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  1. Nancybeth

    Where Should They Go Next?

    I'm always surprised there hasn't been an Atlanta season yet, and think it's a natural choice. That said, 3 of the last 6 seasons have been in the South so they may need to hold off another couple years. Philly and Portland would be good picks and I would love to see them go back to the Midwest -- Detroit, Minneapolis or Kansas City could be interesting. For Michigan the logo could just be a giant oven mitt!
  2. Nancybeth

    S16.E11: The Greatest

    The cheftestants don't have access to a computer or google and I think they can only use phones to contact their families. So I don't know if Justin would have had any idea where in Maine that town is, or how far away from the ocean is it, unless it was specifically in the dossier. That was all he had to go on, they can't research.
  3. Nancybeth

    Past Seasons Talk: The Stew Room

    I've now re-watched both Season 5 and All Stars. I think Carla's biggest issue was always, always, not listening to her own instincts. She let other voices -- the judges, her fellow Cheftestants, Casey, drown out her gut. She did the best when she stayed true to who she was, i.e. the West African peanut soup in the tennis challenge or the dishes she did well in her own first finale. But when she doubted herself, that was when she got in trouble. And I just finished watching Restaurant Wars from Season 4. Lisa absolutely should have gone home over Dale.
  4. Nancybeth

    S01.E15: The Rock

    Does Katherine really believe that Delilah and John -- who had a strained marriage in which at least one partner was cheating and two kids that were into their tween/teen years -- just up and decided to have another baby? Or that after all that time their birth control failed? That's what I can't figure out. Nothing about this couple's situation up until the moment John died screams, "Yes, we totally want another kid!" I assume everyone knows it's Eddie's baby but are just kind of looking the other way and letting her get away with saying that it's John's.
  5. Nancybeth

    S04.E10: I Can Work With You

    Wait, how is Paula graduating law school already? I know there was one significant time jump (from the beginning to the end of Heather's pregnancy) but there's no way that three years has passed since that whole plotline began.
  6. Nancybeth

    Past Seasons Talk: The Stew Room

    I did a rewatch of All Stars this week on Hulu and yeahhhh, kind of squirmed when I got to the Paula Deen and John Besh episode, not to mention all the Mike Isabella stuff. I had kind of forgotten about Jen Carroll going OFF on the judges though, and just how stunned everyone was.
  7. But I was. My point was that Toby said he contacted Kevin, who had photos of the stadium that Jack made for Kate, and that's how he had it recreated. I didn't say anything about Kevin's football photos.
  8. The football stadium that Jack built Kate was a replica was whatever stadium the Steelers play in, though. It had Steelers players on the field. It wasn't Kevin's stadium. CrystalBlue, I suppose you're right that stuff could have been at the cabin, or just untouched. If so, it seems weird that Kate doesn't have any of it? But we probably shouldn't think too hard about these things.
  9. How did Kate's football stadium not survive the fire, but Kevin had photos of the football stadium that did survive the fire? And while I'm at it, Kevin had a box of his dad's stuff that also made it through the fire, but Kate has nothing??
  10. Nancybeth

    S08.E03: Part 2+ Married at Second Sight

    Ahh, that makes sense about the age difference...I couldn't remember. And you're right, dad kinda steamrolled that. I hope Jasmine's Dad and Will are very happy together. I agree, Luke's gig running speed dating events should have disqualified him. Too high a likelihood he would have crossed paths with someone before. I mean, if you're a realtor or a bartender or someone else in a service job, you're serving everyone -- single, married, men, women, gay, straight. He was organizing and hosting events that were specifically geared for men and women to meet...a very similar target audience to men and women who would want to apply to be on a show where you are instantly married to someone.
  11. Nancybeth

    S08.E03: Part 2+ Married at Second Sight

    Oh, I have a question about the Lincoln University couple (Jasmine and...Will??). He said he went there, and then I thought she said SHE went there, and that her dad went there. But after that it seemed to be all about the dad having gone there and talking directly to Will about it..."oh, let's get a Lincoln U photo!" Wouldn't it have been more interesting for the two of them to talk about how they went there at the same timeframe? So then I thought maybe I had misheard and she didn't attend Lincoln U at all. When I meet people from my alma mater I'm usually curious about when they graduated and what they studied and oh, did you know this person or take this professor's class. But her dad seemed more enamored of her groom then she did at that point.
  12. Nancybeth

    S08.E03: Part 2+ Married at Second Sight

    I think what will be the death of Luke and Kate will be her bland, giggly personality. She seems like a person who doesn't have strong opinions or a strong personality and I think it's going to bore/frustrate Luke.
  13. Nancybeth

    S01.E10: Christmas Wishlist

    I think someone else threw this out, but I'm wondering if "I can't believe she's gone" is about the woman who was getting chemo at the same time as Gary -- the actress was Marissa Jaret Winokur, who's fairly well-known, and it was kind of a weird, one-off role. Maybe Gary finds out, via the nurse at the chemo center, that she passed away? I think its a red herring, regardless, and isn't about Maggie. And I was glad to see that Constance Zimmer is going to come back and have an actual purpose and a plotline. When she showed up at the funeral I figured she was going to be a regular character and then I got confused that she never showed up again and promptly forgot about it. And then she popped up in the previews and I was all, "Yes! Who was she anyway??"
  14. Nancybeth

    S01.E10: Christmas Wishlist

    Not only does this friend group spend all their time together, the show also portrays Boston as the smallest city in the world. It seems to take no time for them to get from one location to another, or from (presumably) downtown to the suburbs. They are also driving constantly and parking right in front of wherever they're going. I've only been to Boston a couple times but I feel like there's absolutely nothing realistic in the way they portray it! I assume the "I can't believe she's gone" isn't about Maggie but another character we haven't met and it comes in a flashback and not in "present day." I agree that is also could be Ashley or Sophie. Why didn't they just say Delilah's ankle hurt or tailbone hurt after the fall and Eddie took her to get it checked out? Telling elaborate lies doesn't help anyone.
  15. Nancybeth

    S06.E10: Backed Into a Corner

    Someone up thread asked about how Olga came to the US the first time and why she couldn't do that again. Because she and Steven met in Ocean City, a huge tourist area, I'm betting she came on a short-termvisa for seasonal workers. Stores, restaurants, amusement parks, pools, etc. can use these to hire seasonal help during the summer. You'll see a flood of foreign young adults working, many from Eastern Europe, in tourist areas especially. There may be a time limit or she may just not want to work 12 hours a day at a mini-golf course or whatever she was doing.