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  1. friendperidot

    NYPD Blue

    it's been 6 weeks or so since I was talking to myself. But watching through Danny's last shows and his death and the services, the quality of writing and acting on this show really were excellent. Andy Sipowitz really is everyman. Tonight, on the first hour, Eddie Gibson was being his usual irritating self, but he agreed to go on medical leave to take care of his cancer. There was a bit with Dennis Franz rolling his eyes, he really was terrific. Then in the second hour, one of the reasons I love Baldwin Jones, Greg started getting all excited at the idea of breeding bulldogs and Baldwin told him to take it easy, he could see the wheels turning. Next, Mark Paul Gosselaar as Det. John Clark Jr. is my second favorite Andy partner, and tonight's lines about the rest of the squad are supposed to be Andy's puppets, "yes Andy. yes Andy. yes Andy." Such great delivery, then later in the show, just dropped a "yes Andy." Always, the cast is excellent, the acting is above average, way above average, the writing is excellent even if the dialogue is sometimes convoluted. But the show is still head and shoulders above most tv shows. Edited to add a great example of the writing and acting, slimeball stoolie, Julian, played by Lenny Vinito, was trying to weasel money for a tip he had given on a murder, Lieutenant Rodriguez (the devine Esai Morales) came in to tell Andy & John to go out on a call, and Julian called out, "Let's be careful out there!" It's just these little touches that make the show.
  2. friendperidot

    Pit Bulls And Parolees

    Tia is a little younger than me, I'm 68, but I broke my foot last June, my whole life has changed. I can't walk like I used to, my back bothers me after I stand or walk for short periods of time, my stance changed while I was wearing my boot. And I have osteoporosis, now I'm terrified of falling, it isn't even a conscious decision, my balance is off and if I'm faced with a situation where I'm uncertain, I'm scared of falling. Broken bones when you get older are a big deal. It took months for my foot to heal and it still hurts on occasion. I get where Tia's at, we aren't spring chickens any more.
  3. friendperidot

    While You Were Out

    I didn't know WYWO was on HGTV. I'm not really boycotting, I just have no interest in the Scott Brothers or Chip and Joanna and every time I scroll through tv schedules, HGTV has one of them on, so I scroll on by. I don't watch much on TLC either, I've kind of quit Say Yes To The Dress, so I'm pretty much down to Trading Spaces and While You Were Out.
  4. friendperidot

    While You Were Out

    the new format of 2 homes and with crossover designers from Trading Spaces is going to confuse me for a while. The budget, having 2 designers and a carpenter could be a boost in getting a decent room, but having to do 2 homes in close proximity or with 2 sets of friends to help the premise of sending 2 friends out on a bogus trip might be a problem, one the one hand, it might be logical for 2 friends to go off on a fantasy trip to something they enjoy, I could be bought for a trip to a doll convention with a friend, but I don't live in a house where $10,000 would be feasible, that could almost redo the entire house, but one $10,000 room would be out of place. And I'm too controlling and know what I want in a room, I don't want someone coming in with different ideas. And doing two rooms in two different homes makes it more like trading spaces. I think I'd like it better if it went back to one room in one house, two friends going off a trip might be great, but maybe one friend could be in on it and keep the other friend busy. Or even if they wanted to keep the 2 homeowners format, the people sent away could each be in on it for the other one and sworn to secrecy, then be surprised when they got home to their own new room. But Hildi isn't much of a team player nor is she big on compromise. I think Ty was more than a little pissed about that. I don't know enough about the other team yet, I haven't watched much HGTV for a long time, since it became the Scott Brothers and Chip and Joanna channel, I have no interest. I'll give it another chance, oh who am I kidding, I'll be watching every week.
  5. friendperidot

    S10.E01: Battle of the Decades

    I didn't like Carter's mustache, it kind of made him appear dirty, but aside from that, he is an incredibly handsome man, I liked watching the carpenter's boogie or whatever it was, he had the moves down. I like his personality too. I was surprised that he was a designer again, I thought he was rather uncomfortable with that role, Ty is a little more confident as a designer but with his other makeover show (I'm forgetting the name) but it probably had more viewers since it was ABC and not a cable channel. I know, he was over on While You Were Out and I'll go there to discuss it. It was a little confusing to me with the new format and Hildi and Ty. But my guess is Ty will also be on Trading Spaces this season as a designer and a carpenter. I'm glad he's working steadily. Sometimes, his antics are too much, but he does seem to want homeowners to be happy with their homes.
  6. friendperidot

    Major Crimes

    thank you, I said I might be misremembering, and even as I said that about Rusty writing the letters, there was something twinging in the back of my mind, but it's been a couple of years and I'm getting older. Was this Weller person the one who worked at the boys group home and had killed a couple and a sofa cover was involved? I'm fuzzy on this too, so I guess it's a good thing that the stories are coming around again, because it's almost like watching for the first time. lol.
  7. friendperidot

    Major Crimes

    that's one of the things I like about NYPD Blue, there were at least 4 Johns, Kelly, Irwin and Clarks, Sr. and Jr. And 3 of them were on the show at the same time. It happens in real life all the time, in my early working days, my first name was the second most popular female name in the agency, Mary was the first by a big lead. No one seems to name baby girls Mary any more. I was distracted tonight and didn't pay as much attention to the first episode you recapped, maybe when the second one airs tomorrow night I won't be as distracted. But, I thought I remembered that Rusty is the one that wrote the letters or am I remembering wrong and he was only suspected of writing the letters. It's been a while since I've seen these episodes. But I do love when he finally starts seeing Dr. Joe, who was John Irwin on NYPD Blue, my favorite character on that show.
  8. friendperidot

    Nate And Jeremiah By Design

    I am looking forward to seeing these two on my tv again. And from one commercial, their kids are getting so big! (yes, I know, kids do that)
  9. this week, we did a lot of cleaning and rearranging in the room I am mostly confined to, my antenna wire got moved, I haven't been able to get channels like Buzzer, Decades and Cozi, even though they are offered in my area. I decided to do a rescan of my tv tonight, I can now get those, however I appear to have lost ION. And I noticed that ION is now showing CSI, one of my all time favorite shows. I may play with the wire some more and see if I can get ION and Decades and Cozi, but now I have a whole lot more options. I'm kind of tired of Star Treks on H&I and I preferred Boston Legal in the afternoons on Escape. And now, just as Trading Spaces is back on for a new season. So many decisions to make!
  10. friendperidot

    Say What?: Commercials That Made Us Scratch Our Heads

    Back in disco days, I fell off some platform heels on ice. So, I also know the pain that I'm speaking of. To get on topic, I have never looked at Poshmark or Thread Up - and I still hate the way one of the young women says "thread up", still sounds like "Britta" to me. I don't care for "names" in clothing or shoes. If a designer wants to advertise across my chest, butt, shoes or purse, they are going to have to pay me big bucks. I do shop local thrift shops for sweaters and plain tee shirts. I'm retired, so I just wear sweater/tee shirt and inexpensive blue jeans, shoes are either nameless brand sneakers or some really cute embroidered canvass slides from China - I have small feet, I can find shoes like that. My sister has to have boats for her feet, it's harder for her to find cute shoes, I think most of the ones she gets are truly ugly, but I never did care for saddle oxfords.
  11. friendperidot

    Say What?: Commercials That Made Us Scratch Our Heads

    Every time I see that Poshmark ad and that young woman saying she'd have paid $700 for those shoes, I ask "why?" They are really ugly and those heels will kill her. I have said before in other threads, I collect fashion dolls, bigger than Barbie (Happy 60th Birthday, you still look great!) their feet are permanently arched for high heels and I buy some extreme shoes for them, but nope, I wouldn't wear those ugly things. I'd probably kill myself, fall off the heels, trip, twist an ankle, fall over and hit my head and die. No more heels for me.
  12. friendperidot

    While You Were Out

    I have neighbors I detest, I am not alone in this. I would love to do a WYWO style makeover to their front yard while they were gone a few days, fill the trees with birdhouses and wind chimes all around their front porch, paint in colors like lime green and pink/purple with orange trim, build a 10 wall between our houses, and have a mural painted on their side, some sort graffiti, street art, but including the woman of the house blathering on the news about her horrible neighbors (I didn't live here then) and then a small spot of my little nephew's grave which if she hadn't been blathering other things may not have occurred and he would be 7 now, not dead and buried at 3. Bitter? who me?
  13. friendperidot

    Trading Spaces Media, Ratings, and Scheduling

    I'm one that found While You Were Out first and I fell in love with it. Eventually I added on Trading Spaces. I may be nuts, but I liked a lot of the concepts of WYWO, especially for children. Their tastes are going to change that it doesn't matter a lot if there's a theme of something silly. As long as the changes are safe and non structural, they're probably easy to remove and paint over. But I have never forgotten the one with the browbeaten wife, the overbearing husband and the holes in the deck and paint on his outside walls. That was one furious dude.
  14. friendperidot

    Say What?: Commercials That Made Us Scratch Our Heads

    Recently, my 20 yr old great nephew was ticked because I don't remember the ad for some gym. I told him the channels I watch are the old people channels, we get life insurance, reverse mortgages, nugenix, cb1 weight gainer (why? we're old, we want to lose weight, not gain it), the stuff with Rodney and Holly Robinson Peete, stuff for back and feet problems and of course exercise equipment for the home, not gyms.
  15. friendperidot

    Major Crimes

    I have to agree with you re Tom Berenger's reactions. I think he's a rather underrated actor. I always pay attention to him because my aunt worked with him briefly before he became a "name" actor. But the second of the episodes, I won't see until tomorrow evening. I guess METV in your area runs the episodes on the same day, here, it's one on Saturday and one on Sunday. When I read your recaps, I pay more attention to the Sunday episode to see what you saw. I would have like to pay more attention to tonight's episode, but my great nephew was having phone/internet problems and kept bugging me and wanting me to search this or that nonsense or check to see if his email came through. Sorry, I'm still annoyed and venting.