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  1. Cotypubby

    Live PD

    Options: 1. Tackle the guy 2. Shoot him with a high powered bean-bag shotgun, which would probably leave a bruise as well as cause him to fall. 3. Taze him. I think the guy got off easy, since he wasn't following directions, and was pretending to not understand English. (Which was bullshit since a few minutes later he's having a full conversation in the back of the police car.) All Kennedy asked was for the guy to step to the left and keep his hands up, but the guy wanted to play games. He got what he deserved.
  2. Cotypubby

    S05.E08: Missing in Action

    The story that Amir first saw Jazz when his brother showed him her YouTube videos seems odd to me. Why would his brother have shown him the video? It doesn’t really seem like the kind of thing brothers would show each other? I liked Greg’s responses at the dinner about not talking on the phone and being annoyed Jeanette answered Dr Bowers, it actually was some real dialogue not said just for the camera. Jazz is just gross. Waving around her dilator like that, in front of her new boyfriend she’s known for two weeks. WTF!?
  3. Cotypubby

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    It is though. It sounded to me like he just swallowed the first part of the word “What.” I’ve heard that happen many times before on the show.
  4. Cotypubby

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I call foul on Matt not getting credit for his answer of Labour and Torries. I heard him say ”’t’s the, uh, Labour and Tory?” Him being penalized there cost him the win!
  5. Cotypubby

    S09.E10 Omega

    Ok so when the group was looking at night for Luke why did the deaf girl call the black teen boy “my sister”? (I have no memory of their names since we only met them at the end of last year.)
  6. Cotypubby

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I was trying to figure out what type of glass sounded like it could be related to “beal,” the Irish world for mouth. I had FJ instantly, which was funny because when I saw “Poets” I thought “My worst category, I can never remember who did what other than Dylan Thomas” and then as soon as I saw the clue I knew it was Elliot because of the Cats names.
  7. Cotypubby

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Ok in the Same Day category, the clue saying that “Roma” had its theatrical release and dropped on Netflix the same day is completely false. It was released in theaters for an exclusive three-week run on Nov 21, not on Dec 14 which is when it appeared on Netflix.
  8. Cotypubby

    Tour-Related Questions

    I can’t actuslly read any threads by going to that TV Index link. It just asks if I want to follow them when I click the titles, it doesn’t open the pages.
  9. Cotypubby

    Live PD

    It’s law enforcement/ military usage. They use “male” in exactly the same way.
  10. Cotypubby

    S10.E13: Episode 13

    Ha, I was laughing at that product because my dad has been using his own version for exactly that purpose (to hold his keys & cell phone while kayaking) for years and all it is is an old plastic peanut butter jar! Why would you ever pay for something like that when all you need is any old waterproof jar with a lid?
  11. I can’t take any more of Tamar’s quacking. Keep your damn tongue in your mouth. She’s disgusting.
  12. Cotypubby

    S05.E05: It's a Girl

    To be fair, one is a serious medical procedure that has been years in the making (and possibly was partially funded by TLC) and the other is a $62 rock. Sorry, a rock with "healing powers." It's perfectly reasonable to pay hundreds of thousands for a medical procedure while thinking spending $62 on a "healing" rock is a load of bullshit and wasted money. It's a good question, but I did want to note that emptying a catheter in the bathroom is literally no different than what the bathroom is alway used for! It's the same pee, whether or not it comes from a bag or straight from the body.
  13. Cotypubby

    S05.E05: It's a Girl

    When Dr Ting said he was afraid of the stitches coming apart and the whole vaginal canal falling out, OMG that is horrific. I can’t even imagine.
  14. Cotypubby

    S16.E07: Carne!

    People getting upset over seeing meat being cut on a cooking show. Not a big enough rolleyes in the world for that. (And Lena Waithe and her style totally rock.)
  15. Cotypubby

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    I'd never heard of this short film until this "controversy" started appearing. If she wanted the film to be ignored, the best thing she should have done was to ignore it. Very very few people care about or remember the short films nominated. Now this one is in headlines. (I will be seeing it when IFC runs their Oscar Shorts Showcase in a few weeks.) Why should the film be withdrawn (is that even a thing?) just because she doesn't approve?