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  1. I know they’re all supposed to be good Catholics (hee!) but I’m surprised Felice didn’t try to make Bobbi abort or give up Gina for adoption. She doesn’t seem like the kind of woman to just leave that potential blackmail powderkeg lying around.
  2. Now that I think about it, I think Emma was Brandon’s “Val substitute”-similar hair color and length, openly sexual attitude, etc. without the family friend/already dated all his friends/in the gang baggage. And he did meet Susan and Tracy through journalism, so the fact that she’s “hot”, also a writer, around a lot, and super interested in him is more than enough temptation.
  3. Though I must say, it’s pretty good insight as to why David developed such problematic views on women as of late. Mel has been portrayed mostly as a “good guy” as far as the gang’s parents go, but we see how he dropped the ball on Sheila, and his pattern of cheating.
  4. Sarah’s on today’s episode of NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast (hosted by Linda Holmes) discussing Luke.
  5. OMG, y’all! I just finished today’s “Again With This” and saw the TMZ story posted on FB. Shocked and saddened. Now sniffling quietly in the break room at work.

    Gossip Girl

    I’m finished! Finally! Odd that “Real Housewives of NY” was never mentioned, or other NY-based reality tv, and Page Six, etc. since they would have totally crossed paths with the fictional GG characters. The fashion stayed consistently fun, I’m curious if it was auctioned off afterwards or borrowed, or whatever. Also, Brooklyn (The Humphreys area of Williamsburg at least) had gotten more desirable and almost as expensive as the UES over the course of the show because gentrification, so after awhile all the “poor kid from Brooklyn” stuff became truly laughable like they were still in the NY of “Do The Right Thing” or whatever.
  7. Luke had a stroke per TMZ. Yikes! http://m.tmz.com/#!2019/02/28/luke-perry-stroke-riverdale-beverly-hills-90210-hospitalized/
  8. Richard Biggs was also on “Days of Our Lives” from ‘87-‘94 as Dr. Marcus Hunter (I knew I recognized him from the visual aids)! I had no idea he passed away.
  9. Yup, they were a thing. You could wear it to class up a tube top/tank for daytime/out to dinner, and then take it off for the club.
  10. It’s fascinating how they both are potentially “good-looking people”- nice body proportions, abundant red hair, decent facial features-and then meth, poverty, jail, etc. just made everything skid off the rails.

    What's to Come for You? Season Two Speculation

    Oooh, interesting! Now I’m curious to see more flashbacks of Joe’s family/foster family and how he got to meet Mooney in the first place. Mooney’s old enough to be Joe’s grandpa, so I wonder if there’s like a 45 year old Gen X edition “Joe” out there (or in jail)?

    Small Talk: 90 Days Probation

    New viewer here. Came across this at the gym on Wednesday looking for my usual Criminal Minds reruns and am totally obsessed. Catching up on season 1 now. This show is like a Christopher Guest comedy about people who date prisoners, but it’s real. Can’t. stop. watching.
  13. Catching up on season 1 now. Garrett could possibly get it if I was on vacation. He doesn’t need to know where I live. (runs away...) Also, Johnna is a dead ringer for Kathryn Hahn. I keep wanting this to be a Christopher Guest comedy about people who date prisoners.

    Megan & Michael & Sarah: Three's Company

    Caught this at the gym the other day and totally hooked. Up to 2:5 Sarah Is like if Cindy from “The Boondocks” grew up and was a real person. Megan seems delusional...or something. I can’t even understand how she thinks this is a good idea?
  15. I agree in theory, but it also might be one of the most mature low-drama dating decisions anyone in the gang has made in ages. Heh.