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  1. Friday

    S07.E12: Aaron's Story LIVE CHAT

    That's been the best part for me, so far.
  2. I'm doing the same thing. It helps that I can't tolerate her voice for more than 5 seconds.
  3. Friday


    I bought three long sleeved t-shirts from Target's A New Day line, probably in November or December, that I have worn and washed many times and they still look like new. I have started buying a lot of tops from Target, great prices and quality. I think they were on sale for $8 each, down from $10 or $12. Works very well within my retirement budget.
  4. Friday


    For me it's a toss-up between Mr. My Pillow and Mr. Magic Marker. I don't think I've ever seen contestant #3.
  5. Friday

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story

    I had the same experience with depression meds. Prozac was the first, did nothing to help, then began my depression med "journey," finally ended up on Wellbutrin which helped a lot, plus did not, fortunately, cause weight gain. No longer take any meds, and do well, except for SAD in the winter, which was particularly bad this year. California finally is drought free for the first time in 10 years, which made for a very dark, gloomy, and wet winter. I'm just now coming out of it.
  6. Friday

    Family By The Ton

    I really wish he had gone for a darker color fabric for that suit. The color he chose shows every lump and bump.
  7. Must have been Bring Your Flamingo To Work Day.
  8. In my opinion, not a snowball's chance in hell!
  9. Friday

    Scott & Lizzie: Trick or Treat

    Yep, I'm new to this party but recognize several names from my other "parties!"
  10. Friday

    Scott & Lizzie: Trick or Treat

    She forgot to add no bow-chick-a-wow-wow for the Scotts of the world.
  11. Excellent point! Mugh could end up wiping all three of their asses and serving them meals in bed.
  12. She was on track for a My 600 Lb Life crossover episode. Mugh could have been her enabler.
  13. I've never seen or heard anyone who can turn an innocent statement against you like she does.
  14. Friday

    Small Talk: 90 Days Probation

    Someday when I'm wined-up enough, I'll share my experience with a recently released (unbeknownst to me) man from Pelican Bay, which is known as the prison where the send the worst of the worst prisoners in California's prison system. He was a classmate I'd known in my childhood (went through grade school and high school with him). He contacted me when I signed up with Classmates.com. I agreed to meet him for dinner in a town about 40 miles from where I live. Met in front of a CVS I believe it was; didn't recognize him at all. His gray pallor should have tipped me off. That was a hugely massive lesson learned for me; nothing bad happened except for the fact that I got in car to head for some restaurant on the river, and NO ONE knew what I was doing that night.
  15. Friday

    Small Talk: 90 Days Probation

    Me too; I binge watched all but one episode since Saturday morning. This show is in a weird class by itself. Up until now, My 600 Lb Life and Family By the Ton were my go-to shows, but this is truly tv gold.