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  1. "Toonces" the cat. Oh, NinjaP, I love you! I read your snark before I watched the episode on my tablet while working on my latest and greatest project and when Dr. N went to George the driver in the ambulance I did a spit take, almost choked and fortunately saved my work (it's quilting, BTW). Thank you and thanks to all the other snarkers here for making it worth my while to watch this dreck. Does anyone know when the new regime is taking over and when we'll see the results?
  2. Good, so I don't feel too far behind in dates. I'm hard at work on another project so I'm streaming the show on the Global app and I must say, there just isn't much that I find interesting especially compared to the BB years. I'm disheartened to see so many core characters gone and the whole focus of the show on the mundane. I really don't care (do u?) about who is schtupping whom and would like to see the glamour of yesteryear-- the Colonade room, the grand feasts, the beautiful clothes, the scheming on a large scale. Everyone sounds and acts like a bunch of niggling adolescents and no one rises above it. Even Nikki who should have replaced the great Katherine as a character is now part of the bubble, bubble, toil and trouble witches' coven. And, how did so many people from Miami end up in General City WI? It looks like TPTB want to segue the show into something it never was by eliminating legacy characters and sets. This is all just my opinion I'm sure you understand, but if I didn't have my nose in a new project I wouldn't be watching this whatever-it-is.
  3. FrankOFoley

    Got Questions?: We've Got Answers!

    Is the character of Valerie Grant (Vanessa A. Williams) leaving?
  4. She does. And she also looks like she lost 10 to 20 pounds. I haven't watched since the Victor stroke debacle but I've been doing some sewing recently and stream the show on my tablet while I'm working so I haven't seen MTS for a while. I was pleased to see her looking more fit and refreshed since I last saw her. I know some time ago she had some back or other issues which probably limited her mobility. It's doubtful, however, that I'll keep up with the show once I finish this project. Can't tolerate what's been done to it.
  5. FrankOFoley

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    Just wanted to let you all know that Michael Graziadei was on Magnum PI last night as the bad guy. Did a good job and happy to see him.
  6. FrankOFoley

    Magnum P.I. (2018)

    First episode I watched and was pleasantly surprised at how I enjoyed it. Also happy to see Michael Graziadei as the bad guy. Happy to see he's getting work.
  7. Death by a thousand cuts. Why don't they just cancel it already and save us and them the torture of a slow leak in a swamped boat.
  8. FrankOFoley

    Clawing Your Way Up In the Media

    To answer my own question, it's 29 July at 10 pm.
  9. FrankOFoley

    Clawing Your Way Up In the Media

    Does anyone have any info about when Bravo Canada is going to start Season 2. The only info given is "coming soon". Thanks.
  10. Thx for the welcome, NinjaP. I'll continue to post when I feel as if I have something worthwhile to add to the discussion. Could be sooner, could be later. In the meanwhile, I have some random thoughts... TL. What is he doing back on this show, with his Ex??? Not that I mind since he is the hottest thing on soaps these days. The movie he EP'ed almost won Best Picture last year and he's producing and acting in other films. So, why go back? And, it's lovely to see TL and AH together but I just can't imagine how cringeworthy it must have been for each of them. There's an obvious intimacy which is to be expected after almost 10 yrs of marriage but something must have broken up their relationship and here we see them thrust back together. Why is this being done and who thought of it? How is their relationship off set these days? They appear to get along together but as Ted Casablanca said some years ago "they're actors". I would bet that JT is going to fall off a cliff in HA thanks to Pele. Why is Drinki talking about "an open relationship" with the withered up Nosferatu. He was always her end game but here she is now boinking the whatever-it-is-he-does-I-haven't-paid-enough-attention-to-catch-his-job. A word to Mal, borrowing from the late, great Ann Landers, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Why, oh why is TGVN, who suffered a stroke (whether ischémic or hemorraghic) on Antibiotics? Can anyone enlighten me on this? Because if antibiotics cure brain damage, I want some. Please turn Phyllis back into a raging, redheaded harridan. And someone give Ashley back her balls. And on the subject of neutered characters, I loved Bitchtoria back in the day. Now all the females are empty-headed sirens. And, another thing, Nick does very well acting with kids so let's limit his role to Nick's Daddy Day Care. He'd be perfect. When any more pops up so will I. Take care all. Courage.
  11. I check in on this show from time to time and rarely post here (or the late, lamented TWoP). I felt compelled to comment when the writers gave TGVN a "stroke" story line. First I want to say that members of my family have suffered and died from the effects of stroke. It is a horrible condition that can imprison a person for years with only one way out. It's a condition that should treated with kid gloves. I don't expect TPTB to follow this advice especially since the one character who has suffered a stroke is TGVN and this was confirmed when Abby or someone said that he was going to make a fast recovery(!) With all that being said, I want to throw in my reactions and suggestions to TPTB. First of all I'm fed up with VN and guffawed when he tumbled down the stairs and thought pls let him be dead, this show would be so much better without this old dinosaur tromping around on everyone. But, I knew it wouldn't work out that way. So when I saw him comatose in the hospital I thought well, at least there's hope, but no. He's now awake with darting eyes (and that's shows this is a work of fiction) about to recover his speech in dramatic fashion. I thought wouldn't it be much more fun and interesting to continue the storyline with VN, still aphasic (SP), in an electric wheelchair a la Hector "Tio" Salamanca from Breaking Bad, but instead of a bell, he could have a glockenspiel and he could zoom around GC banging on it 1 for yes and 2 for no. It would lead to much more suspense to guess "does he/doesn't he know" and JT could hang around for a while longer. I know it's wishful thinking. But I know TGVN is going to overcome this "tragedy" as he (and Colleen's heart) have so many others.
  12. FrankOFoley

    Clawing Your Way Up In the Media

    Just a heads up for any Canucks interested in this show. It is now showing on Bravo Canada.
  13. FrankOFoley

    S03.E03: The Return: Parts 3 and 4

    Me, too.
  14. Or you can move to canada and get it on the W network.