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  1. Anela

    S03.E08: Now Am Found

    The creator of this show seems to have an obsession with men who mow lawns. So that little boy was the man they ran into, at the convent, with the little girl. I figured that Julie was still alive. Aside from the excellent acting, I didn't really need to watch this. Several people had it all figured out, including the little boy knowing something (although as an adult, not a kid), the daughter of the rich guy wanting her as her own daughter, and her dad covering it up - paying off the real mother, too.
  2. Anela

    S03.E07: The Final Country

    I'm confused. Was the cousin who was murdered, in Vegas, too? Or was he in town? I don't see how they could be driving back-and-forth between Arkansas and Vegas so fast - it's apparently a 21-hour drive, which is less than I expected. I shouldn't be watching this when I'm tired. I always seem to miss something. I felt no sympathy whatsoever, for Harris. He participated in kidnapping and hiding a little girl, apparently. Probably murdered the girl's mother, possibly her cousin, too. Covered up the murder or manslaughter of a little boy, pinned it all on a man who was innocent, until he defended himself against a vigilante mob, and the cops. All instead of getting a mentally ill rich woman, some help? He let them pin it on the children's father. Sick POS. No sympathy for him.
  3. Anela

    S03.E06: Hunters in the Dark

    I don't know how old Julie was when she was taken, but if she was this woman's mother, she'd have to be older than me (unless the reporter is in her mid-twenties, or the girl was raped, and gave birth to a baby, before she was an adult). I was five in 1980. I couldn't have a thirty-year-old daughter. That ending was creepy. I'm trying to decide if I should watch the rest, or wait until I'm more awake. I barely slept last night. That poor father dealing with the loss of his children (even if they weren't his biologically, he took care of them), and then being blamed for it? Scoot Mcnairy was excellent. And it looks like they were right in "dealing with" Harris. Unless he was just following him, to keep an eye on him. I doubt it.
  4. Just something cheerful for a Friday morning.
  5. Anela

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Emilia Clarke survived two brain aneurysms: https://www.newyorker.com/culture/personal-history/emilia-clarke-a-battle-for-my-life-brain-aneurysm-surgery-game-of-thrones
  6. Anela

    Good Girls

    I meant to add that once you find the forum, you can click the ribbon-type thing at the top of the thread, to follow it. That will put it on the front page for you. I also google search to find forums, since the search box hasn't always worked for me.
  7. Anela

    Good Girls

    Probably because he was still a person, whose grandmother loved him (most of the time), and received a call from him every night. He was so disgusting, and I'm glad that he's gone, but I can't imagine having to dispose of a body, no matter who it was. If only she'd called the police as soon as it happened, and then told them that she was going to drive to a certain place, because her children were in the car, and she didn't want them to see him. Then tell them that he had raped her, and she was trying to escape with her children, before it happened. It *was* an accident. But she wasn't in her right mind. I hope the previews that seem to show Beth and what's his name getting together, are intentionally throwing us off. I don't want them to hook up.
  8. Anela

    S03.E04: The Hour and the Day

    Same. I have no sympathy for the vigilante mob. I also noticed the one detective limping, so I hope he wasn't hurt in the blast. I hope so, too. It's so annoying to have a confusing ending, and to have to look things up on the internet, to read "the last episode explained" - and people still having different theories, LOL. This is what I'm afraid of, when I said in another thread that one idea I had, I really didn't like. Not that anything is great when it comes to murdered and kidnapped children. I hope he isn't involved, and has something like a split personality.
  9. Anela


    Also: was there any mention of Rory's building, when she returned to Yale, in the revival? I can't remember, and I watched it again, just before Christmas.
  10. Anela


    I mentioned that in the facebook group once, and was told, "That's how the rich stay rich". Nope, not going with it. No way would Emily fly in Coach, and she'd probably sniff over business class, although it's been almost thirty years since we got our seats bumped up into business class, one of the few times that I flew. Lorelai was looking through those travel books, with expensive hotels from something like twenty years before, and her parents offered to pay for them to sleep in hotels as they travelled. Geez, how many lines from this show are stuck in my head? I've just remembered Lorelai talking about her mother arguing with Jimmy Carter, because he had a better hotel room? "It wasn't Jimmy Carter... it was that insufferable Rosalynn."
  11. Anela

    The Village

    When I saw this topic title last week, I thought of the movie The Village, and didn't really pay attention to the actual description. I also totally forgot about it, but I will probably tune in for the dog.
  12. Anela

    S03.E03: The Big Never

    My sister did that when we were kids. Not only walked off, but we were swimming with friends, at a pool in the next town (we took a bus to get there) - she grew tired of waiting for us to finish swimming, when she'd had enough, so she just took the bus home. We were running around the building, then around shops on the same street, and the library. Finally took the bus home, and I ran up to mum, asking, "Is she here?!" That is still one of the scariest times of my life. I think I was eleven, and she was younger.
  13. I watched the first episode on Saturday night, and wish I'd been awake enough to watch the second one (I've just finished it). I'm in - although the constant music of doom in the first episode, had me thinking, "Alright, we get it - this is bad". Until the main detective was searching, and found the dolls. Then I got chills. I don't know why they keep having him look at his wife's picture, and her book, unless they're implying that she was involved, in order to get her writing career off the ground. Or maybe she knew more than she ever told him. I hope not, though. I like them together. I haven't seen Stephen Dorff in anything for years, and I liked him here.
  14. Anela

    Spoilers and Speculation

    I liked their friendship. My DVR started recording this again (after the power went out, a few weeks ago), and I've just got home in time to see a preview for next week, that included Carol kissing Zeke goodbye. I wonder if they're leading up to his comic book ending.
  15. Anela

    Spoilers and Speculation

    If she joined as a main character, I would have been tempted to start watching again. Shame they couldn't carve an X into Negan, and set him free, before they kill little kids for shock value, and to leave Michonne feeling like shit. I do not like that they're choosing to have children killed, because they needed to ramp up drama.