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  1. SnideAsides

    Wie Is De Mol?

    Agreed. I think a couple of the early civilian seasons are worse, but this is definitely my least favourite celebrity season of WIDM. Like, at least the Dominican Republic season had Ellie and Cecile. This season... Sinan, maybe?
  2. SnideAsides

    The World's Best

    That would get them into a world of trouble (sorry, I couldn't resist), as that is literally the format of All Together Now.
  3. SnideAsides

    The World's Best

    I don't think this show would be as bad as it is (and holy shit it's a stinker) if they weren't undermining the show's entire generic name by pushing the weird "America matters more" subtext so damn hard. Like there are legitimately big names in the crowd (to use one example, Angela Groothuizen is essentially the Dutch equivalent of a Spice Girl, and was one of the judges on the original version of The Voice), but none of the crowd gets anything but the most superficial focus because they're so focused on the three Americans. This could be so much more, but they've basically just merged America's Got Talent with All Together Now, and done a pisspoor job of plagiarising either.
  4. SnideAsides

    Wie Is De Mol?

    Boooooooooo. I was happy this forum survived being condensed into a single thread. :(
  5. SnideAsides

    Wie Is De Mol?

    So we don't have a media thread for this show (because none of us can speak Dutch, let's be real), but I guess this would go there if we did. I updated the detailed guide to every Mole challenge ever last week. Also, probably a smart move to start with an episode that felt more like a midseason non-elimination than to try and equal last year's premiere.
  6. SnideAsides

    New Year, New Batch Of FMK Matchups

    Bread is elastic. It'd recover easily. On the other hand, donuts are really just pastry sphincters, so...
  7. SnideAsides

    Wie Is De Mol?

    No, it's Rik from the Sri Lanka season now.
  8. Jacques actually WAS the guest judge on the very first episode of Top Chef: Just Desserts. He was introduced multiple times as "Mr. Chocolate himself", so yes. Your point about him being less exalted here stands.
  9. SnideAsides

    Making A Break For It With Escape At Dannemora

    I fully approve of the panellists being subjected to Only Connect: Game Time Edition.
  10. SnideAsides

    TAR in the Media

    While I agree with the notion of the timeslot being the earliest suitable opening for the show (though I suspect Million Dollar Mile is going to be a Pirate Master-level flop), I feel like having nearly 18 months between seasons is going to do more harm than good, especially when last season wasn't very well received. People are going to forget this show exists.
  11. SnideAsides

    TAR32: Spoilers (No Elimination Info)

    I suspect it was partly because of the flight timings, and partly because they may have originally been planning to start in one of the areas affected by the fires so moved the start to LAX at short notice.
  12. SnideAsides

    Wie Is De Mol?

    The cast has been revealed on the show's website and Instagram, and there's been a bunch of teasers that all but confirm it's going to be in Colombia. Most excited for the Flemish pop star who cohosted Dutch Survivor with a former Dutch Mole, which seems like the sort of thing they'd use as a clue.
  13. SnideAsides

    S37:E07 There's Gonna Be Tears Shed

    I wonder if framing the season's entire gimmick around two explicitly male characters known for their strength has anything to do with it.
  14. SnideAsides

    S37.E04 Time to Bring Out the Charmpocalypse

    The Australian version did it last year, and the casting people seem to love the kind of superfans who would have listened to Rob Cesternino's podcasts about it. More of a (very welcome) surprise for viewers rather than players, I think.
  15. SnideAsides

    S11.E02: The Ghost Monument

    Not only is the TARDIS interior too gloomy, the outside of the Big Blue Box is wayyyy too teal.