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  1. RobertDeSneero

    S02.E09: Project Daedalus

    Spock is searching for a logical reason why he was chosen by the Red Angel. If one cannot find a logical reason, then perhaps there is a non-logical reason. For those wondering about Airiam's nature, she prefers being called cybernetically augmented to half robot.
  2. RobertDeSneero

    S02.E10: Blood of Patriots

    The shuttle doesn't have torpedo launchers, as was pointed out. The plan was probably to surrender, allow themselves to be brought on board, and open the canisters inside or to use them to blow up the shuttle sufficiently close to a Krill ship. The logical fate for the fake daughter is that she was handed over to the Krill as a criminal who conspired to attack them.
  3. RobertDeSneero

    S05.E16: Failure is an Orphan

    Maybe, the return of Cicada in the future is Grace looking for a way to travel in time to prevent the death of her uncle due to a mistake by the doctor, who she kills anyways.
  4. RobertDeSneero

    S07.E15: Training Day

    If they weren't siblings, William and Mia would make a cute couple. Which I suppose makes sense, since posters are pointing out they resemble Felicity and Oliver. I'm sure someone is going to write some Rule 34 fanfic based on that.
  5. RobertDeSneero

    S04. E13. Though This Be Madness, Yet There Be Method In't

    Del Toro recognized they were rebooting the system and depressurized the plane and affected the oxygen masks as a counter-measure. The plane depressurized after the system had been rebooted and the pilot had regained control.
  6. RobertDeSneero

    S05.E14: Cause and XS

    In Nora's time, millennial parents are unironically complaining about how their young adult children are less mature and responsible than they were at the same age. If she traveled back in time, she would run into her past self. Rewinding time seems more accurate here.
  7. RobertDeSneero

    S16. E13. She

    In the NCIS universe, people like Ziva seem to keep some sort of off-the-books safehouse where they might leave a cache of weapons. Sam and Callen probably do the same thing in LA. She was likely trained to not have too much of an easily tracked routine like sleeping in the same bed every night. I liked Ellie calling out Gibbs on his hypocrisy. She's the right character to do that. Gibbs is going to have an interesting reaction when he finds out she knew Ziva is alive. I don't think Ziva would hide her status from Tony. From her child, yes, because children can't keep secrets, but Tony has been in the game long enough that he would know what to do. Maybe the actors are returning for a story arc as part of the deal for the cop show they are exec producing.
  8. RobertDeSneero

    S07.E12: Emerald Archer

    It would make sense if it sets up a later season with Team Arrow becoming the new Suicide Squad with bombs in their necks as part of the road towards a dystopian future. Oliver being forced to do things he doesn't want to do, possibly having to team up with enemies of the past?
  9. RobertDeSneero

    S04. E11. Careless Whisper

    The book version is that of a misogynist who probably sees how a woman looks as the most important part of her value. Book Jane looks and acts like an objectified version of a woman.
  10. RobertDeSneero

    S44.E11: James McAvoy / Meek Mill

    I knew it wasn't John Goodman, even though that was my first instinct, but didn't realize it was Steve Martin until I saw him at the end of the show. I'm optimistic about Halsey as a host. The track record for musicians hosting is decent. She can be Pete Davidson's next girlfriend.
  11. RobertDeSneero

    S04.E10: Suspicious Minds

    I can't wait for the scene where mind-wiped Alex confides to her sister Kara that she has a lesbian crush on that hot alien Supergirl.
  12. RobertDeSneero

    S06.E02: Hitchcock & Scully

    Meat near the bone tastes better than something like those garbage, flavorless chicken breasts that some people like and they present a superior tactile experience.
  13. RobertDeSneero

    S11.E10: The Battle Of Ranskoor Av Kolos

    There have to be core values that are constant throughout all of the Doctor's incarnations. There is a reason for choosing that name that a regeneration does not change. And we have seen a swing from a curmudgeon who seemed like a misanthrope to someone who seems to have picked strangers to serve as a surrogate family. Isn't an angst-free Doctor enough of a change? I feel like the story arc is coming. This season was about establishing themes and characters. Maybe the point is that gender-fluid regenerations are completely natural and aren't something that needs to be "handled". Do you need an episode where the Doctor dismisses any question about difficulty by saying that it was no problem at all?
  14. RobertDeSneero

    S16. E09. Tailing Angie

    It's personal porn. Dudes like porn.
  15. RobertDeSneero

    S04.E07: Hell No, Dolly!

    I was expecting Ray's mustache to be possessed.