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  1. https://twitter.com/therealKripke/status/1109774817530662912?s=19
  2. catrox14

    Supernatural Ending

    Not necessarily, yet. I hope... :/
  3. catrox14

    Supernatural Ending

    I think it's always been a family drama disguised as a fantasy/sci-fi show. And that in and of itself is not a bad thing. To me, there is a sweet spot of drama vs soap opera, and IMO up to s12, I think the show did drama /borderline soap without going over the line, mostly well with some missteps in s6 and s8. I didn't find the drama overall to be on the soap level but was born out the decisions the boys made, so I was okay with it. Now, I do think since s12 it became way more soapy, with trying to set up Wayward Sisters and the intro of Jack. Too much contrived soapiness that required them to ignore the past willfully for that soapy quality. My hope is they find a good solid mytharc story that keeps TFW in front (not TFW2. 0) and not because they make Evil!Jack the center. That will piss me off. I think it would be cool if we get something about the Books of Death and TFW1.0 read their fates and must decide if they accept them or attempt to change them as the final act. I think it would be a shame to lose what was set up in Advanced Thanatology.
  4. catrox14

    Supernatural Media: I Observe, With My Eyes

    Nice tribute to SPN from Danielle Turchiano. https://variety.com/2019/tv/columns/supernatural-season-15-goodbye-journalism-career-column-1203170725/#respond
  5. catrox14

    Supernatural Ending

    Right now, as weird as it sounds, my personal finale is Regarding Dean. That closing montage felt like an in memorium moment than just fun.
  6. catrox14

    Supernatural Ending

    I don't think Billie will send them to the Empty at this point. I feel like the Empty Threat (heh) is now for Castiel. Of course, I think the Empty idea has evolved. I don't think it was really for dead angels and demons when it was introduced. I think it was only when they "killed" Castiel and needed to find a way to bring him back, they decided to use the empty as the final resting place for angels and demons. I actually would be okay if the boys died and that was it. That we don't find out where they went. Of course, even if they did go to Heaven or Hell or the Empty there are ways to get them out. They have enemies in all three realms, and enemies in Purgatory as well. At this point, I think the most peace they could have is to simple stop existing in any form at all. I would prefer their essences die with them and they only live on via the Winchester Gospels. For me that would be the best way to end them. because they wouldn't be worried about anyone being able to make deals to get them out of wherever they go, or to be used by anyone, or coming back wrong in some way that makes them a threat to any universe. To me, they would be truly at peace then.
  7. catrox14

    Supernatural Ending

    For me, the dangers with Kripke coming back is that both characters have changed so much, that to bring them back to where they started, for me, doesn't work. And after Swan Song, I'm not sure I trust him unless he goes back to his original ending of the boys in the Cage together which I don't know about. Dabb wrote Dark Side if the Moon, so Heaven is possible, but I don't know if Sam, and Dean, especially, wants Memorex Heaven. As for Castiel, I think bringing Kripke back would actually be good for Castiel who largely fared well under him and who is also Krpike's creation. I don't see a series finale without Cas or at least his fate would be revealed in the penultimate series episode.
  8. Peace for them could be death. Like actual forever death. And I would be okay with it.
  9. I started with s9 live watching but binged the previous 8 in like 4 months before that when I was taking care of my mom before she passed away. Dean is the character who prompted me to write my first fanfic....I think I'll write a few more now that it's ending.
  10. I really only want a cohesive, well crafted end that honors the characters.
  11. And there it is. I am sad but as long as it goes out with glory, I can feel good about this.
  12. catrox14

    S14.E16: Don't Go in the Woods

    Shut your mouth, Sam. I think he has annoyed more this season than in s4 And that is because Jared is not bringing any nuance to Sam. Has he forgotten how to act? I'm not being snarky or mean to be funny. I int enjoy his performances at all this season. Its one note with bitchy face, huffing and exasporation and thats it. I don't understand. I'm not even gonna bother with Dean here because he's Pod!Dean at this point.
  13. Wait, so they just returned and are taking another break already?? Why would Castiel need Anael to contact Chuck???