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  1. There was talk a while back that he got kicked off the set for being drunk. Maybe this was filmed around that time?
  2. Marlena is a better woman than I. I would have ripped open that envelope so fast there would’ve been flames.
  3. I hope he sticks around awhile. He would look lovely with Gabi or Ciara.
  4. My husband has a concealed carry permit and wears his gun almost all the time. Of course, he is more discrete about it than that guy was.
  5. I don’t remember who Ramon is.
  6. YupItsMe

    S09.E03: Sleepless in Laredo

    Maybe he thought, as many did/do, that Josiah is gay and he wouldn’t have to worry about Lauren being sullied in such a way.
  7. YupItsMe

    S06.E14: Kalamazoo and a Bad Wedge of Brie

    Maybe a doctor she works with. That would give good reasons for him to keep getting called away or having to work longer shifts.
  8. YupItsMe

    Zach and Tori

    She does look very tired in those pictures.
  9. YupItsMe

    Spoilers And Shockers

    How old would that “baby” be? Hasn’t Jordan been gone for a long time?
  10. YupItsMe

    Spoilers And Shockers

    Yes, she was able to get backstage passes because she knew people. 🙂
  11. That was the feeling I got too and that she might be embarrassed for her family to find out. She seems to have a good job so I wonder what the reason for homelessness could be.
  12. YupItsMe

    Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Zac & Tori’s pj pic has twice as many likes as Audrey’s. I bet that just eats at her.
  13. I haven’t watched in a few days. Did Jennifer cut her hair or was that just a new hairstyle?
  14. I really noticed this when they opened the door to find Leo standing there. If I hadn’t seen Leo for myself, I’d have thought it was the mailman judging by Will’s expression. And didn’t Hope say she & Rafe had been at “Gabi and Ari’s” for Lunch? Did they move out of Victor’s house?