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  1. NJRadioGuy

    Dead Like Me

    I'd love to see this show revived or rebooted. What a gem!
  2. NJRadioGuy

    Red Rock

    Just curious if anyone else has stumbled across this interesting show. Half soap-opera, half police drama, each season (as shown on Amazon in the U.S.) consists of 80 twenty-two minute episodes. When it aired live in Ireland it was shown as two of these per week, so 40 weeks per year. Season one was compelling and went to some very dark places at times, but tended to get a little tedious at times. The last few episodes were excellent. Season two started to go downhill very quickly, and towards the end was borderline unwatchable thanks to some horrible writing and an unnecessarily plodding pace. I honestly couldn't wait for S2 to end. I'll probably watch S3, or at least try, but if it's as tedious as S2 I think I'm out. Love the Kielys to death. I could watch a show featuring only that family and their trials and tribulations all night long. The Hennessies are a mess and unpleasant. The Rieds are painful to watch as the series goes on and they usually are the recipient of my fast-forward button more than anything else. Two bright stars for me are newcomer India Mullen playing Kelly Kiely, and Jane McGrath who plays Garda Sharon Cleere (who also played one of Craster's wives in Game of Thrones). Mullen has a brilliant career ahead of her and she holds a scene better than anybody else in the cast. McGrath has some great storylines, and pulls off her scenes with aplomb. Another favourite is everyman Garda "Paudge" Brennan, played by Patrick Ryan. The writers seriously need to understand plot pacing, willing suspension of disbelief, audience closure, when we've had enough of a character or a baddie and when to move on. They could have created a masterpiece here, but veered into the Land Of Idiotic Stories toward the end. Example: One character kidnaps another, and when it's resolved and the perpetrator is caught red-handed there are no charges laid. Another character repeatedly confesses to a serious crime while the Garda in the interview room doesn't even take notes and nods politely. I want to love this show. Really, really want to love it, but the longer it goes on, the more painful it gets.
  3. NJRadioGuy

    Red Rock

    Irish TV3 drama that's now carried on Amazon Prime
  4. NJRadioGuy

    S7 E12: Make This Right

    Mouch has been around the block a few times in his career. I think it would have been more believable if he hadn't lost it on Otis right off the bat, but for the rest of the episode just pranked the everliving shit out of him 'til he cried Uncle. Let's just say that firefighters know how to play with water and how to jury-rig things as needed. Shaving cream in turnout boots is always a perennial favorite (or slush if it's hardcore). Relocate his locker to the roof. Put a pair of over-sized women's panties over the legs of his bunker pants (which sit beside the rig, over boots, waiting for a call). When he pulls them up...bingo. Extra points if he doesn't notice and gets on the rig. Then of course, there's shoe polish. So versatile. And flour. Ahh, the classics!
  5. NJRadioGuy

    Suits in the Media

    More like milking a cash cow.
  6. NJRadioGuy

    Suits in the Media

    It's time. I enjoyed this show earlier on but it got tedious after the whole Mike goes to prison thing. After he and Markle left (she got the better exit package, of course) it was more play-by-numbers than anything else. Thanks for the fun but it's time to move on.
  7. NJRadioGuy

    S04.E11: If Not For Hope

    This one didn't work for me on the whole, only because we're two hours away from the conclusion of the season and nowhere near where we need to be in terms of book-to-screen. The last two episodes were too much filler, and now we'll have to be at a full gallop toward the end. Something I wanted to bring up regarding Bree (and Sophie). I like both the character as she appears in the series and the actor herself, but with that said, Sophie's very much a lightweight. I bring this up because I just finished Season 4 of Shetland, and the young woman playing Cassie (Erin Armstrong), the daughter of the lead character, was utterly mesmerizing in the role. She's able to convey a flood of emotions without uttering a single word in one powerful scene. I never once got the feeling that Sophie could pull that off, unfortunately.
  8. NJRadioGuy


    Just finished Season 4 tonight and it was every bit as compelling, powerful, and twisty as I'd expected and hoped for. First-rate performances by everybody, but Stephen Walters playing Malone was an absolute tour de force. Same actor that owned the role of Angus in the first two seasons of Outlander. My only wish is that there were more than six episodes per season. But at least we know for sure there will be a Season 5 next year! Cass and Duncan (and their respective actors, Erin Armstrong and Mark Bonnar) are positively brilliant this season as well. One more thought concerning one person, continued from Season 3 that maybe I should put in spoiler space, although it's not central to the new season's plot.
  9. NJRadioGuy


    Just binged the final three episodes. I don't think I'm capable of feeling anything again after that. Never have two TV deaths been that devastating to me. Not even a certain wedding scene or the Ultimate Excedrin Headache™ in Game of Thrones got me like those two. As for the fate of the show, what I'm hoping is they're given a fourth season and told it will be their last, but could it work? The premise is excellent but I think the narrative has almost run its course. I don't know the show could survive a hard reset, either with new characters or old characters being reintroduced from scratch. Only way I'm thinking is everything goes back to some critical point from S3, at which the timeline diverges, and Protocol Omega never gets called into play.
  10. NJRadioGuy

    S02.E10: Merry Ex-Mas

    Loved, loved LOVED this episode. Especially the Marine and his daughter. And yes, every one of the pieces of music used was on point, too. I didn't see the twist coming because I was thinking "Bailey" and the whole Capra influence. Am I a bad person for wishing that when the EMT found the missing body part in the restaurant, she should have cheerily said "Jenna...boop. Got you nose?" I was just about to post about the Eva Air airplane as well. When I saw that I was thinking it was going to be even further mis-directed than MKE. But why didn't his cellphone show up on Maddie's E911 map display? That call would have ended much quicker, and more believably, since bringing back a guy who's been in asystole for that long doesn't usually end up well. Chock it up to a Christmas miracle, I guess. The story line of Maddie's ex will indeed be difficult to watch, and I fear will play out over too many weeks, but after the last few episodes of this show I think the writers have the chops to get it right. I hope they do, at least. It's a story that definitely needs to be told. I could even see the writers killing Maddie to drive the real issue home to viewers. 100% correct. Yippie-ki-yay....
  11. NJRadioGuy

    S02.E09: Hen Begins

    I enjoyed it, despite its many anvils and standard network-TV dramatic tropes. The formula never changes in these kinds of stories, but tonight I'll forgive it because if it gets just one person interested enough to become a member of the fire service or get into EMS work it will have been a rousing success. I personally don't care about your plumbing or your personal life. I care that whoever answers the call will be able to pull my fat ass out of the fire (literally) or cardiovert me and do compressions if I'm in V-fib after one too many barbecue suppers. I sincerely hope tonight's episode will persuade some young people to head down to their local volunteer fire departments or rescue squads, or put in their applications to paid departments. We old-timers can thank Johnny and Roy for at least two generations of paramedics and firefighters (and edited to add Sam Lanier's cool, calm voice spawned a couple of generations of dispatchers, too). Here's hoping Hen's story and all the other ones we're seeing on the various shows keeps up the tradition.
  12. NJRadioGuy

    S07.E07: What Will Define You

    Old shows are expensive and don't deliver the numbers of newer shows (i.e. they generate less revenue). CF is an expensive show to begin with, its numbers are well below its first two seasons, so NBC's choice becomes kill the show entirely or pare it back and get costs under control. I don't know when the main cast's contracts are up for renewal, but after 7 seasons I'd wager this is the final year for many of them (their contracts, not necessarily their characters). But I can see a few more cast changes happening if they're renewed for an 8th season. New actors cost less than veterans, and in an ensemble show we can learn to love new characters. Personally I think the One Chicago night is a good thing. I generally like the universe they playin, despite it's often poor writing.
  13. NJRadioGuy

    S07.E07: What Will Define You

    Frankly I'd prefer a chief or boss who's a serious hardass, and who isn't afraid to push people to (and beyond) their limits, especially in training, because when the bells go off you gotta act on instinct and trust your training. Nice guy or jerk, I don't care, just so long as that person knows the job and can shove that knowledge into a young skull full of mush. I can't learn all that well from a touchie-feelie instructor whose head is buried up his butt in a book. In anything I do I always go straight for the old SOB who's seen and done it all. I figure if I learn half of what he's forgotten I'll beat out the whippersnappers.
  14. NJRadioGuy

    S07.E07: What Will Define You

    FDNY has signal 5-5-5-5 but yeah. Gets me every damned time. But the one that hits home the hardest is an End Of Watch/final response radio message. I think I heard a TV show do that once as well. Yeah. Right in the damned feels. If Benny was that beloved in the department then he would have had an awful lot of guys from his command at the funeral and his colleagues as well as bosses. Where the hell was Grissom? If Benny's plea before he snuffed it was moving enough to sway Grissom, you'd think he'd have been there with bells on. Don't get the hesitation with Brett. Just tell the officer investigating the accident what you observed and that's that. He or she will dig around. No Big Wrenching Decision needed; it's done all the time. And it's not as if the penalties for texting-while-driving are life altering either. Yes, the BadThing happened (the accident). She'll get a ticket, pay the fine and (hopefully) be remorseful and never do it again. A quick Google search shows a cellphone ticket in IL is $75, but can be upgraded to a misdemeanor or felony if an accident that involves injury or death ensues. So probably at worst she'd get a slap on the wrist.
  15. NJRadioGuy

    S2 05: Do a Little Harm...

    He's not a pencil pusher at HQ. He's the chief of the department, and even in this crazy show-world, he'd be the highest ranking officer on the fireground—which we saw at the high-rise job. He sure is in charge of evaluating her, etc. When (not if) that relationship goes pear-shaped he has absolute authority to give her the worst shifts and assignments, put her career on an unpleasant path, and ultimately it could be his job to fire her. Or worse still, on another big job, put her in a position where she could die in the line of duty. And of course, even if the relationship doesn't go bad, there are so very many Horrible Things that could result from the chief hooking up with a subordinate like that, especially one who's afraid of fire. What happened to the writing on this steaming hot mess of a show between last season and this? Last year had its problems, but this is Fire Department High School ferheavensakes. There's exactly zero willing suspension of disbelief. I'm loathe to drop a show centered around the FD, but this may be the first. The last 3 episodes I zapped through in 20 minutes.