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  1. bettername2come

    S04.E16: The House of L

    I think they're trying to make me remember how much I used to like James by constantly wounding him now. Lex tortured Jimmy Olsen? He went too far! And poisoning the judge was an excellent move. Man, they are making me wish we had a traditional Superman show right now. Get Tyler Hoechlin on the phone! I'm so happy Otis(?) didn't really kill the kid. I respect bad guys who don't kill kids. Have standards, villains! I never made the Lex/Alex connection before and I liked it here. Linda Lee reference!
  2. bettername2come

    Supergirl Quotes

    Eve: I have degrees from Yale in literature and physics. And I was a Junior Miss North Carolina! Aw, my state exists in Arrowverse. Yay! Eve: Now go back to your nesting doll!
  3. I’ve been watching since the pilot, albeit not so much in seasons 7-9, and I’ll be missing this show. Although it is impressive how long it’s lasted and that the last tv show of The WB won’t go out until 2020. ETA: We also better get a happy ending. We were promised peace when they were done!
  4. bettername2come

    Bill & Ted Face the Music (2020)

    Keanu always seems so happy when this series is involved. And I’m always in favor of happy Keanu. More so if William Sadler is in this movie.
  5. bettername2come

    S05.E17: Time Bomb

    I let out a shocked laugh when Barry threw her in the pipeline. Grant Gustin does unshed tears so well. Glad to see Sarah Carter working. She's barely aged since Smallville. I liked that they had all of the enormous Team Flash there to give Nora the shocked stare. I think the idea is they don't want to make any permanent changes to a person without their own consent, even if that would be fair to another medical consideration. I think Nora's anger over Iris blocking her powers is a contributing factor in that. Random new speculation: Sherloque is an self-amnesia'd Eobard Thawne posing as his doppelganger. That's why the clues added up for him so well - Eobard planted himself there at the same time as Nora. Insane? Yes. Too insane for this show? No clue.
  6. bettername2come

    Season 7 Live Posting Thread

    Her delivery of "I don't even know what your type is!" is both endearing and embarrassing. Perfectly mom-ish.
  7. bettername2come

    Season 7 Live Posting Thread

    I loved that. It's such a Buffy move.
  8. bettername2come

    Season 7 Live Posting Thread

    I mean, if you can't trust your sister-wife, who can you trust?
  9. bettername2come

    S04.E15: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

    I really enjoyed this one. I wish we could have gotten a James and Lex scene. I liked how they remembered they have a history and how Lex kept calling him Jimmy. It was just believable and a little petty. John Cryer makes a surprisingly good Lex Luthor. Nice "The Watchmen" reference with "I had someone give me the cure ten minutes ago." Miss Tessmacher is evil?! Why am I surprised by this? Is it just me or was this the strongest storyline James has had in two years, and he spends most of it unconscious offscreen?
  10. bettername2come

    S01.E08: Barely Breathing

    No, I don’t mean their past lives. I mean in the books and OG series they hatched as six-year-olds. And that’s when their lives began, whereas here, they’re saying “we were seven years old, someone put us in those pods” like they think they had a childhood on their home planet they don’t remember and were sent here Superman style after they were born. It was just a difference I noticed, and they seemed so sure of it that it seemed odd to me.
  11. bettername2come

    S01.E08: Barely Breathing

    I thought it was strange in this one that they seem to think they had lives on their home planet they don’t remember, which was never something considered in the OG series or books. I don’t know how I feel about that one. On the one hand, yes, they were old enough to have lives they could have remembered. On the other, it seems just as implausible for them to have them to have been in stasis for 50 years and be amnesiac as it does for them to have gestated that long before hatching. Michael’s been growing on me as they’ve given him more layers. I like how they’ve made him the smart one. Also, the man can work a cowboy hat. New Mama Evans has nothing on Mary Ellen Trainor.
  12. bettername2come

    Supernatural Obsession: Quotes, Memorable Moments, etc

    Harrington: In this town, I'm God. Sam: You're not. Believe me. We've met God. Cas: God has a beard. I just really loved Misha's delivery on that one.
  13. bettername2come

    S07.E15: Training Day

    Why...why did Oliver think the confession over a vat of acid was going to be admissible? I'm glad the storyline has at least shifted to a "task force." It makes more sense. Also, what was the point of deputized vigilantes if they were just gonna act like cops anyway? Like, if they had wanted to be cops, wouldn't they have just been cops? As much as I enjoy the flashforwards with Mia and William, I'm still hoping this future gets erased, because the idea of William and Mia not growing up together and with their parents makes me very sad. So, if Barry or the Legends want to screw up the timeline, I would consider it for the better this time. Diggle, Felicity and Oliver! With candy! Seriously, why can't they just have one Black Canary actually have the Canary Cry? It can't be an expensive effect.
  14. bettername2come

    Glass (2019)

    Yes. But he’s not alive, dammit! I liked the movie. Loved that Joseph became the guy in the chair. He’s grown up handsome and I really enjoyed his character. Hate that David died.
  15. bettername2come

    S14.E14: Ouroboros

    The Gorgon reminded me of a young Freddie Prinze Jr. I find this very weird. I loved Jack's little speech at the end. I was so proud to hear him call himself a Winchester. I think this was a very strong episode for him and Rowena. I liked those little moments of her genuinely caring about them all, especially when she admitted to worrying about Jack. And she immediately dropped everything to go hunting with the boys and decided to make her and Sam a couple for their cover story? My "Sam kills her by the Sam Winchester Sex Curse" theory grows more plausible every day. I can't really fault them for having Jack take Michael's grace and kill him. It's a fairly logical way to go. But I don't want this to result in Michael somehow taking over Jack or Jack becoming the Big Bad. Rowena possessed by Michael was fun.