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  1. jabinlbc

    All Episodes Discussion

    I know the focus of this show was the hostages, but I really wish they had gone a bit more into Mely Corado, the store manager who was shot and killed by the LAPD. I know her brother and had met her once or twice. Understandably, the family has been completely devastated and had almost no cooperation from the LAPD as to what really happened and how she was killed. They won't provide video footage, other than a very, very edited version. At least this episode shows the LAPD's unbelievable mismanagement of this entire event...
  2. jabinlbc

    Dirty John, The Dirty Truth (on Oxygen)

    I am pretty sure I know where Terra was living at the time of the attack - not a bad area and not really cheap. Probably $1800-2300 for a one bedroom.
  3. jabinlbc

    All Episodes Discussion

    Thank you for adding this! I felt bad for the father, but on the other hand, the son had tried multiple times to get someone to kill the family. He is still somewhat in denial it seems.
  4. jabinlbc

    Fact vs. Fiction: The Podcast and the Real People

    I have known several people who attended Mariners, as well as other megachurches in the area, and they tend not to be the most Christian-like people. I think most go for the social scene and not for the religion.
  5. jabinlbc

    S32.E03: Hollywood Horror Story

    That was an interesting one...don't think that story had been on Dateline or any other show. I think it was supposedly episode 8 for this season, and was called "What Happened in Apartment 4C." I did not think they did a good job explaining the relationship of the murderer to the jeweler though.
  6. jabinlbc

    S32.E03: Hollywood Horror Story

    Is anyone still watching this show? Their scheduling has been a bit unpredictable, but I know there have been probably 4-5 new episodes since this one...I miss all your comments!
  7. I'd rather watch Will and Zoey than any of the Duggar children. At least Bill and Jennifer are encouraging them to be free thinking, independent kids. Just saying...
  8. jabinlbc

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    A friend of mine (who works for an American aerospace company that sells planes to foreign countries) recently told me that that she had dealt with this guy when they were selling planes to Canada. She said she had worked quite a bit with him, and had even attended work dinners, etc. where he was in attendance. Creepy!
  9. jabinlbc

    Lodge 49

    Is it not coming back?
  10. jabinlbc

    S05.E24: Brett Kavanaugh

    Great article - thank you for sharing the link!
  11. As soon as I saw him on the news, I said out loud, "he did it!"
  12. jabinlbc


    Anybody watch this? Not really a fan of Imagine Dragons, but was interested in this story. I was impressed by him and the Neon Trees guy. Was surprised when I looked up Dan Reynolds for more info and found out he and his wife had divorced in the time since this was filmed...wonder what happened.
  13. jabinlbc

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    One of my law school classmates now is an LA County DA, and has appeared on Dateline multiple times - was so weird the first time I saw him on it! Have had others that took place where I live, but thankfully never knew any victims or murderers personally...
  14. jabinlbc

    S06.E12: Sarah's Story

    Did I hear her say she was 200 pounds at age 8???
  15. jabinlbc

    Intervention Canada: All Episodes Discussion

    Didn't the dad indicate he was out working on a rig or something? Maybe that explains some of why he did not have contact with the kids? Still not an excuse though...