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  1. palmaire

    Proven Innocent

    I'm impressed by anyone who made it through the episode; I tapped out after 10 minutes or so. It wasn't that it was cheesy or boring -- it actively pissed me off. I was probably meant to like and/or admire Madeline but the character was way too smug and off-putting. I didn't make it far enough to encounter Kelsey Grammer, which sounds like it may have been for the best.
  2. palmaire

    The Masked Singer

    I agree that it's difficult to know how to treat spoilers. There was a person on Reddit who was certain from the first episode about who one of the singers is. Reading his post, I couldn't tell if he knew for certain or was just guessing, so I chalked it up as simply more speculation. I would hope that if someone is claiming their info is accurate because they were in the audience or a member the crew, etc. that they'd put that in spoilers. Otherwise, I consider it all guesswork Frankly, I'd still be lost on all them if it weren't for the rest of you!
  3. palmaire

    S.08 E.06 Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

    Yeah, I don't think that "other people act much worse" excuses any of AJ's little tantrums.
  4. When facts are unknown, Gates tends to push a narrative for the best/most moving possible answer, which is annoying. It is certainly quite possible for freed slaves to have become wealthy on their own, but my first reaction in these cases is that their former owners deeded them a bit of land and/or money. We've seen that on other episodes when there were records of the transactions, but not finding them doesn't rule it out. Strahan saying he was going to walk taller now is exactly the attitude I can't deal with; that somehow what his ancestors did (or did not do) has an impact on his life and personality. A person's parents or grandparents can of course inculcate traits such as hard work, thrift, ambition, etc. But those things aren't miraculously passed down in your DNA from people you never knew! And what about all the other great-great relatives who were financial failures, criminals and drunks? Sheesh. It's ridiculous and just bugs me.
  5. Credit where due to Naomi's amazing lipsynch and clever "best Judy" runway looks. I think she's been low key underrated this season considering the 1-2 times she could legitimately have been in the top but wasn't. I don't blame her for taking advantage of the rules, either. That's on the show for allowing it. I'm a low-affect person but audibly gasped at the elimination. I love Manila and think she's a smart, talented, funny, awesome queen with a great outlook on life. I agree she should have been in the bottom but truly hated seeing her go, especially in an episode with her husband. (Whose wild surprise and delight at his transformation was my favorite part of the episode. Well that and the newbie tucks. OW!!) I watch this the same as I do any other competitive reality show and don't follow the girls offscreen, or know much about them. I enjoy Trinity and, perhaps naively, hope that the winner really is the best queen, but gah. It's not fair for previous racial inequities or perceived slights to be addressed at her expense, but the whole thing just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
  6. palmaire

    S04.E07: Queens of Clubs

    Please. Her winnings are going towards her wedding.
  7. palmaire

    Season 5 Discussion

    Not only are Sol and Robert's lives getting a little redundant/boring, so are Grace and Frankie's. As @Sesquipedalia said, the characters are being forced to relearn the same lessons about their friendship every season. The show seems to be doing well for Netflix, but it's officially outlasted my interest. I should have stuck with last season's ending of Grace and Frankie sitting on the beach chairs watching the ocean and holding hands.
  8. palmaire

    The Good Fight

    I thought season 2 was better as well. The actors settle more into their characters and their backstories have time to develop. Cast members are cycled in and out in a natural manner, with lawyers leaving or joining the firm, and I think the show runners are good at seeing what's working and making adjustments. I also like this better than The Good Wife, if only because the main character there really started to chap my hide after a while and she's gone.
  9. palmaire

    S04.E06: LaLaPaRUza

    I'm sympathetic to her as a person working through her feelings about drag as a trans woman, but I'd rather she did it with a therapist outside the show. It seemed to be breaking her down emotionally, which came out as misdirected anger. I get annoyed whenever a performer turns her back to the audience. If you want to shake your ass at us, do it sideways or crane your neck around so we can still see your mouth! Additional points off for walking away entirely -- the eventual snappy turnaround is not as interesting as you think it is. At this point Naomi has three things going for her: beauty, a sense of style, and being extremely thin. Remember the early seasons when Ru would invite the final queens for a one-on-one meal that consisted of a single breath mint? That's how I imagine Naomi's entire life.
  10. palmaire

    Season 5 Discussion

    Interesting, @bijoux. I fast-forward through all the scenes with only Robert/Sol or only the kids, so my curated show really is Grace and Frankie. I look forward to hearing about the rest of it from you all! I did sit through the opening scene in the first ep So many of the plots this time -- or am I just noticing it more? -- are based on In episode 3
  11. When one of the sweet, sincere participants here is treated badly, I always console myself that they'll be swamped with suitors afterwards. Judging by how many of them remain unattached, I should maybe rethink that. In fact, on Second Chances, the flaws and red flags in David Norton and Vanessa Nelson were highlighted in a way they hadn't been on the show. The pairings that have worked so far* seem to be the ones in which the man follows the "happy wife" adage and basically goes along to get along. Doug, Anthony, and Bobby are cut from the same cloth as far as putting their wives' desires first (and being entranced by their looks). I'd even include Jason Carrion in there even though, in the end, he and Cortney were both unwilling to budge on where to live. * Excluding Jepthe and Shawniece because she's basically a baby mama to him.
  12. palmaire

    Sex Education

  13. palmaire

    Pet Peeves

    I'm retired but like the celiac idea. On the other hand, she knows I'm diabetic and still brings by themed sweets on every holiday (she makes them for the entire street). How hard is it to stop bringing me food? That's the best answer.
  14. palmaire

    Pet Peeves

    I need a life rewind on a neighbor who kindly brings me food that I never asked for. I made the mistake of lying that her noodle casserole was delicious and now that's all she brings. All that cream of mushroom soup and canned tuna, right down the disposal. I have repeatedly told her it's not necessary and please don't bother, but she's a sweet person who enjoys her mitzvah for the week. The peeve being: People who don't listen.