, leaked the letter; and the publication confirmed that. She's a tiny bit better than RBM, but she's definitely sticking to the republican talking points. While whining about how divisive/ sad politics have become. Perhaps one could even say "tribal"??? Dear Lord I'm dreading her return.