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  1. lathspel

    Toonami: Anime for Insomniacs

    That explains it - was messed up on demand too. I tried last night and on demand played properly.
  2. lathspel

    Sword Art Online

    The explanation that the Alice world is populated by stolen baby brain patterns is the most revolting thing I’ve seen on this show - and I’m including “Asuna vs the tentacle porn aliens”.
  3. lathspel

    Hunter X Hunter

    It seems kind of cheating that they are (apparently) going to die of radiation poisoning. Not sure why Youpi would go first - theoretically he and Pouf have about the same amount to the King?
  4. lathspel

    My Hero Academia

    I told the kids there would be an ep with some uncomfortable boy-girl dynamics, but I didn’t realize there would be two in a row. At least even the 1A guys are squicked out by Mineta at this point. So did 1B go to a different camp? They weren’t at the hot springs.
  5. lathspel

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    It’s fortunate that Kira’s new body’s spouse ...has such nice hands.
  6. lathspel

    Sword Art Online

    It’s weird that no one remembers Kirito from before, right? Is Alice supposed to be older than the two boys? Because her little sister is just barely younger than Kirito I think. I’m kinda hoping the plot is actually that Yugeo has to grow into the hero and Kirito supports him, but I’m not holding my breath.
  7. lathspel

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    I’m not going to miss Shigechi, but I’m glad we’re moving forward on the main baddie. I was surprised we didn’t have Josuke put him back together though. Possibly I’ve watched the Flash too much; I kept waiting for OldJo to vibe the button they found. I finally spotted the Cinderella sign in the end credits (overhead in the train station) so I’m feeling good about that.
  8. lathspel

    Sword Art Online

    The first ep back was a deep dive indeed. I think I preferred the creepy society of the first half (even with mini-kirito), to the exposition fest of the second half. Having dive time run longer than IRL is a neat concept. It also may explain Kirito getting so skinny - his brain is operating a lot faster than the rest of him.
  9. lathspel

    Black Clover

    If they stop and think about it, effectively it was a really good recruiting year for the worst team in the league, and they didn’t even have to spend their first pick to get him. (I’m assuming Noelle was their first pick - no other squad would pick her on account of her erratic abilities plus family drama.)
  10. lathspel

    Mob Psycho 100

    I was only so-so on this series, until Reigen just blunders through the Claw facility, dispensing totally humane and innocuous advice, charming the pants off the raw recruits, and learning (maybe?) that this stuff is real after all. And at the end he goes down after still trying to convince his student to not make a mistake he’ll regret. He’s a con artist and possibly the best adult role model I’ve ever seen on Toonami, all at once. Bravo! In case it wasn’t clear, this ep made the whole series worth it for me.
  11. lathspel

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    I enjoyed the art still frames in this ep - they did a nice job illustrating Yukiko and the Cinderella stand user in storybook fashion. This is the second stand recently that can slice up or peel off someone’s body, making this a particularly strong season for body horror aficionados. Yuck!
  12. lathspel

    Hunter X Hunter

    I still like Netero after his last episode, but it’s surprising that Knuckle can take a whole episode to realize he’s made a terrible mistake, while Netero is gone basically two episodes. That said, it was going to get boring if it kept on for too long.
  13. lathspel

    Hunter X Hunter

    I’m enjoying Chairman Netaro’s 100-Hand Boddhisatva attacks way more than I should. I like that he’s the strongest character but still has some humanity - room for ego but also self doubt.
  14. lathspel

    Adventure Time

    Finally saw the finale (it was on the DVR for a long time), didn’t realize this was the end of the series until now. I agree that there was very little promotion of it. I really liked the ending montage and especially that Fern became a new tree, but Finn was mature enough to leave the sword in it. He grew up enough to leave adventuring behind. Maybe I missed it but I don’t think we saw reference to Finn’s descendants, except that several ships of humans arrived so presumably there are some. Probably it would ruin Ooo if there were too many humans around. Simon and Betty nearly getting squashed was intense. Unintentionally crushing your loved one has got to be the worst way to go. It looked like Simon was getting help from meta-entities, so maybe now his quest is to free Betty, just like she was trying to save him.
  15. lathspel

    Naruto: Shippuden