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  1. ALittleShelfish

    How to Know You're a GG Devotee

    I bought a house last fall and at closing, the seller's agent was a ringer for Jason Stiles. When we were all making small talk while something was getting copied/faxed/signed/whatever, he joked that it was all my fault and now the house costs more. I said "Okay, look here, Digger..." without being aware of my audience. Then I had to explain. Fast forward two months, our town has a Halloween parade, and his real estate office was lined up in front of my office's float. Of course, right? So I walked up and said "Oh hey, Digger." He got very animated and told me that he briefly mentioned it to his wife that night, and she said "OMG YES YOU DO LOOK LIKE HIM! Oh, I like that person. I'm glad she bought that house." hahahahahaha He does not have a dog named Cyrus, which was simultaneously a total bummer and a total "whew!" moment.
  2. ALittleShelfish

    S16.E12: Kentucky Farewell

    I kept stopping the show and looking at him to make sure it was him. I got all ragey again when I realized it was him. I couldn't even focus on Adrienne's dish because of it. I had Eric, Kelsey, and Adrienne picked for my final three. I made a final three because I can never remember how many are in the "final" group of the last episode or two. You'd think by now I'd remember that, but here we are. Sara's dishes were both gorgeous on this epi. That won't make me like her anymore, but her food always seems to look delicious and inviting.
  3. ALittleShelfish


    Ahhhhh so all the while we were supposed to be shipping L&L's relationship, and it's their BATHROOMS that wind up running away together! Helluva plot twist, Amy & Dan. Well done.
  4. ALittleShelfish


    Excuse me if this has been mentioned already... I noticed this last week and got angry (irrationally so) about it. The epi where Rachel is in Luke's apartment and Lorelai comes up for the first time, you can see the bathroom in the back part of the apartment. Presumably Rachel is developing film in there, I think. Episodes later, that bathroom disappears. Seasons later that same wall gets smashed by Luke when he wants to build out a bedroom for Jess. Case of the Missing Bathroom!
  5. ALittleShelfish

    S16.E08: Whatever Floats Your Boat

    @HappyDancex2 @PamelaMaeSnap As co-watchers of That Show That Shall Not Be Mentioned Lest We Reveal Our True Guilty Pleasures... I'm happy to see Brian gone because he give me a smidge of Coltee and his oddly-calm-in-weird-moments/serial killer vibe. Back to TC. @PamelaMaeSnap, girl, i'ma come down and bring you some puppy chow. I first had it in Cleveland, and make it a couple of times a year for work here in PA. Okay now back to TC. I go back and forth on liking some of this season's contestants, but Kelsey being in her element in this challenge, man, how much does Eddie hate that he didn't pick her? Before he picked anyone, I said (to my dog, and she agreed) "He's gonna pick Kelsey. Justin. Adrienne. Mayyyyyyybe Brian, but I hope not.... IF HE'S SMART." And then I followed up with "Update, Dear Dog: He's not." Man, what a miss for him. I've been a week behind all season on this. Just caught up last night. LKC is a drag, it isn't even interesting to me anymore. Is that a normal sentiment around here? I do miss Nini though.
  6. ALittleShelfish

    One is the Loneliest Number: Unpopular GG Opinions

    Not sure if this falls into "Unpopular Opinion" or "Just Kind of Annoying"... Anytime Lane/Zach/Gil/Brian talk about music, they always pull out some random band combo that a certain song reminds them of, like "Led Zeppelin meets The Sparks meets Lou Reed meets The Jam meets The Stray Cats meets Style Council meets..." I dunno, it just makes me crazy. Who thinks like that? As in "this 3-minute song reminds me of seven ENTIRELY DIFFERENT ARTISTS and I can think of them all immediately off the top of my head". Maybe I'm just old and forgetful and not as quick and witty as I might have been in my 20s. Either way. It just bugs.
  7. ALittleShelfish

    Social Media & Spoilery Speculation

    Oooh excellent angle there I hadn't thought of! I was reading these while I was at work, then trying to explain why I sounded like I was in some sort of respiratory failure. But yes! That does sound like something a past and probably very boring and overshadowed couple would say!
  8. ALittleShelfish

    Social Media & Spoilery Speculation

    I snorted at "It breaks my heart to learn how some couples didn’t make it. Regardless, I wish the company would do a follow-up and fill the rest of us in on the successes and failed marriages/relationships. We put our time into watching. It would behoove you and the watchers alike." I'd reply: "But is your heart ACTUALLY broken over this? And maybe hop on social media once in a while before getting too invested in these clowns who owe us nothing." I would, but I won't. Also snort-worthy: "If TLC paid them a lot more money I don’t believe it would be as genuine." The tears on my face... they're real. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  9. ALittleShelfish

    Small Talk: 90 Words Per Minute

    I had no idea what to do last night. I caught up on Grace & Frankie S4, and next weekend I'll dive into S5. By then, we should be seeing promo for 90DF - Tell All about the Tell All ft. Shaun Robinson where it's just her staring into the camera while they replay previous season's clips on repeat. (I just made that show up but I'd bet the idea for it was somehow kicked around the TLC tables because why not milk it for all they can)
  10. ALittleShelfish

    Colt & Larissa & Debbie: Me, You, and Bith Phtew

    @funky-rat 100% agree. Re: John Yates... I am not a fan of him blowing sunshine up the ass of every cast member, every day. I've had normal/boring interactions with him, but I can't get with his love for Danielle and Mother Chantel and ugh Jason Hitch. Just let the Terrible Decision Makers of the Franchise make their decisions without being enabled and encouraged (or discouraged with false support for the sake of an instagram post) away from the public eye. Zero surprises come from his interactions with Larissa/Coltee. He knows what he's doing. I don't think he counted on Larissa asking him to pay his bail. He lost me with his plea that he isn't a paid blogger, etc, that he has a real 9-5 job and doesn't post 90DF stuff to get anything out of it, etc... but then posts screenshots of his social media impressions, follower counts, video audience numbers, etc. Nope.
  11. ALittleShelfish

    S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    And going by her social media... she takes trips all OVER too. Bora Bora? That's not a place that's a quick weekend getaway for a couple hundred bucks. What're you doin', Ashley? INQUIRING (nosy af) MINDS (like myself) WANT TO KNOW.
  12. ALittleShelfish

    Jonathan & Fernanda: Buying Boobies & Thangs

    I vaguely recall speculation early on that the Controversial Dainties that Fernanda found.... were actually hers from a previous visit. Whether or not she had been to the US before was a thing, and someone claimed to have receipts but I don't remember anything coming from that. I do wonder how many takes that scene took because she can't even TRY to hide her "trying not to laugh" smirk. (Please tell me someone else remembers the speculation that this wasn't Fer's first trip to Lumberton....)
  13. ALittleShelfish

    Colt & Larissa & Debbie: Me, You, and Bith Phtew

    My brain read this as "She can go make good tip money as an escort. Be around lots of tourists and have a good time..." It wasn't until the second time I read it that I thought "maybe I should read it one. more. time.... because either way would make sense for her."
  14. ALittleShelfish

    S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    For real - every paragraph in there included even the slightest zing and I loved it. #snarkgoals
  15. ALittleShelfish

    S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    I feel like I found one of our kind over at the Vulture recaps! https://www.vulture.com/2019/01/90-day-fianc-recap-season-6-episode-13.html