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  1. Booney


    I just tried it, and I can access product reviews on my IPad, both on the Q’s website using Safari and Chrome browsers, as well as in the QVC app.
  2. Just heard a funny exhange. Blabby looks okay tonight in the TSV dress and denim jacket (part of the Qniform, doncha know), but the jacket seems like it might not close all the way, especially around the hips. Gary looked at her and, in a somewhat incredulous voice, said, “Is that your correct size?” Jane replied, “Yes, I’m in the small.” Then she put her info card away, and got to work, saying, “Look how easily I can button this up.” Except for those last two buttons, Janie...
  3. I think that "Wicked" is the dumbest name evah for a clothing line. At first glance, I thought of "wicked" as in evil, not as in wicking away moisture.
  4. Booney


    Banish the thought! There's a mental image I don't need in my head, lol.
  5. Diction Tips with Amy Kerstin's Secrets for Covering Up Rick's Meditation and Calming Secrets Gluten-Rich Baking Tips by Mary
  6. MB ended the show with a good one. Wow, fabulous!
  7. Another unflattering wig - this one ages Mary Beth by at least 10 years. She definitely looks better with longer hair.
  8. Oh no, she just changed into this wig. Put the other one back on, MB!
  9. Mary Beth has a Hairdo wig show. Hopefully she won’t change out of this one - she looks so pretty in this wig. It’s a much better look for her than her own hairstyle.
  10. Nick is making quite the sartorial statement today! And Jen’s jumpsuit is...interesting.
  11. Vampira is in all-black tonight, except for the yellow drapery tieback earrings. Jill Martin is kind of full of herself in the second shot, isn’t she?
  12. Booney


    @hummingbird did comment on it this morning in the Hosts thread.
  13. The hideous scarf culottes have made another appearance. Combined with the clunky metallic shoes, long lace top and short jean jacket, this whole look is dreadful.
  14. That, and maintaining a basement “studio” to escape to...
  15. Different strokes and all that, but I can't tolerate old Courtney. Yes, she's very attractive, but she drives me up a wall with her ditzy demeanor and Valley Girl speak. She's an instant click for me.