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  1. MisterGlass

    The Passage

    Lila left with a group from Doctors Without Borders. When the viral at the gas station didn't attack her, she speculated that her blood might contain something that could be used to treat people or make a cure, and she thought those doctors were the most likely people she would find to investigate that possibility. She thought the CDC wasn't coming, but I think she left the cure with Brad in case they did.
  2. MisterGlass

    The Passage

    It may have a lot to do with length of exposure to the vampire's manipulations. Gray, the janitor, probably had the longest exposure to Fanning. He was the one around the cell day after day. It may be that it took time for Fanning to build up the ability to reach people at a distance. It may be that with each new vampire as an antenna, he could expand his range. But the first and longest manipulation was probably Gray. Even if he resisted at first, he was worn down by the time the show began. Babcock probably can control Richards, but she said at the beginning that she wanted him to make the choice to be her "one" pet or Renfield. Presumably there is some kind of blood link between them, even though he remains human. As she said, he gets to be immortal but walk in the sun and eat real food. They have also spent time together before and after she became a vampire. Even if she isn't directly using him as a puppet, it would be hard in the long term to resist the arguments of someone who can literally be in your head. The scientist may be a different situation because he was trying to establish a direct neural link and control over a vampire. He hooked himself into one of the virals and assumed he would be the one in charge of the link. The connection may have enabled the more direct control of him. Regarding the cure, Sykes made two doses. One went to Lila, and one was supposed to go to the CDC. That cure went to save Brad instead. Lear created an independent cure of some kind.
  3. MisterGlass

    The Passage

    Didn't realize it was a two hour finale, so that was a nice. I'm glad they took some time showing how things progressed, especially if there is a big time jump next season. They also took a few minutes to humanize Richards as he lay there paralyzed, and Fanning, in the flashback to him being scared before he turned, and wanting to die. Sad to lose Sykes. Glad the other characters have the potential to be around so far in the future. I wonder what they tell others about themselves. The relationships they set up in these episodes could be very interesting to explore. I wonder if Fanning and Amy stay in touch during that time. They are interesting together, but what a strange dialogue. The most surreal part of this episode to me was Fanning's response to Lear about the outbreak, "I don't know...why does anyone have kids?"
  4. MisterGlass

    S02.E13: The Whirlwind

    My impression was that the first season took breaks in the violence. There was a burst at the beginning, intermittent bits, and then a burst at the end. There was time to recover.
  5. MisterGlass

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    I've been looking at some side by sides of the de-aged Marvel characters. I think the work on Fury is by far the best, with Ego from GotG2 second. I think with Coulson and some of the others they took out a little too much texture and color variation. In pictures they look good, but when they are moving the faces look too flat. I wonder if they put more work into Fury because of his large role in this film. Also, I had no idea that Samuel L Jackson is 70. Potentially Howard kept it hidden. This would actually line up with a plot point from the Agent Carter series. Howard always kept some of his discoveries secret from the government because he didn't trust them with the most dangerous things. It could be that Mar-Vell was looking for the tessaract itself, found a way to scan for it, and somehow got it out of Howard's vault. However, as others have pointed out this movie does have some continuity problems with the rest of the universe, so I don't know if that is a deliberate choice or a happy accident. It does bother me that this was played for a laugh. It's a little like the joke in Thor Ragnarok about rebuilding Asgard just as it's destroyed. I haven't decided if I'm laughing or cringing.
  6. MisterGlass

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    Saw it today and thought it was entertaining. Agree with others who put it in the middle tier for Marvel, but there's a lot to enjoy. It reminded me a lot of the first appearances of Captain America and Doctor Strange. It felt like it was concentrating very hard on getting to certain origin story moments, and at those times Carol felt a little bland to me. In the more casual conversations and character moments I liked her. Hopefully like Cap and Strange she'll improve in her second appearance without the origin story burden. All the characters had fun moments, but Fury and Goose stole the movie. Sam Jackson was so energetic and engaging as younger Fury. Fury's cat love was delightful, and Goose's CGI shenanigans were just the right amount of over-the-top ridiculous. And the last end credit scene of him was the perfect ending. I liked the relationship between Carol and Maria. And thank goodness, there were no tacked on romances in this movie. Ben Mendelsohn was very good as Talos. It does take the right person to stand out under full face make up, and he really did. I loved the character once we got to know him. I loved the final visual of her powers. However, up to that point her powers have been about blasting things or boosting herself up, and she could be harmed. I feel like the movie doesn't take enough time for her to understand the full extent of her powers. I recognize that this would have slowed down the action a little, but I wanted another couple moments like when she was falling and it took a few seconds for her to see if she could fly. I was okay with "I'm Just a Girl."
  7. MisterGlass

    The Passage

    I've been somewhat indifferently following this show; I'm not familiar with the books. I have to say it's really growing on me. There was some laughably bad character decision making along the way, but in spite of that they've set up a tense confrontation next episode. Fanning and Gray are a great combination of master and Renfield. Killing someone farther back in the vampire lineage kills all their descendants. If A created B, B created C, and C created D, killing C kills D, killing B kills C and D, and killing A destroys all of them. If Fanning dies then everyone dies.
  8. MisterGlass

    S02.E11: Chapter 19

    Watched the second season on Hulu this week. It did not go in a direction I expected. Not sure that I like David as a villain, but I can see it. At least the philosophical interludes tied back into the main story at the end. Narcissism is the Shadow King, who believes what he does to other people doesn't matter, and who tried (perhaps succeeded) to persuade David of the same thing. Moral panic is the people at Division Three, who took the facts they had and drew the conclusion that the Shadow King wanted them to draw. Delusion was David, in so many ways. Not least because he thought he could win by engaging with his own abuser, and instead got more turned around than ever. And I guess David was the contagious one, and the people at Division 3 were catching madness from him. Navid Negahban was the standout this season. Creepy, scary character.
  9. MisterGlass

    Russian Doll

    I thought the other Nadias were supposed to symbolize the parts of herself she is moving passed. There was a lot that was interesting in this, though I got a little weary of the over-the-top Bohemian party. It was a good use of the time loop concept. The idea of a degrading time loop is not one that I remember seeing. There were several references to video games, including to Nadia's somewhat meta game about a lone female protagonist, and game Easter eggs. On some level I think the decay in the loop and disappearance of objects is the game life counter for Alan and Nadia. They have a certain number of stored lives, until they unlock the opportunity to go back to the first night where they went wrong. As far as the homeless man, in the original timeline he met Alan, and was seen by Nadia. I think he and his friends took suicidal Alan's money, then went to the shelter, where one of his friends stole his shoes, leading to his death the second night in most timelines. He's a foil for both characters as someone who couldn't make it in a different way. If there were a second season, I think it would have to be other characters stuck in a loop.
  10. MisterGlass


    TV Series Finale is calling it a cancellation. :-( But well done to all involved. Really enjoyed this show.
  11. MisterGlass

    S02.E06: Nakazat

    Accurate videos do exist. It is more difficult, especially for someone inexperienced. I suppose if you wanted to limit someone's ability to say that a photo was fabricated, film would help. That said, people fall for some amazingly bad photoshop.
  12. MisterGlass

    S02.E13: The Whirlwind

    This was definitely more violent than the first season, and in places I think it was over the top. For example, in the fight at the Russian gym, Frank had long since won, but kept hitting the guy with the weight. Or at the end, when Frank was randomly mowing down members of the two gangs with machine guns. I think the series works best when Frank's violence is more precise, like when the five guys who wanted the bounty followed him into the alley, and he dispatched each of them with a shot in quick succession. If it's hand to hand, Frank should stop when everyone's incapacitated. He shouldn't be a sadist.
  13. "He has boo-boos now" is my favorite response so far to Billy’s face on the Punisher.
  14. MisterGlass

    S02.E13: The Whirlwind

    When he first showed up in Daredevil I thought he was taking money off the villains he killed. He salvaged some guns from them this season. Definitely, between the tattoo outlines and his line to Curtis that in his past life he would have judged him without speaking to him. Every time he was on screen, all I could think of was the preacher from the 50s movie "Night of the Hunter."
  15. MisterGlass

    S02.E11: The Abyss

    I thought Frank was far enough away in the rooftop fight to not see Matt's face. He had his sights on the ninjas. Matt's blindness is a deterrent to anyone thinking he's Daredevil, even when they sound alike.