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  1. Is VK really that bad? I know she is a goofy, gangly, outgoing, slightly awkward teenager. But I actually love her extrovert personality. I think we are expecting a lot from a teenager. Her dancing is not perfect, but DCC is littered with meh dancers. Is she worse than all those girls who never, ever move up in the formation or make show group, even after years on the squad? I'm looking at Jessika, Yuko, Savannah, etc., just to name a few. People seem to hate how much she was featured on the show. However, she is reality television gold. She always appears natural in her talking heads (which I believe are highly directed, if not fully scripted). Also, her storyline makes sense and doesn't lose much in the editing process. One of the most powerful scenes was the office scene of her and Jinelle. Jinelle was pissed and VK was embarassed. It was true emotion on both their parts. That is what I'd rather see, than those highly edited scenes with Vivian and Gina, designed to put drama where none really exists.
  2. Not a trained dancer, but it just seemed like a lot of prancing, and a few tricks things thrown in. The jumps and spin were timid (as already noted by another poster). The walking around was world class though. I'd be interested to know what the trained dancers here think.
  3. Reality check. The above video appears very intentional and deliberate, judging by the production quality, editing, and use of multiple cameras and/or multiple takes. The goal also appears to have the ladies dressed similarly, but not identical, a la the hip hop halftime. In other words, the featured ladies (Gina, Maddie, and Lauren), were most likely CHOSEN based on how they performed AND Gina was placed front and center. Probably because she was performing the best, So if anyone is off count, it's not probably her. And if they didn't like her top, they would have changed it. Gina is not responsible for producing this video, therefore has no control over formations or footage used. Everyone gets their own opinion . . . but two plus two still does not equal ten.
  4. Wow! So Jenna leaves Dallas, gets a grown up job, and stop shilling stuff on IG, and she’s still supposed to be an arrogant bitch that would be nothing without DCC. I’m happy that she appears to be moving on with her life and going in a positive direction. GOOD FOR HER! I said last year, if Jenna saved a child from a burning building, someone would still complain. Sadly, I was correct. If Jenna was so terrible, why were you checking her IG anyway?
  5. I love this uniform. I think some are just used to the two piece outfits, but they are totally unnecessary. Is it an entertaining dance team or burlesque? Like my mother would say, "If you don't want to b e treated like a slut, don't dress like one." It seems like some in the NFL world are finally getting the message. These ladies don't have to be half-naked, sex goddesses to bring entertainment value. If I want to see scantily clad women, I go on IG. Furthermore, these outfits will hopefully stop these crazy weight requirements. A woman's value is more than her perceived sex appeal. #EvolveOrDie
  6. This was the best I've ever heard someone explain the appeal of Kashara.
  7. I feel like, with Kashara, having an outgoing personality, talking well (but a lot), and being able to deliver talking heads (which are heavily directed, if not scripted) while appearing natural is conflated with leadership. Kashara appears to be a very natural conversationalist and extrovert. However, that does not a leader make. I've not seen any evidence that Kashara has any teaching, choreographing, or problem solving skills, that I think are crucial for leadership of a dance team. She may possess them and they've never been highlighted. Whenever a group leader is shown teaching, for the last two years, it was Jenna, Lacey, or Maddie. She is never part of the conversation where technique or choreography is concerned. They talked last year about the group leaders tweaking different routines, however that was before she was elevated. Kashara has lots of great qualities. I'm just not ready to heap on her accolades for which have zero supporting evidence.
  8. Have y’all ever gone back and read old season’s threads? I have, and we consistently get it all wrong about the rookie class. I think this is because all the rookies tend to be in the back. We can’t really see what they have to fully offer until they get better formation placement. With that in mind, I am chuckling at who posters say they love, because I don’t think it’s actually based on anything.
  9. TPTB probably love Rachel W, but ROTY is decided by the team. I seriously doubt her conservative views win her extra points with college age ladies. They may not hold it against her, but it doesn't endear her either.
  10. I thought you said you excelled at teaching and choreography, so that definitely wasn’t directed at you (I had to reread your post to make sure I didn’t misconstrue something). With that clarified, I was trying to make the point that leaders of a dance team should be evaluated on how they actually LEAD the team. That leading would entail teaching ability, polishing routines, and helping improve choreography. i was trying to rebel against the idea that being sweet, humble, and/or the life of the party makes you a good leader.
  11. Can you be a good leader of a dance team if you don't excel at teaching others or are able to help improve the dances (through choreography)?
  12. Oh the shade! You win. Officially my favorite post of the year.
  13. So we are saying the same thing. That was really the point (no pun intended) of revisiting this topic.
  14. What did Kashara unify? She danced up front. She didn't break rules. She was nice and had positive energy. She also had the least successful group, her 2nd GL got demoted, and the most cuts came from her group. She didn't get the only award the comes from the team, VOTY. The other group leaders (to my recollection) were the ones assisting with choreo. I believe they tweaked several of the existing routines. Given these FACTS, I think that Kashara did a fine job this year, and last. She gave it her all with an apparently stellar attitude. But she didn't save the squad from ruin. It's official, I'm putting this topic to rest. Y"all praise her all you want. I'll have to wait for next year when she is quickly forgotten. I have the sincere belief we won't see her assisting with the squad or tryouts in any form next year, because teaching dance doesn't really appear to be in her skill set.
  15. I think Lacey definitely gets ProBowl. For VOTY and ROTY is really anyone's guess. Those are the only ones chosen by the team, so it's basically a popularity contest. No one was choosing Savannah or Robin last year. What are these votes for Bridget based on, her insta?