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  1. She seems to be doing it more than ever.
  2. Oy vey - the hair!! This one’s going in the photo files for the next fashion poll. And the earrings are totes ridic.
  3. Booney


    They look like little grass skirts.
  4. That must have been the Q's salon. Here are a couple of pictures of Calista from their website. One of our posters here - mayvenne, maybe? - recently mentioned passing by the Calista salon and that it's right next to her Walgreens. Funnily enough, I met a friend for lunch yesterday in Glen Mills, near West Chester, and as I was driving home, I was stopped at a traffic light, looked over to my right, and there was Calista Grand! It's in a nondescript, bland looking building. It's sleeker on the inside, based on these website pics.
  5. I'm also a fan of a Warner's Bra - the No Side Effects Underwire bra. I was a Le Mystere wearer, and also Wacoal, but got tired of paying the high prices, which seemed to increase all the time. This Warner's bra works well for me, and comes in a ton of colors.
  6. I thought the same thing, @mpeeps, when I saw the Russell Stover chocolates! You can buy them in any drugstore. Why on earth would someone order them from QVC??
  7. That’s probably why Caro’s better half spends a lot of time in his basement “studio.”
  8. I haven’t personally tried their bras, but I know women who swear by Third Love bras (www.thirdlove.com). They have a huge range of sizes. I recently read an article about Victoria’s Secret losing market share, and Third Love was mentioned as a rising star in the product category and one of the companies that is gaining market share rapidly.
  9. I just took a look at Amazon reviews for the smokeless grill. 54% of the ratings were five stars, but 21% were one star (and 7% two stars, and another 7% three stars). The bad reviews were pretty brutal. People complained about the fan conking out after a few uses, and there were also many complaints about the fact that it never got very hot. One person said it took an hour and 40 minutes to cook pork chops because the temperature never got above 300 degrees.
  10. Booney


    Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t want to wear a pair of jeans with “fray detail” down the length of one of the legs.
  11. If that’s the case, the students have surpassed the teacher by several miles!
  12. Four hours of Bossypants this morning - aargh! She’s got the short denim jacket/long top look this morning, and the way the top ruches under her stomach is not flattering. I love the “come hither” look in the first pic where she’s standing in the fake doorway!
  13. It offends me when these so-called “designers” cup models’ butts and yank their tops up exposing parts of their bodies that they might not want to expose - and I reserve the right to complain about that, “meaningless” or not.
  14. Jacqui was really stomping and clomping in those shoes. The dress might work as a beach cover-up.