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  1. msrachelj

    Will & Grace

    when i first saw grace in the office, all i could stare at was her crazy arched eyebrows. did she look off this episode. i know my tv is too small/too far but she was channeling carrot top. her face looked odd too.
  2. msrachelj

    All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    i have a different take on the 60ft push off the cliff. first of all, these women are like lemmings a lot of the time. one follows the other in their views. from the video they showed it was obvious the girl was going to jump into the water herself anyway, but she was hesitating. you can hear her say "should i just jump" or something to that effect. they made it sound like she was dragged up there with no intention of going in and was viciously thrown off the edge. there are a bunch of kids up there with her and it's plain to see this was planned. one or more were going to jump in. the pusher did push the girl hard. why, we don't know. it does not mean she was violent or whatever. so here is another example of a video going viral, the public making assumptions and ruining a persons life when they don't have all the facts. and the people who can't think for themselves just listening to women like this with one view, saying nasty things (sharon) it's really starting to piss me off. ( i just watched john oliver where he talked about the story on "the worst aunt in the world" and monica lewinsky and the evils of gossip, one sided media attention and factless opinions. )
  3. msrachelj

    S10.E14: We Need to Talk About Lily

    i hate that too. some of my favorite shows have shown blatant animal cruelty. superstore and the killing of the pigeon for one. i love animals so anyone who doesn't is not very high on my list of good people. what gloria did with stellas stuff was sad. she is really not a very nice person. trophy wife for sure.
  4. i know female dogs are called bitches. that was not what i meant. i meant females all females , it was humor. what the hell is happening to this place? to this country? is this really offensive? WTF!
  5. "females" was meant as all inclusive , women girls, female dogs, you get it? humor. good grief.
  6. yes, that is strange that they never did anything with don or dj. and it looks ridiculous. on every one.
  7. msrachelj


    pretty much what i said. there's hoarding and there's filthy pigs. sorry pigs. the two need separate names. also, from the prices i've seen,the auctioneer was really trying to screw dale on that , could be beautiful, 57 ford pick up....glad the previous owner bought it and for a decent price. if his son does fix it up it will be a beauty. dale had a few once nice trucks there. he needed to have someone from a junkyard come in. some of those parts are much wanted.
  8. msrachelj

    All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    i am no fan of sharon's but that was great. i absolutely loved her takedown of lori loughlin who i can't stand. i always had a suspicion she was a spoiled entitled bitch and yes she is and her darling nasty daughters, especially the youtube one are following in her footsteps. this whole scandal is disgusting. these rich bastards and their deceiving ways need to be held accountable . i hope they go to jail. especially the 2 actress and not a country club prison.
  9. i read today that jed allen died. wasn't he marlenas first husband?
  10. attention females!!: no one over the age of 8 looks good withe their hair in mickey mouse ears. actually even then it looks stupid.
  11. msrachelj


    agree. there's keeping lots of stuff and there's keeping bags of shit, cooking in the bathroom, being a disgusting pig (sorry actual pigs, you are cleaner) . and i did not buy the 180 either. seemed staged. bull shit that they are going to keep the place clean. i really wish they did follow up shows.
  12. msrachelj


    well, really there was no way he could tell there was hanta virus there. mouse and rat shit but was it infected? you can't tell by looking at it.
  13. msrachelj


    those poor dogs. they never should have gotten them back. that couple is vile and insane. she tweeted trump to help her! not going to get political but let that sink in. the daughter needs therapy and dental work. she was neglected and had no chance with those two losers. the losers need to be moved into a home. really bad taste to mention the daughter was born into the toilet. the poor girl has enough problems. now the world knows she was born in , literally, a shit hole. it's too bad that sometimes these lunatics have too much freedom on their sides. if i were the neighbors , there is no way i would have helped clean up. i would have said a novena that the city take away their property. you know it's going to go back the way it was. imagine living next to those pieces of shit?! the therapist was boring. the clutter organizer woman was absolutely terrible at her job. i hope they find someone new. can't blame the daughter in law for saying she didn't like her! and why are the majority of these hoarders filthy pigs? we have seen the occasional home where it is stuffed with stuff, sometimes good stuff! but the kitchen and bath is usable. there are no feces, flies, rats, diseases waiting to happen. i don't have a lot of sympathy. these people should not be making life miserable for their neighbors. and btw, these two lowlifes had pretty nice vehicles didn't they?
  14. msrachelj

    S06.E04: Robocalls

    what are the phone numbers for the fcc people? i thought he was going to show them so we cold all call and voice our displeasure!
  15. well more like inappropriate because it was fugly and did her no favors. it was awfully tight and seemed a little intimate? for a television appearance. i guess she thought she looked good but to me , i agree it was inapropriate. no taste in parties, no taste in clothes! just like she thought she was cool by saying IDGAF.