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  1. OldButHappy

    S02.E08: She Said Yes?

    Scott "needed assurance" from Lizzie, so he needed her to accept a diamond engagement ring from him...... Yes, Scott- As long as you give Lizzie money and pawnable jewelry, she will continue to string you along in a non-sexual relationship. Rest assured.
  2. OldButHappy

    S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    Or a vision board...
  3. OldButHappy

    S02.E06: Your Card Has Been Declined

    I'm going to start using "beloved trickster" as a euphemism for dick. Seriously. Scott and Jasmine have no real understanding of what they are up against. Lizzie is a stone cold sociopath. But she doesn't have enough intelligence and/or impulse control to keep her out of trouble. Scott's lucky that he's out of money - she'll just leave him. If he was rich, we would ultimately watch their relationship play out on a "Dateline" episode.
  4. OldButHappy

    S07.E04: Lisa's Dilemma

    Agree 100%. And congrats on the sobriety! After I put the plug in the jug and started working the steps, a life opened up for me that was better than anything I could have imagined. I feel for James. He's clearly not in control of his drinking, but the pain he feels is just so visible and raw, I'm willing to suspend judgement and see how he acts after a few years of sobriety and lots of therapy. He could soar or crash. Fingers crossed. But Lisa doesn't get a pass rom my judgmental ways - I'm giving her the serious side-eye (sorry Lisa!) for giving James a job anywhere near alcohol after calling him out for being an alcoholic on national tv. Sometimes, I find her brand of covert enabler more maddening than the extreme "drive-my-child-into-the-city-at 4am-to-score-heroin-with money-I-give-him" enablers we often see on Intervention. Casually ignoring a relapse (of someone that you've professed to care for) while making money from the activities that were central to the relapse is darker, to me, than the Baltimore mom scoring those dime bags in the middle of the night.
  5. OldButHappy

    Family: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Me too. I pray to whatever force/ghost/figment of my imagination might be out there, because it makes me feel better and helps with gratitude and humility. I'm ok with not understanding or defining "God". I got sober when the first Star Wars movie came out, and I used The Force as my higher power. And it's still working for me. But human religion? No thanks. My toxic N family was the big-time-show-off-at-church type. And our unhappiest times were the rides to the church, with everyone tense and angry. But once we got to church? Big smiles, perfect outfits, and casual review of the week's selfless and righteous activities with other church members. The hypocrisy makes me uncomfortable in any church, to this day. So my favorite line when talking to religious types is: "I love God. I just can't work with his staff."
  6. OldButHappy

    Internet Pet Peeves

    A business owner told me that Yelp has a for-pay service for businesses to remove/prevent negative reviews. He said that it felt like extortion, and declined Yelp's "assistance" So posting damaging reviews is good for the not-so-free side of Yelp. As my dad used to say, "Follow the money".
  7. OldButHappy

    S07.E04: Lisa's Dilemma

    Right after my dad's death, I realized that grief-brain was making me drive really poorly. And I pride myself on driving all kinds of automobiles really well (thanks to an old beau who was a high-performance sports car fanatic). To this day, whenever I see someone driving badly - cutting people off, not using signal lights, crossing lanes - I think, "Maybe their father just died", and anger melts into empathy (even though I know that it's 1000 times more likely that the driver in question is impaired, texting, or just a bad driver). Amen! My parent drank VERY dry vodka martinis. My Dad would tell waitresses, "Just show the vermouth bottle to the vodka bottle" to stress how little vermouth he wanted in his cocktail. So a tiny bit of vermouth makes it a dry martini...otherwise, it's just vodka (or gin) on the rocks..... And thanks, HunterHunted for the film info - that was very interesting (and be sure to read "The Drama of the Gifted Child" if you haven't already). :)
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  9. OldButHappy

    S02.E03: I Want This to Be Real

    Seriously. I stopped watching halfway through the show.
  10. OldButHappy

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    http://www.wect.com/2018/12/19/former-teen-mom-star-posts-video-him-aggressively-towing-truck-now-wilmington-police-are-investigating/ (another link in case I'm not the only one who couldn't open the link above)
  11. OldButHappy

    Steven & Olga: Babies With Babies

    Agree 100%...I worked as a Guardian Ad Litem in Florida (representing the child in abuse and neglect cases) and saw levels of disfunction that most people can't imagine. I think our emotional behaviors and life skills are like a language - if we grow up in a home where everyone speaks French, we will speak French. And we'll be drawn to others who speak French. It won't occur to us that other languages even exist until, for some reason, speaking French doesn't get us what we need and we realize that we need help to learn a new language. Some of us learn a kinder, more supportive language from therapists, loving partners, and/or friends, but that only happens when we realize our own language isn't working. Steven's language is abusive and narcissistic. Until he realizes that not only will this language not get him the love he wants, but will likely put him at odds with the law, he won't change. And while I understand the forces/emotional trauma that create narcissists like Stephen, they are generally the hardest group of people to admit the need for change. (and the 12 Steps were my first handbook for learning a new, life-changing, language!)
  12. OldButHappy

    S06.E06: Not What I Thought

    Same shirt as last week, and for his interviews. He thinks he's hiding his moobs, instead he looks more egglike than ever. I wonder if Debster is slipping him oestrogen? ...or eggplant-like!
  13. OldButHappy

    S06.E04: I Know What You Did

    Hmmmm....interesting to hear an insider's opinion. I am personally unfamiliar with this world. I know women who got pregnant young and unexpectedly. It happened because they were young, amorous, and careless. I'm not exaggerating when I write that personally, in real life, I have never known any woman who tricked a man into pregnancy. The word "scheme", with it's implication of planned manipulation, doesn't describe Olga's experience, to me. I can imagine her wanting to see the U.S. and wondering what life here would be like... or wondering what dating an American guy is like...but I don't think that getting pregnant with her U.S. boyfriend's baby before retuning to Russia was part of a Master Plan. But who knows - it's pure speculation, based on what the editors have shown us so far. (ETA: I wrote this post before reading the posts/responses on this page..looks like my reaction to the word "scheme" was shared by others!)
  14. I'm wondering how old her children are, and if they live with her. I have such a hard time trying to maintain a non-judgmental frame of mind when children are recklessly forced to live with, and be alone with, a hyper-sexual man who boasts of his pre-teen introduction to sex. I see Jay's charm - he's handsome, sexy, and charming. He's also the last person I would move into my home if I had small children. Moving any stranger into a home would be hard on kids - loss of attention from mom, weird (inexplicable, to small children) changes in the family's emotional climate, and a new level of powerlessness would have lasting consequences on their-self esteem and worldview. Not sure why I'm using so many hyphens - I just-can't-stop!
  15. OldButHappy

    S06.E04: I Know What You Did

    Don't forget the nurses...