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  1. She will take it because she can’t bare not to be in this show while it is still on the air but she will soon it... this will all be her idea so that she can concentrate on her “ever growing business” and her magical relationship.
  2. bagger

    S09.E15: Hotheads and Hookahs

    Martie and Danielle deserve each other. I’m surprised they didn’t last
  3. bagger

    S09.E15: Hotheads and Hookahs

    Teresa is as dumb as a clump of hair and about half as appealing. i used to think her dimness was a put on. Acting like the subservient good wife and daughter but now I see that no, no she really is as stupid as I’ve always thought. margaret for the win! “Your husband is in the pool” most satisfying line of the whole season.
  4. bagger

    S07.E09: Tom and Tommer

    I thought he was 35 when the show first aired. Didn’t his sister say you’re turning 40 when she was on the phone with him and then he quickly changed the subject up?
  5. bagger

    S07.E09: Tom and Tommer

    I’ve never watched a show where I dont like anyone. They’re all horrible people, Stassi being the least horrendous and that’s saying a lot considering how much i hated her when the show started. Lala was better as a mistress than a fiancé. I’ve never seen anyone feel so superior to everyone around her. Child you got you a rich man, you didn’t invent the private jet industry so lets take a beat. All these bitches who said so many horrible things to you only care about you, want to be your friend because of your PJ (I almost threw up in mouth writing that ugh). She may be the second worst second only to Katie. I dislike James but I have a hard time going in on him because of Katie and Kristen. Does Katie do anything other than sit on her couch and rule over this little click of theirs? Damn Stassi for having quit and come back crawling to Katie. This is when Katie truly took over, damn Stassi! Ugh Katie has gotten away with murder and not a person calls her on anything!!!!! I’ve always thought that Sandoval was a complete idiot but I had no proof until he had to ask what the address to “his” business was to get ice delivered. Seriously? You want to act like you own something but you dont know the damn address? I cant! If Schwartz wants to be a boss he may not want to call his employees a bitch like he did to James when he came to his apartment. I’m just saying you have to set yourself a higher standard when you’re part of management. Still watching I”m sure I’ll be ranting more later.
  6. She’s saying that what has happened to Jeff and gage is bad karma for how he treats people. So I guess she’s just reaping what she’s sowed. She seriously needs to STFU
  7. whomever is running this Don Gunvalson parody Instagram is driving vicki nuts! I’m living for it. Swipe left to see more.
  8. Looks cheap and cheesy just like her
  9. bagger

    RHoBH in the Media

    LVP was in Las Vegas preparing for the opening of her bar/restaurant at Caesar’s. I’m sure that was a priority as she has a contract with Caesar’s to open on time.
  10. It must have been a Walmart emergency because she yells that she hasn’t shopped there in years. I believe she said 15 but her voice is grating and I don’t want to go back to listen. One of the comments asked if Winona Ryder looked like she was a thief. Lol
  11. Bet you this will be a bone of contention between Shannon and Tamra next season.
  12. bagger

    S07.E02: Hope and Pride

    Who no ma’am. I’m on board with your assessment
  13. bagger

    S07.E02: Hope and Pride

    Didn’t Lala say during the last reunion that “her man” loved all the drama on the show? Me thinks he’s as big a game whore as every single one of the rest of the cast.
  14. bagger

    S07.E03: Either Him or Me

    I don’t agree with any kind of shaming. I do marvel at how it seems to be absolutely acceptable to shame James for his looks. The double standard by these people and the public at large still amazes me. is he an asshole? Yes! Is katie a bitch? For sure! She got a great edit the last few seasons but I haven’t forgotten tequila Katie just because now she’s Pot Katie. They all bust on each other at different times for different reasons. I say say if James needs firing so do they all!