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  1. Aileen

    Arrested Development

    But they’re not having fun with each other. That interview last year was the final nail in the coffin.
  2. Aileen

    Arrested Development

    Binged the new episodes today. Absolute garbage 😞 Such a disappointment for a once genius show.
  3. Aileen

    A.P. Bio

    Loved tonight’s episode. Plus, one of the “missing students” was back!
  4. Aileen


    It’s off until summer. Last week was the spring finale.
  5. Aileen

    "The View": Week Of 3/11/2019

    I cried when she came out and everyone rushed to welcome her back. I like Whoopi (not as a moderator, though) and am glad she’ll be ok. ETA, both of my parents died from sepsis other the past 3 years.
  6. Aileen

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    Bingo. And I think that’s why Miguel answered for her...he was compensating.
  7. Aileen


    That was quite the sudden realization for Xander.
  8. Aileen

    S03.E17: S-P-- SPECIAL B-- BOY T-I-- TIME

    She's always been slim. I think she looks healthy.
  9. Aileen

    S03.E17: S-P-- SPECIAL B-- BOY T-I-- TIME

    I could’ve done without a half hour ad for Great Wolf Lodge.
  10. Aileen

    A.P. Bio

    Totally forgot the red-haired guy! This is the second semester of the same school year, right?
  11. Aileen

    A.P. Bio

    This wasn’t great. It’s also odd that we’re ignoring two students missing from the class.
  12. Joy said today that is is “double pneumonia.” Whoopi will be calling in tomorrow. I like Whoopi. I don’t think she’s great as a moderator, but I like her in interviews when she’s on other shows. I just don’t think that this gig is her best role.
  13. Aileen


    That went over my head...I thought he put them in the drug dealer’s parked car.
  14. Aileen

    "The View": Week Of 3/4/2019

    Oh, no! There is no love lost between those two.