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  1. LeeluDallas

    S01.E01: MAFS: Happily Ever After?

    That was one of the weird things I caught (along with the fact that they feel like a “Stepford Couple” repeat after me: We. Are. A. 10/10) From what I see Danielle seemed to be able to cook/eat dinner without any signs of crippling nausea, she can work full time and sit thru a manicure and go for drinks, sit thru interviews etc at the resort, all without any sign of illness.. In my experience when I had ‘morning sickness’ it wasn’t at all convenient and it had me house bound for the first 5 months. Unfortunately there was only one time I wasn’t feeling sick and that was when I was sleeping. Also im pretty sure I caught Bobby early on saying he hoped she would be able to fall in love with him eventually...so they are having unprotected sex to bring a human into this world but he’s not sure she even loves him? So strange. Jephtee and Shawnice are just one hot mess. From day GO. The other couple...I always forget their names...pedantic Pete and fertile Francis. He would drive me potty with his overanalysing and rules system for answering any questions she has for him. Albeit, I'm quite sure her questions come fast and too furious for his overly stimulated brain. Just answer with what you can man! Bloody exhausting. Imagine them at a dinner party? I feel like they would bring up their personal gripes all the time and make it awkward all night.
  2. Unless Family Chantal decides to go Fight Club on Family Chicken Feet lol
  3. LeeluDallas

    S02.E01: And So It Begins

    British passport holders can visit The States for 3 months without a visa. But depending on his actual charges he may have a travel ban... certain crimes will deny anyone access into The States but usually minor ones have a statute of limitations.
  4. LeeluDallas

    S03 E11: The End Of The Line

    Azzan’s shit-eating-grin when he said he was ‘disappointed’ they couldn’t get married right away is all they need to know! He can literally not say anything, without practically peeing himself with glee, every time the wedding gets delayed. Family Chantal side note: So Nicole supposedly bit River? I probably would have too if I was body slammed to the floor and crushed by his body. Just sayin...
  5. Maybe it’s her natural face but does anyone else feel like Mia has had facial surgery/nose job/Botox and now looks like a busted Princess Jasmine? Lol ok so maybe not literally but her face seems swollen/frozen. When she was crying in her early TH there was no change in her expression. Other than being distracted by that and the fact that Amber is no way 36/37 and should (like people have previously said) be down the sperm bank and not getting married - this season feels even more forced. The friends and family seem to be Oohhhver-acting x10 this year smh. So far I feel like Bobby is a boy, playing at being a man. His false confidence is masked in bravado and the way he looks at the camera -intently with cocked eyebrows and slight smirk only bodes arrogance bred from insecurity. I have a feeling he will be much like Nick from Season 4. Time will tell if he’s OK being matched with someone in their 30s. I would prefer to watch more ‘what happened next’ shows like that they had for Courtney and Jason (Season 1). 90Day has that on lockdown lolz Tristian’s basketball baller ego is as big as his head... I don’t see that deflating anytime soon.
  6. LeeluDallas

    S03.E04: Boiling Point

    I am only 21 minutes in and my few observations so far: (sorry if this has been repeated - I have not checked any comments yet) 1) Nicole's stepdad has said what we have all been screaming at our TV for years lol result! too bad Nicole gives no fucks about anyone but herself (Mae included) and has no one considered that if the US denied him access via a K-1 why would they let him come in just bc she flies her dumb arse to marry him abroad in a country that Donald Trump prolly doesn't like much atm... smh. Also..I was surprised to hear that she wont have to convert to marry Hassan.. I tried to research it but it was a bit confusing. I really hope the parents petition the courts to take temporary custody of Mae while she is away bedding her prince...**shudders** 2) When Paolas crazy drama queen friend makes the most damn sense out of all of them you have to tip your hat to him lol literally everything he said at that table with her was spot on! 3) ...and most importantly... Dayyyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum! Chantel titties!! she must have had a second boob job..? in that blue dress they look lots bigger than last season.. Jorfisa : not sure I even care about these plebs anymore...
  7. LeeluDallas

    S01.E08: Moment of Truth

    Aaaaaaaaaaaamen!!!!!!!!!!! to all of this.
  8. LeeluDallas

    S01.E08: Moment of Truth

    lol that may be a good thing - those things are comfy ;-)
  9. ummm not the way she's doing it - plus toddlers don't need trips like that - wait til they're at least 8-10 so they can remember it and always bring a second caregiver if you can - safer that way.
  10. LeeluDallas

    S01.E08: Moment of Truth

    Ok before I get into anything - I'm going to Dam again this year and I'd really like to know what that cafe/bar is called that Jesse's mum took Darcey.. how cool! any Dutch ppl on this thread? ;-)
  11. Cheers for that! =) who Nicole? I'm shocked her mum allowed Nicole to take May to another country by herself like that =/
  12. also - i agree. When i saw her on her first show she comes across as fun and not afraid to speak her mind =) Her partner at the bra shop is funny too.
  13. Molly is familiar with 'reality TV' - this is a clip of her doing a fitting. She used to have a show about her bra shop - i cant remember what the show was called but it may have been on TLC. I knew I recognised her - unless this is her twin?? lol
  14. well exactly! that is my impression too - I have a few bi-racial friends both male and female - and you can definitely see their racial heritage. It does not look like that is her father by any means.
  15. Good for her lol Matt is a weirdo and his friends bite the big one!