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  1. ratgirlagogo


    I think this is one of the ways in which this somewhat trashy show does provide a real public service. All surgeries are potentially dangerous and there ARE limits to what surgery can do. I feel like this is my own major serious takeaway from the show. If you need surgery, you need it - but be aware that this ain't Star Trek. The doctors can't just replicate a perfect body part for you.
  2. As I discovered when I did a rewatch a couple of years ago (and had absolutely NO memory of from when it was on, even though my parents watched it), season one has a very different plotline from what eventually developed. No Peggy! He starts out working for Joseph Campanella at some super-high-tech (for 1967) place called Intertect and it's basically Man vs. Machine every week. Mannix's old school private eye gumshoe savvy and street wisdom vs......... The Computer. The computers are these room-sized 1960's behemoths with the whirling reel-to-reel tapes and the punchcards, etc. Very HAL 9000.
  3. ratgirlagogo

    S17.E02: The Future Is Here

    LOL! And just like on Orphan Black the body modifications - were just not that appealing. On Orphan Black there were people who had developed tails - but of course they were hairless tails, much like those of rats. I like rats much more than the average person as per my screenname but most people I'd think who'd go for a fantasy tail would go for a horse tail, a fox tail, a squirrel tail. The same felt true here - as fantasy body modifications, they all felt so uninspiring. Why would I want horns on my shoulders? Wouldn't I want them on my head? Why would I want wings across my chest, rather than wings coming out of my shoulders? The one I see succeeding would be the glow necklace, which seems absolutely destined to be the cheesy party accessory of the next five years. Yes! I love Tim as the most unlikely of TV personalities. But unlike Tim, Christian has actually 1) competed on the show and 2) successfully sold his designs on both the high celebrity end and the low Payless end. I loved when he started really going after Hester for loading up on five (FIVE!!!!) shades of blue tulle. Tim would NEVER have done that. If only she had paid attention.
  4. ratgirlagogo

    Pet Peeves

    Pretty much. I think VC only completed 7 or 8 books, and there's been how many since she died in 1986? A hundred or so?
  5. ratgirlagogo

    Things That Happen On TV But Not In Real Life

    My mom was the opposite (not a bad thing). She sent to Kotex for their instructional box (with sanitary pads and belts, plus those two famous booklets Very Personally Yours and You're a Young Lady Now when I was nine. This was because when she had gotten her first period at twelve NOBODY had ever told her it was a thing. Not just her mom, but her two older sisters also. Irish-Americans are relaxed about a lot of things, but not sex. AND she got it at (parish) school, meaning she got cramps and pressure, so she went to the bathroom, saw the blood in the toilet, AND she thought she was dying, of course. Apparently her favorite teacher (meaning a nun ) is the one who gave her the hurried FAQ before sending her home. So I love her so much for making sure that I was going to be informed well beforehand. Also at school we had the famous boy-only and girl-only film and discussion programs in the parish hall in sixth grade, in which we saw what I believe were one of the two sex-specific Disney-made films about puberty. Of course in my case since I didn't start my menses until I was almost thirteen this became just one more thing about which I felt abnormal, freakish and inadequate.
  6. ratgirlagogo

    S17.E01: Premiere

    I personally didn't see what was so special about it, but a lot of people really raved about Jeffrey Sebelia's yellow plaid avant-garde dress. Jeffrey's dress won for the couture challenge. They didn't do an avant-garde challenge in Season 3. I can name at least one other memorable outfit from this challenge - Victorya and Jillian's amazing coat in Season 4. They lost to Chris and Christian of course. In any other season they would have won hands down. I know unlike the unconventional materials challenge it's not one they've done every season. But I do agree I don't remember much in the way of great winners there (unlike the unconventional materials one which always has at least one amazing outfit). ETA: spelling typos grr.
  7. ratgirlagogo

    Online Dating: The good, the bad and the ugly

    Seems like an awfully low bar.
  8. ratgirlagogo


    Bastet! For.......WHATEVER'S sake! Aren't you a fucking LAWYER? You DO need to get on that!
  9. ratgirlagogo

    A case of the Mondays: vent your work spleen here

    From what you said, apparently it is. 🙂 Sorry. I do agree that co-workers who want everyone in their workplace to be supporting players in what they imagine to be the Grand Soap Opera That Is Their Life - are the fucking worst. I actually am sympathetic to the problem of suddenly not being able to shower when you have a job that involves working with the public ( happened to me more than once). But of course this just opened up a door to DRAMA! as it would for anyone with this personality type. And I bet one of the rest of you might even have offered to help her, if she had continued to pitch in and work alongside the rest of you.
  10. Like everyone else we have some issues with Spectrum , although having New York One is pretty much worth it for us. I never liked Mad About You in the first place so the revival is wasted on me.
  11. ratgirlagogo

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    I beg to differ. I recorded Midnight Cowboy because it had 4 stars, and I adore Dustin Hoffman. What an f-ing yawnfest that was. I bet my honey Robert Osborne wouldn't have led me to waste those 2 hours. The quote you attribute to me was written by Milburn Stone. Midnight Cowboy is a character study of a place and time - the kind of hapless dreamers that would gravitate towards New York in the late sixties as opposed to Los Angeles. At the time it was shocking that an X-rated (it would be a soft-R today) film would win an Oscar - really another example of how Oscars are awarded for some kind of perceived social relevance and breaking of boundaries as much as for quality. I like the film myself without really loving it. ETA: I do love the soundtrack. Harry Nilsson singing Fred Neal!
  12. Oh yes, even older in fact. God's Little Acre and all that. But it underwent a kind of renaissance in the 70's, I believe largely because of the film and television coverage of right-wing white resistance to the Civil Rights Movement in the sixties - you know, Bull Connor and his henchmen turning dogs and fire hoses on those painfully respectable looking black folks in their suits and ties and Sunday church clothes. In the Heat of the Night, Cool Hand Luke, Deliverance - not even to get into stuff like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The seventies were the golden age of the Evil White Hick Town as a TV trope.
  13. ratgirlagogo

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    Honestly now it just seems like the two of you are double-teaming me. 🙂
  14. ratgirlagogo

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    DAMN YOU! YOU ARE A SADIST!!!!!! Of course you knew that a review like this guarantees that I will do anything it takes to see this film.
  15. ratgirlagogo

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    I understand why these were chosen (obviously they are classics) but I don't feel like sitting through any of them again, not even Singin' In The Rain. Why not Charade or Two For the Road? Personally I'd love if they'd have shown Movie Movie and even more, the rarely shown Staircase, which I've never seen.